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Thursday, February 15, 2024

genial schmierige, verängstigte Arschlöcher

So sorry that the Vagimule Doll hasn´t been writing regularly in the blogina but with her first solo museum exhibition Magnificent Product coming up at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm May 17, 2024, our lady has been a bit occupied to say the least.

Oh that juice mongering sexstud pal of The Vagimule Doll, the world famous Love Camel aka Andrea Novarin whois related to the Duchess of Parma is now back in London after a few years living in Scotland. All the young bubble butt, sexually voracious ginger boy beauties of England will certainly be happy to have their favourite Kinky Dom back in towne. The Camel has been hosting a series of ribald Bukake parties at secret locations where he makes everyone wear a Donny Osmond mask while he is the only one in a very realistic Maria Osmond mask. Leave it to the Love Camel, the most clever of all hunky men. Can you imagine a greater event then 1000 Donny Osmonds spraying seed in every crevice of a tawdry niteclub floor?

Did you hear about that scientific study that was produced recently in the Netherlands that said that the act of shrimping is hereditary? It seems that most men get passed the shrimping genome from the maternal side of the family. Just another fun and interesting factoid that you learn from this revered and highly educational blog.

In other news all you gazillions of Billie Ray Martin fans can rejoice. Got a long overdue missive from the famed "Your Loving Arms" singer:

Dear BRM'sters and E 101 heads.

It's finally happening.
Electribal Memories

Released 15th March 2024 through Demon Music on 4 x CD, half speed mastered 180g vinyl, streaming/DL

Electribe 101 follow the 2022 release of their hugely acclaimed ‘lost’ second album Electribal Soul with a deluxe, definite reissue of their classic debut album.

Originally released in 1990, Electribal Memories was one of the first albums to emerge out of the nascent global house music scene which was - at that point - still very much the domain of 12” single and associated remixes. The album spawned several UK hit singles which saw the band perform on Top of the Pops on multiple occasions. Each performance felt like a glimpse into the future, one where pop music was tuned into the pulse of the dance floor and where club kids would become the faces of prime time music television.

Electribe 101 formed when Hamburg-born/London-based sometime S’ Express member Billie Ray Martin hooked up with four musician/producers from Birmingham (Joe Stevens, Les Fleming, Rob Cimarosti and Brian Nordhoff) who answered her brilliantly direct advert in the Melody Maker: "Soul rebel seeks musicians – genius only”.

They instantly hit upon a sound heavily influenced by the de rigueur deep house sounds of Chicago and Detroit but with a distinctive European twist. With Billie Ray up front, with a voice like ice on fire and looking as if she’d stepped forward in time from a circa-1966 Mary Quant catwalk, the band were instantly snapped up by Mercury Records and taken under the wing of Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins.

The band released five singles in the UK, all of which featured on their debut album Electribal Memories: Tell Me When The Fever Ended, Talking With Myself, You’re Walking, Lipstick On My Lover and an incredible cover of Odyssey’s deep soul classic Inside Out. Remixes were plentiful and came courtesy of such electronic luminaries as Frankie Knuckles, Larry “Mr Fingers” Heard and Mantronix. When the album arrived in 1990, it was an instant hit with critics – an accurate prediction of the direction music would take over the next two decades, it was immaculately produced, poised, luxurious and soulful. In fact, it was difficult to believe it was a debut record at all.

After recording a brilliant follow up to Electribal Memories that stalled before release, Electribe 101 called it a day. Since then, the album’s reputation has grown in stature and many of its singles’ attendant remixes have become sought-after rarities. The cultural earthquake prompted by the late-1980s arrival on these shores of house, acid and rave prompted many a legendary club night and a generation of superstar DJ/producers. While there were a myriad of great club tracks produced in that heady period between 1988-1991, classic albums from the scene were rather more of a rarity. This was the one towering exception.

Electribal Memories will be available as a deluxe 4 CD set collecting together remixes, extended versions, radio edits and original band demos. The deluxe edition was compiled by club culture historian Bill Brewster and comes with new sleeve notes by Billie Ray Martin, a rapturous essay by Pete Paphides and original band photography from the era.


Received this emug from Berlin filmmaker Michael Brynntrup who will be celebrated in this year´s Berlinale Film Festival. Michael is an old lover and confidante from the 1980s of fancy filmmaking kingpin Judy La Bruce who will also be featured in the Berlinale with a new film called The Visitor starring the internationally renown male ingenue and rising sex symbol Bishop Black.

Dear all,

..just a short, friendly note...:

JESUS - THE FILM is screening at the BERLINALE 2024 in the Retrospective section
Sunday, 18.02.2024, 16:30 JESUS - THE FILM at Cubix 6 (with guests)
Saturday, 24.02.2024, 21:15 JESUS - THE FILM at Cubix 6

Sat, 17.02., 16:00 "Beyond the canon - talk about the retrospective"
in the event room of the Deutsche Kinemathek - 4th floor (admission free)

...cordially invited...!
Best regards
Michael Brynntrup