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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Die Grosse Sehnsucht

Attention, Attention all music lovers in Berlin my lovesexxxy big manly footed, well endowed, super talented CHEAP Kollektiv colleage kJohnny Blue is performing this Saturday September 2, 2023 at 5pm at the Veteranenfest at Zionskirche. kJohnny is known for his cello and electronika phrasing for film, television, theatre and the international concert stage. I highly recommend you go and see this gorgeous sex god in full musical akshun. The minute you see him you will be mesmerized by his abilities and will immediately get dickmatized by whats in his very protruding package. If you´re a groupie, you´d better watch out because his ravishingly, delicious young Italian movie star wife Emilia, who is a Gina Lollobrigida doppelgänger will cut you if you get too close to him. For more info go to

kJohnny Blue also has an impressive rack as in titten for days!

Monday, August 28, 2023

Trompetten im Unterricht

My sweet art son Blood of Abraham took me to my first movie in a theater in almost four years. Because I wrote for many years for the LA Weekly I´m still on a list where I receive film screeners and all sorts of swag. The screeners don´t come in the form of a VHS tape or DVD like they did in the olden days before the Rains of Ranchipur. These days they send you a link where you can watch something for a limited time. The film I was treated to was the toy flicker Barbie. I was excited because this film has become such an event horizon, and I certainly appreciate a good happening. We saw the film at the Cubix Theater at Alexanderplatz. I´ve only been to this multi-plex a few times and that was during The Berlinale Film Festival. It´s not my favorite place to see a movie. The audience members all came dressed in various modes of pink. I also wore a pink turban on my head. I must admit that the film underwhelmed me, though I did enjoy the movie´s stars except for Will Farrell who I can´t quite understand how he has become a film star. The man is butt fugly and has absolutely no charisma. At least Adam Sandler is somewhat cute, especially when he was younger. The best part of the film was Weird Barbie and text shamelessly stolen from Virginie Despentes´ King Kong Theory.

I was aghast how the general movie going audience has lost all sense of proper decorum when seeing a film in a public setting. Many people were talking throughout the film and on their mobile phones-horrors.