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Saturday, August 11, 2007

That Ricky Castro sure is one nervy fag-got. Not only does he have the audacity to manipulate Glen Meadmore into emailing me to ge the telephone number of Bruce La Bruce producer Jürgen Bruning, but to add insult to injurina he even prods Glen to procure his number from my kollective Cheap collegue Tim Blue, who Glen had only just met a few weeks ago. Now that takes some royal nerviticus. I can only guess that he is STILL trying to secure financing for a pet movie project of his about lesbians called Birkinstock.
Rick has short term memory when it comes to wanting something from someone. He forgets that during Hustler White´s international film festival circuit tour years ago that Miss Jürgen wasn´t exactly thrilled by the Castro overly demanding Aleister Crowleyan charms. In fact Jürgen told me, during an interview for the DVD of Hustler White that he can´t stand Ricky. What set him off was that even before principle shooting began Rick used my old lawyer boyfriend Marcus Bastida, to serve notice to Jürgen of how his final credit in the pic should appear. Granted the movie making business is ripe for rip-off, and one needs to protect oneself, but HW wasnt some multi-million dollar Hollywood production. When Rick and i were friends and collaborators we use to laugh out loud at people that he has now turned into.
Rick definately has talent, and many times has almost become rich and famous from that talent. However, something always seems to stand him short of that goal, i can certainly relate to the fact that getting older with no long term financial security is a frightening prospect in this heartless global economia, but come off it! I would suggest that Rick needs to stick to his current successful LA grift, The Antebellum Art Gallery, which according to my friend Hector seems to be doing quite well. Rick will never run out of sad, horny LA men eager to see live nude, well built, well endowed young models in compromising positions.
And speaking of blasts from the past, i had run into Michi, who was once Rick´s partner in I Love Ricky, at the airport in the states awhile back. Michi is as no nonsense as ever, and the only person who Rick would back down to. Rick and i will never be friends again, but the one person he would still like to have in his life is Michi, who is quite a successful industry veterana. One of these days i will have to write in this blogina what Michi and i talked about, it is very illuminating.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Pre Berlin Hilton party at Joel Gibb alias the Baby Diaper of the Hidden Cameras for dwinky poos. Met gorgeous, hunky Sebastian who produces some MTV Germany Rap program. He told me of his misadventures as an exchange student in Arlington Texas, where his host family told him he cant have any niggers, spics or chinks as friends, only whites, and kicked him out of their house when he missed Sunday church.
Later at the B Hilton Judy LaBruce was the guest dj playing a set list of Canuck hits like American Woman, which had partygoers like Peaches going wild. The lady Peaches was looking very lovesexy, showing the German children how you have fun at a party, something they really need to learn. Also on hand, Britains Noblesse Oblige, Christof Chermin, and Israeli hungthrob Assof Hochman.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Zac Elfron the queeny kid that stars in that tired musical remake of John Water's Hairspray has been making the fag rounds in Berlin, and actually came on to me. What could Ms. Male base do for the doll you ask, well absolutely nothing. I did share a quick snog at Berlin Hilton with model Calum Best.
I've already cheated on the new Belgium pencil dick, i've been seeing. I'm sure he doesnt read my blog, so don' tell him. My paramour is an Argentinian experimental music artist with pre-mature salt n pepper hair and a humpy body and flagrante penis delecti that you'd sell your grandmother for. And can we talk about a matinee idol smile---brilliantine! Actually my trick is of Italian, Sicilian origins, and hails from Buenos Aires. I loves me some dark swarthyness----"i'm famished for the dark ones, and tired of the light ones". Argentine Gabriel spent hours devoted to my asstrovar, trying to dislodge its Vulcan death grip, he almost succeeded, but not quite. I am still an anal virgin---thank god.
Lovely postcard to the Witwe Bolte from Stefanie of the Arsenal Kino who is on a well deserved holidaze in Portugal. Frauline Stefanie is the hardest working young woman in the experimental cinema world, constantly toiling around the clock to advance the movement.
Daniel of Cheap used his new tagine to cook a scrumpteous Moroccan feast at Piero la Colleziones palazzo on the Kurfurstendamn, even his ultra sexy next door neighbor smelled the food, and brought over a bottle of Syrian wine, fishing for an invite. The meal was much better then the one provided by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, whose new Berlin compound is somewhat rickity. Angelina may be with Brad, but she hasnt given up her lesbiana relations with former Calvin Klein mannequin Jenny "Chicken" Shimizu, but of course now they've progressed to a hot buttery threegy with Bradley taking the lead. Bradster is no sranger to whoregies having been the center of many during this boy ingenue days in the late 80s, before he went out with Robin Givens. Brad's hommeshinanigans would put a Falcon Video pac star to shame.