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Friday, September 13, 2013


Was invited by Baby Diaper Joel Gibb to be his plus one at the Berlin Music Week’s Berlin Festival at Templehof Airport to see The Pet Shop Boy’s. Had never been inside the old Nazi Aeroport Building which is simply major Ms. Gorgeous. The last big concert festival I attended was the first Coachella Music Fest in the California High Desert. I was writing regularly for the LA Weekly so I had VIP passes and got to enjoy the VIP area which featured a comfy lounge with free vegan food, drinks and gift bags. The Berlin Festival VIP area was very far from the main stage and did have some comfortable couches and chairs, but nothing was free. I was glad that you couldn’t hear any of the bad techno music from the dance areas or sound from the other stages of mediocre bands. The only groups that I recognized were the headliners, Blur, Bjork and My Bloody Valentine. I liked that the Pet Shop Boys presented their ouvre in jukebox fashion complete awkward modern dancers and ill video projections, but being a woman of a certain age with bad knees and feet that swell if I stand too long prevented me from seeing the entire concert and I left halfway through the proceedings. Before the Pet Shop Boys performed Joel and I hung out with Peaches and her posse and REM great Michael Stipe and his French loverboy art photog Thomas Dozol. Went to Kino Arsenal to see the restored version of GW Pabst’s Joyless Street starring the great Asta Nielsen, Greta Garbo and a hilariously perverse Valeska Gert. Eunice Martin accompanied the 1924 film with majestic aplomb. Around the corner from my studio in the Rote Insel section of Berlin is a tiny neighbourhood theatre called Xenon which was playing the 2010 Travis Matthews film I Want Your Love. I liked the short subject internet series In My Room by Mr. Matthews that featured Brontez Purnell of West Coast Indie rock sensations Gravy Train and The Young Lovers so I decided to see this film. The movie is very San Francisco, and the only thing I enjoyed about it was the scenes with Mr. Purnell who should have been the focus of the film as the other characters weren’t very engaging. Besides Brontez their were a few playful graphic sex scenes, unfortunately the rest of the sex was presented in a conventional modern gay porn manner. Took the speed train to Frankfurt with film historian Marc Siegel for my intervention at the Palmengarten as part of the Helio Oiticica exhibit at the MK Museum fur Modern Kunst. I was supposed to present my performance for one guest at a time inside the Oiticica sculpture but because of the rain my event was moved into the lovely Botanical Gardens of the Palmengarten which turned out to be the perfect location for a Lesbian Seperatist Tea Party that I titled: Lesbi Tropicalia-Tea & Sympathy. I didn’t expect that so many people would want to share tea and dainties with me and the evenings muse the late writer Ingeborg Bachmann, but it turned into a mad house scene. Luckily my collaborators were some hot young baby dykes that included Miss Johanna who was the overall security gal who escorted each guest for their audience with la diva. Its so wonderful to have in-charge lesbianas on my team, that also included Miss Sonja a stylish and lovesexy Heather Casills doppelganger who actually served the tea with panache and grace and boy baby dyke Alex who was the official greeter. Miriam Bettin one of the junior curators and her excellent team did a fantastic job,and I love them all. The VIPs who came included Marc Siegel and theorist Maxmillian Jorge Henderer Cruz who is an Oiticica expert and co-editor of the exhibition catalogue and Oiticica translator, Peter Gorsch Lueter the vice director of MMK Museum with his lovely wife Maria, Bernd Reiss the muscular dark haired curator who supervised events at the Palmengarten, Stefanie Hereaus the head of curatorial studies at the Staede Schule and Goethe Universitat, Nikolaus Hirsch the director of the Staedel Schule whose first event as director was one featuring Vaginal Davis and this his last event with Staedel Schule featuring the Vaginal D doll, Bernhard Jussen the Leibniz Prize winning historian and husband of Ms. Hereaus, Ulrike of the Film Museum Frankfurt, Phillip Crackau the hottest of the young, delicious Goethe Universitat students who waited for 2 hours to see Ms. Davis but had to be sadly turned away, Paula the coordinator of the Brazil Year at Frankfurt Book Fair, artist Adrian Williams and Neo Con Jurgen Habermus Germany’s most famous living philosopher who must be the most unusual of Vaginal Davis’s many fanatics.