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Saturday, April 05, 2008

A lovely little note was left on my door by my downstairs neighbor who happens to be the famed British singer Billie Ray Martin of the massive hit from the 90s "Loving Arms" that was co-written by someone i recently collaborated with, David Harrow of Technova and James Hardway fame. Dave wrote the music for my only dance club hits "I Could Have Sex" and "My Pussy is a Cactus".
My landlord told Ms Martin i was living in the building, and she wrote me a sweet missive asking that i knock on her door, which i did, and we chatted briefly and i met her two cats. It was enchanting meeting the ducimet voiced songbird, and i wish we could have talked longer, but i had to run to meet designer Rick Owens and his ladylove Michele Lamy at their Hotel De Rome on Unter der Linden for drinks. I haven't seen Rick and Michele since 2003 when they left Los Angeles for Paris. They both looked great, and Michele is more gorgeous then ever. I've actually known her longer then Rick for something like over 25 years. They are in town for the Berlin Biennale. Shows you how much i know and care about the mechanations of the tired art world, as i didnt know that Berlin had a Biennale. I just go about my business producing work, whether anyone is interested in it or not, and all those Miami Basel artfairs and what nots, can just come and go about hithertither.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Still getting lots of accolades via emug for my installation and performances in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena for the group show The Way That We Rhyme: Women, Art & Politics. Berin Golonu, the curator did an excellent job of putting together such a diverse group of feminist artists. Of course i am a woman trapped in the body of a woman. I wish i had more time to go through all the pieces individually, and completely meditate over them, but my time in San Francisco was such a whirl. I sincerely wanted to hang out with everyone who wanted to spend time with me, but unless you were able to physically stalk me at the hotel, then hijack me to breaky, lunch, brunch or dinner, it was just impossible to give everyone the time they deserved, and i don´t plan on being brought back to the west coast any time soon, all i can do is offer lame appologees, and hope you all understand.
Some other institutions have made inquiries, but of course i don´t take anything serious unless i have the travel itinery in hand, so we will see what happens. My Spring committments are stacking up in Europa. I will perform my performative lecture "Porno Adorno-F*ck Like the F*cking Blacks at the prestigious museum Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris France on Wednesday Feb 9th 7:30pm. Then i will be touring Austria with Cheap Blacky the performance piece directed by Bruce LaBruce that will make a pitstop at the Donau Festival at Stadsaal April 24,25 &26th and moving into May in Switzerland at the Gessneralle Theatre in Zurich May 1-3. I will teach some performance art workshops with the students of the Art School Weisensee May 20-23rd and perform with the K Records band The New Bloods on May 21st, and at the end of May its the final shows of Cheap´s Max und Moritz at Theatre aur de Parkaue June 1-3rd. More workshops with high school students June 21 and 22nd, and i´ve been invited to the Busan Biennale in South Korea in late August early September. Whew! its just too too much.
Got a call from designer Rick Owens who was recently profiled in a fantastic article in the New Yorker Magazine. He and his lady love,the great Michele Lamy will be in Berlin for a few days, so i hope to see them and catch up, as its been years.
Last night i attended a birthday soiree for Stefanie Schulte-Strathaus, the divine empress of Kino Arsenal who just turned 25, making her one of the youngest power women in Berlin. Daniel Hendrickson of Cheap along with beauty lady Nanna Heidenreich prepared some sumpteous Turkish lentil soup and dainties for the guests, and of course there was lots of drinking and frivolities in the air with a guest list that included film historian Marc Siegel and his child bride Susanne Sachße, Tim Blue with Jamaican concert pianist lover David, brother Kjohnny Blue, Angie Baby, Senol Sentürk, blondine star of the new flick The Red Baron, Matthias Schweighöfer, programmer Florian Wüst, the lovesexy and stylish curator La Maria Morata and mega important feminist filmmaker and scholar, Noll Brinckman whose ouvre will be out soon on DVD, through Arsenal Experimental. Legendary avantgard film guru Wilhelm Hein with his art photog gal pal, Annette Frick treated everyone to some gems from his personal collection on 16 millimeter including some shorts by the Kuchar Bros and Ethyl Eichenberger.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I was a bit apprehensive about returning to the states for a big institutional museum show. Especially since I haven't always fared well in the city by the Bay. But this trip has been divine! I loved my hotel suite at the Le Meridien, in the Financial District at Battery and Clay. It was in walking distance to the museum, and my room in the depths of the 20th Floor had a glorious view of the Bay Bridge and featured a California King sized bed that was beyond comfortable. I've never slept so well. Bought a lovely cheap pair of high heels at Foxy Lady on Mission at 22nd Street for the big opening night soiree. Thank you Paz for suggesting this boutique.
Hector Martinez, the Affleck Insurance Exec came up from LA to assist me with installing my Present Penicative installation, and i am so glad he did, as i really needed him. Hector was also my date to the gala opening where i arrived early, and hit the Donor VIP lounge to chow down on the free grub and dwinks.
Met the charming executive director of the Yerba, Kenneth Foster and his beau who is good friends with Professor Jose Munoz of NYU. William Lobkowicz and his wife Alexandra introduced themselves to me. The Lobkowicz' are Prague Royals who run the Princely Art Collection in the Czech Republic. We talked about the hot new book Daisy: The Life and Loves of the Countess of Warwick by Sushila Anand, which is what i was reading on the long plane ride from London to San Francisco. Didn't catch the names of all the socialites who chittle chatted me up as i held court, but i did have nice converse with Nancy Paasch, Ryan Scott, Ravi Kapur, Roland Passot, Australlian Consul-General David Lawson, Richard Cheng, Shotaro Kamio the famous chef of Yoshi's, adorable young illustrator Pietari Posti of Helsinki, handsome Mayor Gavin Newsome and philanthropist Mireille Schwartz.
I shamelessly flirted with Serbian tennis stars Novak Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic, booty pie teen star Jake McDorman and Balthazar "Betty" Getty. The frenzy of well wishers included Priscilla Hazelwood of Bogonious Creative, serene Ghislain de la Felaise, filmmaker Immanuel Martin, who gave me a copy of his latest flicker "Miyuki", Douglas Gordon with his pal Derrick, bubble butted Lawrence Roberts of Holy Tit Clamps fame, and sweet little Marc Arthur and his new fashion designer love interest who was creatively wearing a sleeping bag.
The Toxic Titties were on hand cleverly attacking the wealthy museum patrons with some hilariously staged antics. By 10:00 pm my new dogs were barking so i had to retire early, plus i had to be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning for a day long series of events.
Was back at the Yerba Buena at 10am to get ready for my Salon, Bilitis: A Feminist Seperatist State(Somewhere in Palestine) My event was the first of the day, starting at noon at the aptly named Room For Big Ideas. A capacity crowd of lovely ladies attended, and the discussion was lively, spirited, and very intimate. It was so nice to see Heather and The Toxic Titty Girls, Lesbians to the Rescue, and juicy Xochitl Oliva and her sweet physician girlfriend in the audience. Lots of kisses to everyone who attended and shared, and for the wonderful staff who helped coordinate the dainties, mamosas and layout of the room so that it was nice and comfy for one and all.
At 2pm i ate my delicious little box lunch that was provided for me and by 4pm it was time for Colonize Me, my encounter performance for an audience of one man at a time. Shoutout to Matthew Rana who was the expert facilitator, and kept me on time and on schedule. All the males who participated were dear, considering they are all white, satan, lucifer devil men who will have to be killed during the revolution. I even got a few celebs in the mix like piercer to the stars Paul King and handsome 6'5 inch actor John Krasinski of the new George Clooney film Leatherheads and TV's The Office. It was nice having a one-on-one with a naked Mr. Krasinski, who is super fine, and extremely well endowed, but has a bit of a body oder problem. Not that i minded.
I finished at 6pm on the dot. Wanted to see Nao Bustamante and Julie Atlas Mus perform at 8pm, but i was wiped out. Hector treated me to a feast at Maxwell's near Union Square, i tripped walking back to the hotel and almost broke my neck, so that told me it was time for bed. The next day Larry Bob and his lover Tommy Boy who runs a ghostbusters organization and tour of the Haunted Haight area took us to luncheon at Tommy's Joynt, a delicious hoffbrau on Geary & Van Ness near the old hustler stomping grounds of Polk Street. We all carried on, laughing and hooting it up like old codgers, talking about cults like the vegetarian restaurant that Hector took me to earlier in the week at 9th and Market called Ananda Fuara.