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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

rehearsal with the ruth fischer band has been extroidinary. drummer ebadette is a gorgeous, vivacious albanian supermodel, and her darling beau michael is our musical arranger and producer of our first album, sexual ethics and communism.
susanne has become an expert bass player and tim blue a guitar godhead. marcu play xylaphone and daniela turntable, accordian and violin. lyrics to our hot new songs, was ist party, angie eats condi and kill and let die will be posted asap so stay tune.
having internet romance with cnn middle east correspondent anish ramen, who is a youthful beauty, and a big fan of queer punk rock and this very blog you are reading. cant wait to meet mr. ramen in the fleshly flesh for hot smelting.
journalista gossip: cnn palestinian reporter and cnn london news anchor max foster are longtime companionals of butted bliss. wow how is that for a scoop
successful dinner party at the cheap office cooked by yours and tim blue with celebrity guests Annette and Wilhelm Heim, the sexy avant garde film and photography couple. Assaf hoffman the hunky israeli dancer with catherine sullivan was a delightful addition to the group. lots of nig nog consumed with carmelized carrots the gastronomic hit.
went to white trash club to see my daughter michelle carr perform her dance of the black widow spider. michelle tore up the snotty sour german crowd out of its full blooom. my posse included artist davide grassi and humpy dork marco from slovenia making a conceptual art film, assaf as my escort, tim blue, tim ferris of celebrity skin fame, a cast of italians, australians, cheks and a pollack. quite the cosmopolitan group
christmas eve brunch with daniela ramona featuring his lover piero and friend daniela maria, the spanish show dancer who is touring germany in the dull musical cats.
met with famed iraqi liberationist hannah and got the full scoop on fighting imperialism with the belgian tribunal. lady christmas dinner at suzi´s with nana of the berlin film festival, stephanie of the arsenal and hannah hurtzig, the german lois keidan
love the snow covering berlina
tis magic and the view from my boutique hotel johann is granada