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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Have seen a few movies. I'm not going to review them in my regular section. I'll just put it here in the blog page. I'm all wrapped up in the house of blogging at the moment.
Raising Victor Vargas-My good friend the handsome, highly opinionated "jubas" movie reviewer for the LA Weekly, Ernest Hardy recommended this film, and from the opening image of the lead boy macking to the camera i was won over. The kid is latin perfection. Gorgeous honey colored skin, dreamy eyes and culata hair. In a word: a silvery packagina of young male beauty. Well thats more than a word, but you understand what I'm trying to say dontcha? I wasn't that concerned with the coming of age romantic element of this movie. I was just feasting on the latin fan club beauty of the lead male and his younger brother. The woman who plays the kids grandmother is quite good. I liked the use of non actors, who are always going to be more interesting then self-conscience professionals. There is a little bit of Paul Morrisey at play here like in his Spike of Bensenhurst which gave us Saasha Mitchell's juicyness back in the mid 80s. Whatever happened to that Saasha boy? I guess he's not a boy anymore but is early middle age.
Crises(1950) - I've always wanted to see this flick, the first film written and directed by Richard Brooks(In Cold Blood, Looking For Mr. Goodbar) It stars Cary Grant as an American surgeon in some unnamed latin country that is going through a revolution. This is an MGM film produced by the legendary Freed unit who mainly did musicals. Its an odd picture from this department of Metro, but what a great pic it is. Lots of reverberrations of todays goings on politically. Richard Brooks is definatley one hollywood director who was underrated. The performances are top notch from a rather cute looking Jose' Ferrer as a mixture of Juan Peron and Saddam Huesein type dictator to smaller roles from Gilbert Roland, Antonio Moreno and former matinee idol Ramon Novarro trying desperately to act butch, and he almost succeeds. I also loved Signe Hasso as the Evita-esque wife.
Saw the movie at LACMA's matinee series for only $2. The best bargain in Los Angeles.
Last night i met some tiny little dinge queen who wanted to service me all night. Boy did he. I didn't leave him until almost 5am this morning, so I'm a mess today, and i have tons of work, that I'm behind on. Oh welp, a girl needs her goodies, and believe you me Myrtle they are few and far between in this tired sexless town.
Everything with Visions of Excess seems to be progressiving nicely. Its so great to be working with the Fierce Festival and not with Outfest this year. Outfest is so clueless. There are some nice people involved with them who can be dear, but they are too establishment oriented to get anything with vision off the ground in a proper way. After working with them for two years, i realize that also Ms. Shari Frilot is very much a company girl. A adore Shari, but she did go to Harvard and has that kind of background that is really different from me in that she believes in the system and i don't. Plus I'm too rebellious to tow any line, and follow the rules. If i had followed the pissy rules i would have gotten absolutely no where in my life. The Outfest experience was great in that it showed me that i have to follow my own instincts which have served me very well in the thousands of years i've been an immortal being living on this tepid planet.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Oh merciful heavens my short story in Susie Brights new sex anthology got a good review from this paper in the midwest. If you care to read it here is the link:
I don't believe there is such a thing as bad press.
My life lately is so feasta or famina, there are never any rogue grey areas. I'm getting a million requests for all sorts of things. Trying to sort through it all is taxing. At least i'm in demanda, and i've got a roof over my three gydra heads. I am so Medusa/Medasa.
Had a little weekend get-a-way with a trick from my Margaret Cho tour. The boy is young and with a nice elongated thickerous of a willis. He snagged a 4-star room for our trystee at the infamous Biltmore Hotel in lovely Santa Barbara. Its nice to get goodies. Next week we'll repeat the adventure.
I'm only able to rope in men from different cities and countries. I don't ever get any action out of my tired home town. Whats the problem with missy Los Ang? I'll tell you simply: men here are too neurotic, unfocused and self absorbed for sex. Even the ones with large genitalia, never use said objects. Its all for show.
Had breaky with Professor Jose Munoz visiting from NYU and also the lovely professor Jennifer Doyle of UC Riverside. Dr. Munoz and i heartily agreed that LA is a sad place for getting down and dirty. No one is capable of deeding here. We were joined for break by another UC Riverside prof named Josh Kuhn. Joshua is a princess of Judea and is quite cute, but is very much what i mentioned above: neurotic,unfocused, self absorbed. [I'm repeating here for biblical emphasis] Josh does a lot of moonlighting as a journalist and club entrepeneur and DJ. I'm not exactly featuring Josh. And i don't know if its because he's obviously from a well-to-do family and i resent him for being priveledged, and making a name for himself off of Latin culture. Perhaps I'd have more respect for him if he was working class and wasn't such a cultural tourist. Though he does seem very genuine and sincere, but there is still this haughtyness that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe i feel that he hasn't courted "The Doll" the way he should. Not that i think everyone has to be wrapped up in the house of "Me" and trying to get into my big white panties, but it can't hurt. At least pretend you want to sleep with me and become my hot jewish husband. Thats the least one can expect, eh?
A pity Jose M. has to leave today. It would have been nice to hang out with him a bit longer. I have a wonderous romantic friendship with Jose and Dr. Doyle. They are shiny jewels in the heavenly firmament.
Last night i went to writer Lisa Teasley's birthday dinner for her beau Daniel. Her mother Vi and sister Laura were also present. I love her mom and kid sis. Vi is from Panama, and is a fantastic Ann Sothern in Panama Haiti. She had me on the floor doubled back laughing so much i thought i was going to hemmorage. I think i did leave a puddle of blood and fecal matter on the floor. Vi and her husb who works for the black insurance company Golden State Mutual are LA African American political royalty. They live in a big house in Baldwin Hills. They are so connected politically that they even went to ole Big Hands, president Clinton's In-nagruel (am i spelling this word correctly?) Lisa and her sisters didn't grow up shabby like me in the ghetto. They come from an upper middle class negroid background. They lived the life i could have only dreamt of for myself. Not that i'm bitter. But i am!!!! Hahahahahahaha. I'm too old to hold back my feelings about stuff. At this point in my life what good would it do?