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Friday, January 20, 2017

Geil und gesellig

Feeling very Blue Mondo Connie ala Turk because my therapist has been on holiday. My 20 something hetero mixed martial arts pal Melchior decides to treat the doll to dinner and a movie to cheer her up. We don't have the same cinema taste so it takes 45 minutes after supper for us to finally agree upon seeing the Sci-Fi clunker Passengers starring the lovely Hollywood ingenue Jennifer Lawrence, who is one of the rare modern day stars that I actually like even though I have only seen a few of her films traveling on a plane.
The male lead in Passengers is humpy, big foot jughead Chris Pratt. I'm hoping that Chris will be barefoot and shirtless at least once during the film.
At the kino kasse we find out Passengers is in 3-D which I abhor, so my companion forces me at gunpoint into a screening of Nocturnal Animals. Animals tells the exciting and atmospheric true life story of successful LA gallerist Shaun Caley Regen of Regen Projects(Catatonic Amy Adams wearing a darkus lipstain and smokey eyeshadow)
Her gay brother played by an unseen Russell Tovey is having an affair with her husband the sleek Armie Hammer who is actually wildly in love with her ex Jake Gyllenhaul, a third rate writer who likes to take a lot of scalding hot showers, and over moisturizes.
The standard hilarious hijinks ensue when the films director Tom Ford appears halfway through the proceedings and forces his ravishing supporting player Aaron Taylor-Johnson to mount him KeyLime Pie style on a dirty back road in West Texas. Mr. Ford drinks a liter of Mr. Taylor-Johnsons sweet tasting semen, straight from the source in real time with no flashbacks, as a gold Miata convertible stationwagon driven by singer Beth Ditto pulls up and whisks the fashion designer/film auteur away as tumbleweeds flit into frame and the credits of Peter Bogdanovich's 1971 film The Last Picture Show rolls out.
Had cafe and kuchen with Nik Dragovic and his lovely beau at the end of last year. Nik is the cute and sweet young Serbian/CostaRican Research Library Fellow from Emory Universities Digital Library Program. I met Nik last year at the Goethe Institute in New York where he showed me his Vaginal Davis as Madame Bricktop devotion with a clever tattoo of my macktruck mug on his leg. I just adore this new breed of young guns who are going for it, if I may quote the late George Michael of Wham.
I don't remember reading anything about the passing of Hollywood golden era star Gloria DeHaven in the summer. Ms. DeHaven was known for playing the sister to Judy Garland in Summer Stock(1950), June Haver I'll Get Bye(1950) June Allyson Two Girls and a Sailor(1944) and Glenn Ford The Doctor and the Girl(1949) in films during her heyday of the 1940s and 1950s. She also gave Frank Sinatra his first screen kiss in the 1944 musical Step Lively. Ms. DeHaven was a fantastic singer. I love her version of “An Occasional Man” from Girl Rush(1955) and “Down Among the Sheltering Palms” from the 1953 film of the same title and her French version of “I Can't Give You Anything But Love”
from So This is Paris (1954)
I worshipped at the alter of glamorous Zsa Zsa Gabor and her sister Eva Gabor who was on the 1960s TV show Green Acres and later was the beard of TV mogul Merv Griffin. I went to college with his son Tony Griffin. Yes Mincy Merv actually fathered a child.
Many probably don't know that one of Zsa Zsa's many husbands was debonair actor George Sanders from All About Eve, who committed suicide because he was bored. Zsa Zsa's last husband was the no account Count Fredrick von Anhalt who while his wife was on deaths doorknob was running around West Hollywood adopting sexy gay boys at his Starbucks office on Santa Monica Blvd and Robertson.
Still can't believe that Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds are dead. My favorite Debbie film was Mary, Mary (1962) from the play by Jean Kerr. I also liked her in Hit the Deck (1955) and Athena (1954) both co-starring one off her oldest girlfriends the underrated Jane Powell.
Carrie Fisher in the 1970s was a wild child who I hung out with at clubs like The Mirror-Go-Round, The Odyssey, The Other Side,Ginos 2 and The Sugar Shack. Carrie, Tracy Granger(daughter of Stewart Granger and Jean Simmons) and Elektra Anderson whose father owned the Beverly Hills Hotel were three Hollywood teen girls who lived like no others sexing and drugging in ways that make Lindsey Lohan seem like a tea toddler. That was just the rauckus spirit that made the 1970s so incredible. I'd better clap my trap as I am publically dating myself as a fossil of antiquity.
Had a nice time hanging out at the end of last year with baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras. If you havent purchased his latest album Home on Native Land you must do so NOW! You will go crazy for his songs “Counting Stars” “Log Drivers Waltz” “Twilight of the Season” and “Dark End of the Street” which is this centuries homo ballad “Strangers in the Night”. Mr. Gibb gets some ample support on the record with guest appearances by Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys, Ron SexSmith,Rufus Wainwright, Feist and Mary Margaret Ohara.
Have to also mention that my old original gangster comrade in arms Alice Bag scored a hit debut solo album that has been also critically acclaimed as a modern classique. The self titled lp is on Don Giovanni Records and boasts some incredible songs like “Little Hypocrite” the Ronette style “He's So Sorry”, “Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice” and my fav “Incorporeal Life”.