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Saturday, January 15, 2005

O Bricktops you never fail me girl. Honey child you are the best. Last nights Fred and Adele Astaire celebration was enchanting with a capital Q. The Hobo Jazz Band with Marquis de Gras were incredible. Such a lovely brotherhood of young boys all hailing from the Redlands area of California. I even sang "Shoes with Wings On" with the kids and almost managed to remember the words. Boy i really have Junior alzheimer's. The notables in the crowd included good time sally artist Tulsa Kinney, Richy Rich of the hot New York label Heatherette. I haven't seeen Richy since his days as a NYC klub kid. He's still the fun loving party boyzette, he's always been, and he brought two sweet girls as part of his posse. Mulholland Drive legend Rebekah Del Rio and her hot German girlfriend also partied down until closing. Rebecca is always the sexiest and best dressed in the room. I have to get her to perform again at Bricktops for our Delores Del Rio fiesta. Mr. Uncertain was looking very sharp and classy in top hat and tails. He always cuts a dashing figure, and i can't wait till our reunion in March. We're even going to compose a brand new song for the occasion. Pretty Shauna Leone said she will design me a new dress. She's so talented that i can't wait to wear one of her couture creations. Some adorable visitors came to the club---an elegant young couple who are grad students at the Art Institute and a lively eurasian youth from Missouri.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Poor naive 21 year old football playing beauty Matt Leinart of USC. He's being used by hunky Nick Lachey as a semen bank in that olde school manner that faggots worked back in the 1970's, which i have to admit is a pretty clever piece of manuevering. Well he has to use that tired blonde big titty wife Jessica Simpson for something, so why not some suddenly last summer style procuring. My spies say that Matt is a true innocent, and never suspected a thing, even when the sex boiled threegy's were reduced down to a same sex duet. Since Nicky has such a hold on the kid he should advice him to stay in school his senior year and not let himself be drafted into the evil NFL, the gayest place on earth for discarding men after they've drained them of their youth and vigor.


Bricktops last week was very special with Nomy Lamm the gifted singer, amputee activist and writer performing with her band Tricrotic. They came all the way from San Francisco during the height of that crazy winter storm. Nommy & Co are from Chicago and are touring the country. Her co-horts Marcus Rodgers a handsome F2M plays drums and his girlfriend Erin Daly is on Violin while Nomy sings and plays accordian. They are just brilliant and I'm so glad the Bricktops kids appreciated their winning efforts. Also on hand was Don Bolles of the Germs, his ladylove Darcy Leonard form Club Screwball, Creekbird, Melissa Sexchester, Jedidiah Smith, Shauna Leone, Jean Spinosa, James Medina, Bricktops best dressed couple who are just downright charming Sasha & Mary and the first lady of harsh, the legendary Lydia Lunch.


Big Daddy Ron Athey cooked an amazing East Asian meal for me the other night at his Silverlake compound that warmed my heart and pallette. We talked about all the important things in life until the wee hours. My dadster is something else.