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Monday, March 05, 2012

Thanks to Jan Klesse of the hot new art band Tenderloin for restoring my computer to active status. It seems to be working again after crashing during the first few days of the Berlinale film festival. Lets hope that it doesn’t present me with any more problems. I need access to the laptop to work on camp/anti-camp festival and the re-vamping of Rising Stars, Falling Stars and a bunch of other projects.
After the first few days of the Berlinale International film festival I wrote a few comments that have languished in my draft folder. So happy that now I can post them for your perusal, sorry for the long delay:
Early to rise for 9am press screening at the Berlinale Palast of the lyrical French film Aujourd’hui by Alain Gomis which features a sad, poker faced Seneglese man (played by American Saul Williams)in a poetic meditation filled with vibrantly moody naturalistic Vicente Minnelli-esque set pieces. It’s like a musical without the music. After this screening I cruised about the Potsdamer Platz playa with my constant companion the baby diaper of the Hidden Cameras Joel Gibb.
We then went to see a Panorama pic called Keep the Lights On(which won a Teddy Award) directed by Ira Sachs which I left halfway through right after the dull couple in the film played by Dane Thure Lindhart and Zachary Booth had a love scene which featured a not very convincing depiction of a mudslide. The best part of the film was the Arthur Russell score. I felt sorry for poor Julianne Nicholsen of Ally McBeal fame, she deserves three cookies for giving her all in a badly underdeveloped supporting role. While in the accreditation line I ran into sweet Shannon Kelly who use to be with Outfest and now is working at UCLA in their public programming department at the Melnitz Theatre. Shannon is at the Berlinale this year on the Teddy Awards committee and its great seeing him looking as handsome as ever. Few people know that Shannon is quite a song bird. He performed years ago at my club Bricktops at the Parlour for St.Paddy’s Day and tore the house down singing Irish songs and sea shantys.
Had a wonderful Tenderloin rehearsal yesterday at Noisy Rooms off of Warschauer Strasse. Afterwards Jan, Felix and I grabbed some grub at this Indian Restaurant in Friedrichshein that had really cheap cocktails. The night before we went to see baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras DJ at London Calling at the Schwuz along with fellow Canuck Dickey Doo. Had a nice time hanging out with the North Americans but the cigarette smoke in the club was killing me. Early in the evening had a Tenderloin dinner meeting at the Mexican Restaurant Santa Maria with Felix, Joel and Jan to discuss Tenderloin performing as part of camp/anti-camp in April. Jan has been my houseguest for the last couple of days and its been heaven having a lovely young man around the house. Besides fixing my computer he put up some shelves for me and did a lot of things that only a man or hot butch wo-man can handle. I am completely helpless when it comes to using any kind of tool or technology.
Here is a little funny email i received from the states that i think you will enjoy:

I'm at the Starbucks in Weho reading a manual/photo guide. I have almost 3 hrs
to kill. I didn't want to drive to the east side only to drive back to the west
So I'm reading and monkey-ing around with my camera, testing different light
settings. Nobody was sitting next to me, I had my coffee and my Don't Fuck with
Me ear plugs and Poker face on! Deadly combo for Weho.

This lil Chinese dude walks up to me and sits on the chair next to me. He says.
I Fashion Molel... And he strikes a pose. I break my poker face and I smile, as
I decipher Model from Molel.

He says, U visitor, I say Yes, from Lago de Plata! He says, Oh I luve Espana...

He had a hot lil body. He put his hand on my leg and says. U Top? I don't
reply, he says, Me Bollum! His next sentence. I live up street, let's have fun.
I was expecting, Me luv U long Time.

He put my book in my backpack and says, Follow me. He stands and I see all
65lbs of him. He had a Que Cute lil Butt and a cute face. Like a Fucken stray
dog, I follow this lil dude to one of them expensive Weho apts.

He immediately gets on his knees and starts to suck me. I have never been with
an Asian dude. He sucks me for about a minute or so and is ready to be Fucked,
right there on the floor. Doggy Style, I figure out the position as he's on all
fours, getting lubed and pulling condoms out from under the Couch. I put the
rubber on and feel this SMOOTH lil Butt and tiny lil hole. He says, Oh Bick
Cock! Yeah. (That doesn't work for me, although at that moment I understood
them Goofy white boys with Asian GF or BF's. Ur right, them small bodies make ur
Cock look like a Fucken Cock-a-Sorous! I felt like I was going to split this
Fucker in half. We start Doggy style, he's making a fuss, we change to him
sitting on me with his back facing my face. My preferred position. He is going
to town, his hole had this ass sucking Muscle that I have never experienced. I
didn't know what was happening, it was like a mouth in his hole Sucking my dick.
He rode me for a while and then I took over. He says, Stop, oh so good. I
turn. So now he's facing me, and he's riding my dick squating on me like an old
Chinese Grandma. His face was no longer cute, I then get a margarette Cho
vision of her strained faces. This boy was going to town, now he's loud, I
don't understand him. He says. Cum. Cum. And he cums on my chest, he had a
mighty lil Dick.

He says, touch me. I had only been touching, spreading and manhandling his hot
lil Ass. I didn't touch him. He finished, I told him to get on his side. He
did. I fucked him as he was sideways, he said, oh no mo. I said, I need to
finish, I pinned his lil body down and went at it until I unloaded, he unloaded
again, this time without his hands, as I was holding on to his arm.

I got up, he took off the rubber and I changed. He said, Oh how often u visit
from Pain? (Spain) I said every once in a while. He gave me his card, number,
email, twiller account-I told him I didn't Twitter, and every possible way for
me to contact him.

So I left with a new found respect for them Hot lil Asian men. I believe he was