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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My computer crashed awhile ago and I have been in crisis mode ever since. I hate being so overly dependent on stupid technology, but thats the way it is in our modern world.
Thank god for wonderful friends like Djane Olga Damnitz aka: Angie Anderson who rescuing me from my woes.
Olga and Mischa of bbooks kollective whose day job is MIS chief at a local Berlin University, kindly fixed the computer problema for me gratis. Also Olga repaired my bicycleta which has been out of commission since November of last year, so now I have transportation and can enjoy the marvelous spring weather that is making Berlin so lovely and glorious at the moment. Also thanks, love and kisses to Nanna Heidenreich who helped me sort out my insurance papers so that I can get my teeth taken care of at the Dentist and Jewish Muslim Daniel Hendrickson and his lover Piero Bellomo who are always there to help this poor retarded doll who just can’t do anything for herself.
One of my former young Weisensee grad students Katja Maya came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta studio the other evening and we had a grand time, drinking white wine spritzers, snacking and catching up on our busy artistic lives. Katja is originally from Belgium and speaks four languages fluently. She also does the most delicately expressive drawings. We talked about my participation in a project that will be sweeping the city of Berlin in the Summer between the Berlin Biennale and the Venice Biennale. Its kind of a city promotional grift that the gay Major Wolverweit has cooked up and its already caused quite an uproar with the artistic community as the money has been eaten up in promotional costs, but the fees for artists are miniscule. Katja is planning an intervention with an all girl one night only punk outfit that I will play electric guitar in for a performance at the Kunst Werker. Will let you in on more details later as things develop.
Katja heads another incredible music and art project called LeiseyLento, and she gifted me a copy of their homemade CD. The art band is going on a DIY tour and if they make it to your town do yourself a favor and see them. Below are the details:

HallOOOooooOoOo wowooOOWowoWOoowooowoowoOOOooOoOo **+ ++++ **+ +++
°°***++ °*
es gibt in diese sprossige und knospige zeit einige erblühten neuigkeiten bei leiseylento:
viele möglichkeiten zeit mit euch zu verbringen!

***NEW SONGS LIVE*** (like a song about why i'm called Otok

After our successful and very funny first tour this january with our favorite big sista My Sister Grenadine, we decided to repeat the experiment and now
we go on a loooong journey together: 3 AND A HALF weeks through some parts of europe (germany, austria, switzerland and italy.) see the tour dtes below and tell all your friends and families in other cities to come
when we crossed the river
there was rain
when we crossed the mountains
there was snow
when we crossed the sky
there were clouds
and i could feel the ocean
and then i saw the ocean...
(says grenadine)
we are taking the big pissing goddess with us, of course, to protect us on the roads cause we'll be touring with an orange bus*

tour dates:
28.04.11 DE - Cottbus, Fango
29.04.11 DE - Chemnitz, Aaltra
30.04.11 DE - München, Rationaltheater
01.05.11 AT - Wien, Mikes Werkstatt
02.05.11 AT - Graz, Scherbe
03.05.11 AT - Linz, Café Dokapi
04.05.11 AT - Innsbruck, Bäckerei
05.05.11 IT - Udine, Circolo Arci Cas*Aupa
06.05.11 IT - Padova, La Mela di Newton
07.05.11 IT - Venezia / Milano tba
08.05.11 AT - Dornbirn, TIK
10.05.11 CH - Zürich, Café Henrici
11.05.11 CH - Zürich, Schönegg
12.05.11 CH - St. Gallen, La Buena Onda
13.05.11 CH - Baden, Frau Meise
14.05.11 DE - Tübingen, Café Haag
15.05.11 DE - Darmstadt, Centralstation
17.05.11 DE - Aachen, Hotel Europa
18.05. 11 DE - Bielefeld, Verve
19.05.11 DE - Marburg, Havanna 8
20.05.11 DE - Kassel, TBA Show
21.05.11 DE - Jena, Haus auf der Mauer
22.05.11 DE - Dresden, Sprungschanze
facebook: my sister grenadine
Leiseylento **bazaar musical***
face book: leiseylento

O and I just got word from one of my old LA girlfriends, the country punk goddess Ms. Glen Meadmore that she is coming to Europe for one of her sassy mini tours. Backing her up are members of Tenderloin and The Lazy. So if she is coming to your neck of the woods you owe it to yourself to see this whirlwind of talent. She will do two shows in Berlin and I will sing with her on our old 1980s hits song “No Money, No Honey”.

Glen Meadmore tour info:
april 30 bertholdsaal weyer, oberer markt, 3335 weyer, osterreich
may 2 monster ronsons, warschauerstr. 34, 10243 berlin
may 3 golden pudel, st. pauli fischmarkt 27 ,20359 hamburg
may 4 shade inc. ,neue berliner initiative, schonhauser allee 36, berlin

This cute little item sent to me from Puta Breath, my Cali low desert Speaking From the Diaphragmn Correspondent:

The festival grounds are overwhelmed by shirt less male specimens! It is very
distracting to see packs of young straight men together cajoling and teasing me!
One dude who's packing major dick swinging in his low rise almost see-thru shorts. Fuck, what a dick head, ridge and all!!!

The bands have been great. My high light for today will be Big Audio Dynamite.
I'm sure all the Veterano's will be in full force to see Mick Jones.

The temp is over 100! The doll would be complaining....