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Thursday, May 26, 2022

kürzliches Gegenspiel von sexuellen Angestellten

kürzliches Gegenspiel von sexuellen Angestellten Saw a man on the street a few minutes ago who looked just like Spencer Tracy returned from the dead. Yes The Spencer Tracy, the Metro Goldwyn Mayer contract player who according to Scotty Bowers was one fierce hornpiglet when it came to seducing young men for trysts of a decidedly wicked nature. I believe in Scotty Bowers. The late Scotty RiP, knew the way of all flesh!

Tracy & Hepburn were quite clever in putting out into the world the fabrication that they were part of an adulterous coupling when the true reality was they were sisters of the clothe and just very tight gal pals with a very fluxiv sexual agenda, but their strategy worked as it kept the greedy press hounds from sniffing too hard on their particular fragrant scents.

The man I saw today was Tracy of the mid 1930s freckled, barrel house and barrel chested and just a little bit salty dog but an asphalt cute nevertheless. I was feeling a bit Wife vs Secretary myself as I walked by this man and his female companion who actually come to think of it resembled a little Katherine Hepburn but not as butch. I had earlier stopped off at my favourite cafe in the kiez - Unser which is part of a small Portuguese chain in Berlin. I really love the young ladies and men that work at this boite. They are all very sweet and accommodating. Is it just me or is Berlin becoming more service oriented? At the Quartier Apoteke next door to Impala Cafe at Nollendorkyplatz twice the pharmacists were so unbelievably friendly and just generally lovely in demeanor. Both pharmacists I encountered were German and the man was young and even dare I say it flirted with me which is almost unheard of in Berlin with the male populace.

Lately I have been trying to make more of an effort to wear cuter outfits in public so perhaps that had something to do with it. The young man making my coffee at Unser Cafe gave me a bit of an eye twinkle and sitting outside sipping said coffee a middle eastern man stroke up a conversation with me. The man is a neurologist and quite personable though I wasn´t physically attracted to him he asked me for my Pentagram page, and seemed quite bemused by it when he glanced it on his mobile. Is asking for a Pentagram page a thing? I'm so out of the loop in terms of how people younger then I am relate to each other in public.