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Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Julian Scherer, my handsome hunky stud of a student assistant when I taught at the Goethe Universitaet in the winter months and his pretty, vivacious best gal pal Sandra came to take the Camel and I for luncheon at the cute restaurant Die Kate, near the city zentrum. We sat alfresco on the spacious terrazzo and oogled the cute Giessen male population throwing shade and snide commentary about the size of passerbyes genitalia, firmness of rump & halter. After lunch we celebrated Julian’s birthday at an Italian Gelato emporium on the pedestrian mall for a little more lighthousing and testes baiting. My gout had re-emerged in my foot Thursday eve causing the Vagimule doll extreme pain, so I was lucky that Julian came to pick me up in his flashy sportscar as I was in no shape to walk or ride a bicyleta. Julian is so smart and talented. He is only 23 years old but is working on his Phd in Semiotics. He also is a ferocious power top known to devastate bottoms in a single plop. I loved hearing of his recent sexy encounters with a Croatian medical doctor who he ravaged in a country wheat field, and a twitchy trio of young San Paolo WaterPolo Players with greedy haberholes who gave Julian’s beautifully masculine, muscular body and super human peterfication pure unadulurated worship whipping the fit lad into a frenzy where his only recourse was to tear open the margiela sugar walls of the hapless Brazilians turning tight boy channels into Sloppy Joe Holland Tunnels.

Sunday Evening it was Ladies Night as my glamour girl student Sonja Risse came to the Alexander von Humboldt Gast Haus to fetch me in her petite smart car for a dinner party at the home of my other students Arnita Jaunsubrēna and Emmilou Rößling. The guest list also included: Maria-Isabel Hagen, Lea Schneidermann,Kristin Gerwien, Clara Reiner and Caroline Creutzburg. The divoon menu: Minnestrone (soup with beans, tomato and vegetables)Vegetarian Lasagna (spinach-tomato-mushroom)Field salad with beet and apples with Frozen Cheesecake with wild blackberries that had been picked by Maria-Isabel early that afternoon. The drinkage:
Rosé,White Wine, Black Balzam (Latvian liqueur) with black currant juice
and Sparkling Water. The party wasn’t intended to be ladies only, but the young men invited all happened to be spending the weekend with their significant others. It was just as well that the dinner turned in a Daughters of Bilitis soiree and we all had  a lovely time together laughing and gossiping about the boys in my seminar to their utter chagrin.