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Friday, December 28, 2012


The wonderful young artist Katja von Hellsdorf of the art/music group LeiseyLento came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta in the Rote Insel to make platinum sketches of the Vagimule doll for a new art project. Miss Katja who was one of my Weissensee Art Akademy students years ago is a very prolific artiste. We had a right girlish time together and she brought offering to la diva of non-alcoholic Champagne, a signed special edition, beauty products and cosmetics. My glorious children know how to take proper care of me. Afterwards we had a lively luncheon at the Vietnamese boite on Akazien Strasse Pho-viet.
Later in the evening I whisked off to KreuzKölln—Sonnen Allee to be exact, where I was invited to a Greek passive feast of ages by my sweet bubble butt and lovesexy´line Little Alex of Macedonia. Alex was with his handsome Israeli modern dancer lover Assaf Hochman, who I haven´t seen in months as he has been on tour throught Europe. Herr Hochman has one of the humpiest bodies in Berlin, and is the perfect piece of eyecandy besides being a very genuine young man. Alex & Assaf  are two of my all-time favourite children in Deutschland.

After supper Alex screened a delightful shortfilm he made at his parents summer estate in Greece featuring my gorgeous Los Ang daughter, the junior art shtar ZacKary Drucker. Little Alex is a top film student here in Berlin who makes his professors proud as he lives and breathes the cinema..  He  pops out a myriad of film projects that look slick and professional thanks to his topnotch director of photography Tim Schenkl and solid work habits.  I hope he will start concentrating on making  more playful short subjects like the one with ZacKary that are way under five minutes.  I´d love to see him break his hommage pattern and develop his own style and voice as he has a great eye for detail and surface.

During dessert and coffee Little Alex showed another short film, this one a highly ambitious take on Luis Bunuel´s Simon in the Desert starring Uli Ziemons, the handsome young associate curator with the Berlinale´s Forum Expanded. Uli is marvellous in this flicker and photographs beautifully looking like Paramount Pictures silent screen male ingénue Richard Arlen at times.

Wouldn´t it be a hoot if Little Alex skipped the arty farty and went directly to the small screen.  He´d be perfect as a dancing coach for the American spectacular Dancing with the Stars. With a face of a demi-god, his mad ballroom dancing champion skillz, and a tight tiny body complete with plump endowment he´d score a number one hit swivelling those saucy hips on a glossy TV dance floor.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Had a lovely pre Christmas Judy Garland Sunday at Arsenal Inst für film und video kunst watching the restored version of A Star is Born 1954 directed by faggots faggot George Cukor starring La Judy, James Mason, Jack Carson, and a sexy/dorky Tom Noonan. This is the second year of spending the holidays ala Garlandishral. We had a nice little group with us that included the Arsenal´s beautiful Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, gorgeous Susanne Sachsse leader of CHEAP kollective, humpy film historian Marc Siegel, Skandinavian Muslim jihadist Daniel Hendrickson with his juicy Italian lover Piero Bellomo. Also spotted in the audience a lot of visiting Americans on parade and luscious curator Dorothea Wenner. After the film Daniel and I were treated to a comfy taxi ride by Frau Schulte Strathaus to the Barbi Deinhoff to attend the birthday celebration of artist Angela Melitopolous and bbooks accolade Micho. Everyone at the Deinhoff was in good holiday cheer and in a festive mood. Saw bootysexy Nanna Heidenreich, DJane Olga Damnitz, Senol Senturk with his hot girlfriend Ruth,  the divine Allessio, Katja of bbooks, the sweet JewFro´d radio hostess from that station that is located inside the Pregnant Oyester aka Haus of World Cultures and many others too numerous to mention. Didn´t stay long as I couldn´t handle the cigarette smoke.

Christmas Eve was Pierro Bellomos annual feast of the Magi which was served in several radiant courses that included a Ravioli with porcini mushroom starter, SuSu Salmon entre, brussel sprouts galeon and gratin dauphinois with pomegranite seedlings. For desert a sparkling huckabee gallette unformed Apple WhyPie with Limon slices and whipped vaginal creme. Gastro delecti!!!! This year´s feast was an intimate gathering consisting of the Vagimule Doll in all her glory, Pierro, Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson and Tante Ingo the famous therapist to the gay shtars of Berlin.  Pierro loves Christmas and delights in giving his favorite womanly doll a truckload of designer gifts including beauty products, make-up, winter warm clothing that included some 20 pairs of cashmere socks as I am always running out of socks.  Where do they disapear to? 
After a week or so of freezing temperatures and snow, its almost balmy outside and in Bavaria its even warmer.  Chock it up to global warming.

Berlin during the holidays is pretty quiet as most German go back home to wherever they originally came from to be with MaMa and PaPa, and all the stores including the supermarkets are shut down solid which can be a bit of a drag. On Dec 28th they start selling fireworks so the city will begin to start sounding like a warzone with the cherry bombs and other very loud unruly firecrackers and fireworks which I simply hate. Why can´t people just watch Judy Garland movies to celebrate Christmas and New Year´s and forgo parties and loudness, eh?