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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wonderful meeting at HAU with the entire Cheap Blacky gang, including director Bruce "Judy"LaBruce and lovesexy French set designer Christoff. Later Judy, Christoff and I had lunch at a nice bistro off of trendy Mehringdamm. Judy sez the rushes of his new film "Otto-Up With Dead People" look incredible thanks to the precise lighting work of ace cinematographer James Carman & crew. In the evening Cheap fearless leader Suzi Sue cooked one of her legendary feasts, where i stuffed myself silly. A wonderful time was had by all.

This just in:

The Russian dissident poet and artist suprema Slava Mogutin and his child bride Brian will be leaving Berlin to go back to New York City. The two extremely beautiful men, had been living here for several months as a home base while they spirited the European continent with a myriad of art shows, performances and installations. Wherever they went, major dick envy, skandal and mayhem followed.
I wish i could have seen the boys just once, but our hectic schedules precluded some face-to-face, though we did have some emug exchanges. Slava even directed an art porn film for Cazzo, the Berlin based blue movie company, but the word is that the owner of the company won´t release it. During the filming of Bruce La Bruce´s Skin Gang, this said owner of Cazzo gave La Judy major headache. Who knows what he put pretty Slava through. Lets just say I have been introduced to this man who i believe is named Jorg something or other, and while he is tall, handsome and well endowed, he comes off as the ultimate ice prince. Not exactly a warm, friendly sod. He was partners in Cazzo with LaBruce producer Jurgen Bruning, and that relationship went bust. Herr Bruning now heads his own porn empire slyly called Wurst Films.
Anyways i hope that Slava is able to get what he filmed for Cazzo away from its owner, so that the world can see it. i know i´d sure like to.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blacky rehearsal was interrupted by a surprise visitor from American shores, none other then the 6´9 inch Canadian cowpoke Glen Meadmore. My handy decided to go kaput, so poor Ms. Meadmore couldnt get ahold of me, so he recruited Felix Knoke the Das Stern investigative reporter to track me down via HAU and fearless leader Suzi Su. Whew!!!!
Glenda, the Good witch of the East, and I spent a sweet big lady day together, cruising Heisenhide Park for large uncut cock, gossiping, and just being criminally insane biatches. i havent seen the woman in over six months, and i was surprised a bit to see how the many years of negotiating the ickyness factor of LA life has left some wear and tear on her serene visage. The Meadmore is a gentle, pure soul, and i would like to see her thrive to the levels that her supreme genius deserve. She is certainly one of the most underrated stars to emerge from the underground in the latter half of the last century, and i love her dearly.
I was so overcome with emotion, that i had to go the the Frankenstein 5000 pub to soak in gin, and was joined by the Blue Bros.---Tim and Kjohnny and Daniela of Cheap and his beau Piero ala Collezione for more drinking, stinking and living it up.
Bruce "Judy"LaBruce returns to Berlin for post production work on his zombie epic "Otto-Up With Dead People" and to direct my new big stage production "Cheap, Blacky . . .Sortof" All this and we´re only half way through the summer.


This just in: got two emails from old pals of mine from the 80s.

Kim "Joyride"Jones, who was one of the most fun, pretty and vivacious party girls of the post punk era, told me that her son Bela(after Bela Legosi)is turning 18, and is coming to Berlin before starting college at UC Santa Cruz in the fall. I am really an old woman. I remember when Kim was pregnant with Bela, whose father is Monty Messick, one of the most beautiful of the Melrose Avenue punk rock boys,(remember Flips anyone?) and one of its most desired, by both women and men. Kim and Donita Sparks, pre L7 fame, were the life blood of any Hollywood soiree, and made Lindsey Lohan look like a party amateur. Kim and Donita never missed an Afro Sisters show, and were always the most stylishly dressed in their casual mid 70s action wear.
Kim also use to be girlfriends with Anthony of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who wrote about their lives together in his book Scar Tissue. I was really surprised that Anthony even mentioned Gary Allen, this R&B new wave-ish queen who use to be the on-and-off-again sugar daddy to Flea. Flea is a little more hesitant to bring up his past, which included stints as a rent boy, something that the tabloids and die hard Chili Pepper fans don´t know about, but Anthony not only mentions his hanging out with Gary in the day, but is actually kind of open about his and Flea´s mega homosexy past. Of course i only saw the galleys of his book before it was released several years ago, when i did book reviews for the LA Weekly, so i dont know what made it into the final publication. Ms. Kim Jones also wrote for the LA Weekly as part of the gossip column La Dee Da, and is still a contributor to the paper writing for Calendar on kids events. See what tidbits you learn from me.
And my other more conservative friend Rachel Diaz-Toner who lives in Semi Valley sent me a newspaper article featuring her 13 year old son, his 12 year old best friend and hot girl drummer, and his 10 year old brother on bass, who are getting mega attention as a pre-pubescent Van Halenesque group called Vendetta. The life of Vaginal Davis, will wonderinis ever cease?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Luscious picnik hosted by Stefanie of the Arsenal and her sweet gal pal Nicole, an academic who teaches in the queen mumland of England. Miss Stefanie owns a giant section of Canal land between the St. Elsewhere Hospital and the Communist Pizzeria, so we ate, drank and laughed the afternoon and evening away on our own private bank. I had a lovely time chatting with the gorgeous Lady Miss Chai from Mumbai, who runs an experimental film festival in that city whose colonial name is Bombay.
Why are european nobels always chasing after me. I got a call from Graf Carl-Eduard Von Bismarck who wants to date me, and also from Princess Caroline of Monaco's young son Pierre Casiraghi, but i am not interested in any of them. I'd prefer to do Alex Dellal who is the son of a wealthy shipping magnate.