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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Treated to a wonderous breaky by Paddy Aldrich of Toronto´s Walk on the Wildside, the store where crossdresser Wilem Dafoe gets his big white panties, and where the new Hairspray movie bought foundation garments for Johnny Travolta. Paddy brought along her best friend, the famous filmmaker and investigative journalist Eva Jobst, who is from Leipzig, in the former GDR. Paddy and Eva met as penpals in their teens. Eva is a great beauty, and is warm and personable, just like Paddy. I´d love to meet Eva´s 22 year old son who is two meters tall, and wears a size 50 shoe----yum.
Went to MonGay at Kino Int´l with Daniela Romano of Cheap. We saw Kiki Monterpernase´s anthology short subject film "Fucking Problematic New York" or something like that. The premise is that lesbians make films about fags and vice versa. That mandate wasn´t followed completely, but who cares? I liked the first two films---a girl jock gets her first pedi-mani cure and two baby dykettes of colour go through the male habadashery ritual of tie knotting----GREAT!
Todd Verow´s contribution featured a portly pepperpot who resembled Margo Howard-Howard, the late downtown tranny who wrote the classic tome "I Was a White Sex Slave in Harlem"
Great seeing Kiki who is always cute and cuddly, and in the audience was a brooding Daniel Belcher of "Skin Flick" and "Raspberry Reich". Later i saw him in high cruise mode at the Tom´s Bar Follies. I am sure some lucky relic got to chow down on his beautiful Swiss Titan bone contendre.
Received two surprise care packaginas from the US of KKK. One from pretty Professor Jennifer Doyle of UC Riverside who will be with me in Slovenia at Aksioma Institute of Contemporary Art. She will be giving a talk about her book "Sex Objects" and of course i will be performing my latest VD as VB parody in the gallery.
Dr. Doyle sent me some make-up products i can´t get in Germany, books, an Olvera Street Mexican blanky, and other goodies.
Handsome Jeff Beaumonte, one of my Club Sucker regulars who was just in Berlin with his rock steady crew showered me with a gamount of gourmet dainties, and luxury items of the beauty potion inclement. When Jeff & Co. were in Berlina they took me for din din and drinks and wildly spoiled the lady. Ah i am reminded of the good ole days of Silverlake before the floods and rains of Ranchipur. A zillion thanks and kisses to Jennifer and Chevalier Beaumonte. I love you, i need you.
Decided to go for a dwink at Frankenstein 5000 at Hermannplotz. Ran into Tim Blue of Cheap and artist Matt the cute boy Otter, who is pals with art photog Ryan McGinnley and Amra Brooks the daughter of Joseph Brooks, of Jo& Henry and Vinyl Fetish fame. I had a major falling out with Jo years ago over his chintzy ways, and i wrote about it in a famous article in the LA Weekly, where all of Hollywood congragulated me on being so forthcoming. I didnt know that many people felt the same way about Joseph that i did, i think thats why he got so angry about the dig.
One of my biggest pet peeves is cheapskates. So if you are not a generous person, get thee gone and away from Vaginal Davis!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

My new neighborhood of Red Island is a very famous part of Berlin. Everyone from Blixa Bargeld, Bowie, Lou Reed, Dietrich, Einstein, Klaus Kinski, Hildegard Knef and Billy Wilder have lived here. I like it because its not trendy, and there are gorgeous young Turks and Arabs roaming about with bubble butts in tight white pants.
The famous dinette set table of Cheap fearless leader Suzi Su was all a flutter once again with very special guest star, the dashing superstar academe Douglas Crimp, who dropped in for a surprise visit to Berlina via a conference in Hanover. Sitting around like a couple of white chix talking: Daniela Hendrickson, fresh from a month in Istanbul, Piero of La Collezione, Tim Blue, Marcu Siegel and young sänger Max Von Thun.
Wondermint evening at Kino Arsenal for the Roberto Rosselini homage. Got to see a different side of adulteress Ingrid Bergman in the hilarious 1953 short "The Chicken" and of course i worship George "I was bored" Sanders, and he and the luminous Ms. Bergman made a delightful pairing in the film "Voyage to Italy".
Stayed for the second program called Hardfilms: Pixels and Celluloid. Only the Arsenal and its savior Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, and her illustrious crew could bring you such diverse experimental offerings.