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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Had a delightful visit at the Cheese Endique Trifecta with Cyril that smoking hot young ItemIdem French boy, who lives in Tokyo and designed the award winning Japanese store for the German designer Bernard Wilhelm. Joining us was teutonic artist Christian Siekmeier, who is back in Berlina after living in New York for 11 years. Herr Siekmieir will be bringing the divine Billy Miller of STH/The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts to Berlin in October for a residency, and the entire city is a flutter with that information as Mr. Miller is beloved internationally.
After getting my ass kicked once again in German language class i got caught in a summer downpour. Thank god Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim is giving me some Deutsch tutoring. I need it! At my Cheese Endique studio i started prepping to film the sensational DeRohan Chabot who at 16 is the new art infant terrible who will soon dominate the international art market. De Rohan is an incredible sculptor,painter, poet, filmmaker, you name it he does it, and is a combination Rimbaud and Passolini all wrapped up in a beautiful blonde French package. I have to send Dennis Cooper a copy of the movie i made with DeRohan after it is edited, as DeRohan is a huge Cooper fanatic and is the living embodiment of a Dennis Cooper novel. This kid is the real deal, and is hyper masculine with testosterone oozing out of every pour, but at the same time he has this intense innocense and vulnerability. After filming we ate some food at a trendy Thai restaurant and everyone in the place was staring at him, and smiling in appreciation, the waiters even treated us to drinks and extra food, and several men approached giving him their card. We decided on having one last nightcap at Tabasco, a hustler bar at Nollendorky platz, what a mistake that was. The old geezers wouldnt leave us alone, and even the hustlers were trying to pick up on him and give him a freeby. My cinematographer, and coproducer of the film short, Marc Arthur who is 21 and a green eyed beauty in his own right was also getting lots of attention, as i walked both boys to the U-bahn some gay tourists from England pounced on them, and were not taking no for an answer, i swear a crowd of 15 men had surrounded us in a two block radius. A police officer noticed the commotion and offered to give the boys a ride home in his car, which they gladly accepted.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Green eyed wonder boy Marc Arthur came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta to do some quick pick up shots. Afterwards we went out for dinner and dwinks, and he relayed his recent adventures in Leipzig where he met 4 humpy boys who have not been ruined by urban gay culture. These young studkins inact a semi S&M scenario involving army uniforms and abandoned buildings, where they literally kidnapped Marc for a week and brutalized him in a most becoming fashion where they all took turns pulling a train on him and turning his little boy hole into a man sized channel. It was a Falcon Video Pac from the 80´s come magically to life. Young Mr. Arthur even brought one of the ruggedest of the lads back to Berlin and enjoyed doing during the day what they had previously been doing all night in the former DDR-land. I am so jealous of Marc, he has all of the luck of the ItalioIrish.
Hector Martinez, who i have known since he was 15 and good friends with Fertile LaToyah Jackson´s sister Grace, came to visit me Sunday with his lover of 12 years Erik-La Pierce. The two took a pitstop detour in Berlin from their Gay Baltic Sea cruise. Hector is an executive with the large American insurance entity Affleck. This company is known for their TV adverts featuring a retarded duck. Hector is fortunate to have one of those giant homosexual disposable incomes, as no one else in the states can afford expensive vacations these days. Last year he and his lover took a gay cruise through the Meditteranean. The last thing on earth i would want to do is take a gay cruise and be stuck on a boat with a bunch of wealthy white faggots.
It was nice seeing Hector and Erik-La and getting caught up on LA gossip. One of these days i will have to write about what Hector told me about Christopher Ciccone, the no goodnic fugly brother of pop star Madonna, who has recently written a tell-all about his famous sister. In fact i don´t think i will write about it in this blog as i don´t want Mr. Ciccone to get any publicity on my account. Not that i am a big fan of his sister Mrs. Ritchie, and that she needs my protection, i just don´t believe in slagging the already slaggy.