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Saturday, November 22, 2008


“Without doubt you become dogmatic, shrill and stupid”
-Bill Aires, Weather Underground

The visiting Americans to Berlin hasn´t ended with the autumnal hormonal. One of my children from the 90s all grown up Davey Houle with his sweet bubbly current boyfriend, and former lover the midwest punque star Marc Ruvolo sauntered through town from the windy city Chieta aka: Miss Chicago, Illinois. They came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta, where we sat around drinking brewski´s and reminiscing about the hey day of Chicago punk nitelife. I have great memories of performing at places like The Czar Bar, The Empty Bottle, Lower Links, Randolph Street Gallery, The Chicago Art Institute and Hot House. Marc and Davey gave me a copy of their new sizzling CD Denying the West with proto punc outfit Das Kapital. I told the boys to check out Travis Jeppeson´s Porky club at Ficken 3000 aka: Frankenstein 5000, and they did--enjoying that hot spots twinken elf madness.
The frostback Baby Diaper, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras moved from the eastside of Berlin to the newest hipster area Neu Kölln. His lovely flat is nestled on a colorful street of London style row houses. Joel cooked a delicious lunch of pumpkin soup with surprise celebrity guest the gorgeous superstar electro rocker Peaches, looking mighty fine and love sexy. Miss Peaches was mixing her latest album at a studio nearby and dropped in for some tasty vittles. The lady just celebrated her 42nd birthday, but still can pass for a teenager.
Peaches had to get back to the studio, but Joel´s new hot muscle lover Enrico came by to give Mr. Diaper some snooky ookum. Enrico is one hot east german boy, and certainly has the equipment to keep the handsome Joel Gibb very satisfied in loves enthrallment. All you Joel Gibb fans will be eager to see his art work on display at Exile Gallery. The opening is Saturday Nov 22nd 7-10pm and features work from the beautiful G.B.Jones of Fifth Column fame, and French hungthrob Christophe Chemin. Exile Gallery is located at Alexandrinenstasse 4 in Kreuzberg.
Got together for dwinks with my visiting Chicago pack at their spacious Viktoria Park flat that they rented while on holiday. Davey Houle and the boys took me to dinner at the Austria Kitchen. I´ve always wanted to check this restaurant out. The food was delicious, and came in very large portions which made the Vaginal Davis doll and the Chi posse very happy.
Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of Arsenal Institut Für Film und Videokunst and right hand gal Nanna Heidenreich invited this lady to an Ethiopian feast the other night. My date was handsome big peniled Tim Blue, fresh from his performance and music duty with Guilthouse. We were gathered to celebrate a visit from Canadian shores of Scott Berry the executive director with the Images Festival of Toronto. A very pleasant evening was had, and of course i flirted outrageously with Uli Ziemon, the young holy hearthrob of Potsdamer Platz.
Tim Blue cooked one of his fantastic meals for me at his spacious Neu Kölln compound, then we met up with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of The Arsenal at Dock 11 on Kasting Couch Allee where she treated us to the premiere of a dance piece starring the lovely Miss Trixie, who reminds me of a German Penny Arcade. Trixie is a comrade and kindred spirit of the legendary Jack Smith from back in the early 1970s. Barefoot modern dance, and her blurry eyed second cousin--dance theatre isn´t really my cup of Camomile tea, but i admire performers like Trixie who really let their vulnerability show while showcasing a nice sense of humour.
All my New York City fans should check out a program by German experimental film legend Wilhelm Hein and his art photographer girlfriend Annette Frick that will be shown on Nov 21st and 22nd at the famous Millenium in Manhattan. Wilhelm and Annette are two of the biggest Vaginal Davis supporters in all of Europe, and I´ve known them for many years. They are true artists who have worked consistently outside of institutional settings and are very dear to me, so don´t be afraid to go up to them and say, “Hi!”