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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Early morning meeting with the beautiful and sensitive Cheap Gossip/Arsenal intern Julius at my studio, the Cheese Endique Trifecta. Julius will design a flier for my October 21st event Falling Stars, Rising Stars at The Arsenal. Its so refreshing being around a young man like Julius. So much of the world today is fueled on this corporate mentality, which i find is a new more lethal, and insideous form of fascism, that makes people empty, arrogant and dull. Thats why its such a pleasure to be in the company of a young boy who thinks outside of the tired gay ghetto box, and who wants more from life then a petty bourgeois lifestyle.
Work on Cheap Blacky is coming together nicely. I've been collaborating on the music with The Cookies of Allah, which features hot siblings Tim and Kjohnny Blue and Daniel Hendrickson of kollective Cheap. So far we've all been getting along, which is a miracle because Vaginal Davis is one retarded whore of a bitch, arbitrary and argumentative, and just plain evil incarnate. I hate Vaginal Davis, and you should too. So far The Cookies of Allah have conjured up some extroidinary compositions with varied instrumentation like cello, violin, accordian, piano, oud and banjo.
Ran into one of my patrician German relations after rehearsal near Mehringdamn. He was with Frank Briegmann of Universal Music in Germany. What were they doing together? Odd. Both of them mentioned reading about my new piece at the HAU in a magazine, and hinted at being invited to the premiera. We'll see about that. Its strange having white cousins from my fathers side of the family who resemble me, only a few shades paler. On my mothers side of the family i am related to Connie Rice and the Secretary of State of the icky USofA Condoleeza Rice.
Will close with a quote from one of my fav actresses Ingrid Bergman:

Ein Kuss ist ein liebenswerter Trick der Natur, ein Gespräch zu unterbrechen, wenn Worte überflüssig werden

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We traveled to the little known area of Tiergarten, just above the famed cruise park to attend the 16th birthday party for the enfant terrible writer, Travis Jeppesen whose latest tome is called Wolf at the Door. Travis just returned to Berlin from a triumphant European book tour. A mini feast was created by the scribes beautiful 14 year old Slovakian beau Mario. The couple have a large, spacious flat and the small, intimate soiree featured Downtown DJ Snax of the perfect Jew Fro, artiste Christophe Chermin, who is the production designer for, Cheap Blacky, accompanied by his director Judy LaBruce who brought along for his amusement, Little Baby Brian, the sometime consort of both Gary Goddard(Masters of the Universe)and Bryan "The Bitch of 20th Century Fox" Singer.
CuncuBrian is now 25, but can pass for 17. He was once the plaything of Gus Van Sant, and numerous other Hollywood power players, who prefer young men who still have their mothers breast milk on their breath. This Brian kid is a bit much with his riotous flights of Finnegan´s Wake fancy. A rare lucid moment produces some interesting tales, like when he lived in Istanbul with a Turkish lover who almost slit his throat. We had to take leave of the gathering before we wound up attempting a similiar event horizen.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

One thing I´ve noticed here in Germany is that the hetero men are really whupped by the women. How do these ladies keep such a hold on the men? Does their puddy spin, like the rinse cycle of a washing machine? Also you see so many good looking young Teutonic men married with brats aplenty, to some sputter faced Brunhilde. What gives here, will someone please explain the concept.
Got a disturbing emug from the states in answer to my writing out loud about what became of certain people from my past. Well i got a cheery quick answer about Zachary, the famed tux wearing MC from the 80s. Mr. Zachary is now teaching music at Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Pepper´s Conservatory of Music in Silverlake.
On the sad note, Myrakel, an old trick of mine, i was told is now dead as a doornail. It seems that he was killed in prison. They don´t take too kindly in the big house to new agey pedophiles. I always new Myrakel liked boys younger then he was. When i tricked with him, i lied and told him that i was 19. I was actually 24. At that time he was around 31 or 32, a bit on the hippy dippy side, but he was a ginger, with a thick penis, and you all know how i can´t resist the redheads. I have a built in radar against men who want to use me as a pass-around-Patty, so it never worked out sexually between me and Myrakel, but we stayed friendly with each other. I even invited him to one of my openings at the Hag Gallery, and he wound up picking up this juicy 16 year old South Bay surfer kid, who i ran into later who told me that Myrakel dropped him flat after a few weeks for one of his even hotter surfer pals. Over the years i would run into Myrakel at the Sunset Junction, and he seemed the same free spirit, though his new ageyness was now combined with a radical fairee look that made me want to roll my eyes. Still i didnt know he was a card carrying member of NAMBLA. Just shows to go ya, that I am still a naive lady, at my advanced age.
The rehearsals for Cheap Blacky are moving along at a brisk pace. Thank you once again for all the zillions of emugs from around the world. This project seems to really resonate. Received a sweet note from one of my all time performance art idols, the legendary Johanna Went who stated that Boom and Reflections of a Golden Eye are her favs.
After a long day of rehearsals i had a meeting at Kino Arsenal at Potsdamer Plotz with Ms. Stefanie, Nanna and beautiful young intern Julius about my new program "Falling Stars, Rising Stars" which will debut Oct 19th. Stefanie and her expert crew know how to turn planning meetings into a lot of fun and positive idea sharing. I´m sure this new venture is going to create quite a buzz in Berlina. I also talked with Volker Spengler, the great German film and stage star, who was such a delight to chat with taking time from his busy schedule to chittle with "The Doll"
Fearless Leader Suzi Su of kollective Cheap turns 22 on Monday Sept 3rd, so everyone better shower her with lots of presents.
I´ve been having a bout of knee problems due to my new sportif bike, and also i´ve been fretting about finishing my essay thats due for the new art book about Judy LaBruce called Bruceploitation. Woman´s work, woman´s work . . .