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Saturday, February 02, 2013


That Jewish Muslim Daniel Henrickson and his boyfriend Pierro Bellomo came to the rescue of the Vagimule Doll yet once again helping her with household concerns as she prepares her Cheese Endique Trifecta for the Berlinale visit of The Love Camel.  Thank god for Daniel and Pierro.  Afterwards we went to the Indian restaurant Moghul on Akazien Strasse where there is this little bubble butt boy who has to be the saddest waiter in Berlin.  The food at this boite is very tasty and they have hired another dimunitive waiter, who seems to have a brighter outlook on life.
Went to Haus de Kulturen de Welt to see Janez Jansaś new film My Name is Janez Jansa which makes its Berlin premiere as part of the TransMedial Festival.  Janez had shown me an earlier version, but this one is much better and features a dynamic performance from my old LA pal Hector Martinez and a closing aria by intermedia soprano Julianna Snapper.  The film is a clever meditation on the name game, and also resolves around three multi media artists from Slovenia who all changed their name legally to that of the right wing Prime Minister of their country.  Was hanging out with Mr. Jansa and his vibrant star of the film who works as a television presenter, but also got a chance to hang with Judy LaBruce producer Jurgen Bruning and the British art group Plan B.  Had to rush across town to see a screening of the film Monarch's Men by Jan Peter Hammer at the NGBK gallery.  The film features Sarita Choudury, Felix Ensslin and CHEAP's very own Daniel Hendrickson, but the projector was kaput.  Just my Lord Love a Duck luck.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It seems like the gorgeous Chancellor of Germany Ms. Angela Merkel is having a bit of trouble once again with her collegues who love plagerising their doctoral thesis.  This time it’s the Education Minister Annette Scharan.  Last time it was Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg.  Just saying . . .

Hans Massaquoi just died at the age of 87.  He was the Afro German former editor with Ebony and Jet Magazine who grew up as a child in Nazi Germany and even wrote a book about his experiences in the well regarded tome Destined to Witness-Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany.  His mother was a white German Nurse and his father a diplomats son from Liberia.

Who on earth is fuglier then British Prime Minister David Cameron?  I swear he looks like a giant old baby.

The book I can’t seem to put down is Going Clear-Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright.  I am obsessed with Scientology and believe in the religion whole heartedly.  As a teenage punk rocker roaming the streets of Hollywood I had major crushes on the Scientology grunts in their uniforms chainsmoking as they walked the Blvd, and I’ve always thought that the church founder L. Ron Hubbard was really hot.  I wish people would stop picking on the church they are just trying to make a $buck like everyone else in tired LaLa Land, they are just a little bit more aggressive with it.

This note just came in from Davide Grassi aka Janez Jansa. "My Name Is Janez

Janša" at transmediale.

It will be this Saturday at noon at HKW in the room k1.


Hope to see you there!

 many-many hugs,

The perfect man!


Monday, January 28, 2013


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music at Arsenal Inst. für film und video kunst was packed to the high rafters last night.  I guess Jim Jarmusch has a lot of fans here in Berlina because his first film Permanent Vacation from 1980 really brought the kidz out of the woodworks.  The films star Chris Parker is very adoreable with his whiny little voice. My former Afro Sister Maria Duval is also featured in the film.  Maria wasn´t a regular Afro Sister but did perform with me several times back in the mid 1980s when she was working at Cowboys & Poodles on Melrose Avenue where she designed some vintage repro dresses.  Back in the mid 1980s Ms. Duval was also touring with the road company of Women Behind Bars where she had been an original cast member along with Divine.  Maria who is half French and Puerto Rican was a very talented and gorgeous actress.  When I knew her she had a bit of a drug problem, but was an overall hardworking good time Sally.  Whatever happened to Chris Parker who played the lead in Permanent Vacation?  I think he was for a time in Levi Dexter´s rock-a-billy band Levi and the Rockats.  Another kid from that period who had a huge penis was Snuffy Smit.  Whatever happened to him?

Seen shmoozing during the wine reception after the screening:  film historian Marc Siegel and his beautiful lady love the director/intermedia actress Susanne Sachße, former prima ballerina Beatrice "Trixie" Cordua with artists and galpals Yam and Viola, British ginger junior pop star Alexander Geist with posse, Manuel Schubert of FilmHighlights Magazine who has just moved from Potsdam to Schöneberg and is my closest neighbor, Jochen Werner, curator with Berlin´s Porn Film Festival, cute careerist Israeli filmmaker Lior Shamriz, Felix Knoke of the band Tenderloin who also writes for Der Spiegel OnLine, Markus Ruff of Living Archive Project, Berlin legend Zazie de Paris, Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim, Little Alex of Macedonia who did Ms. Davis´hair and make-up and styled the great lady as a suffragette, Greek art shtar and curator Angela Melitoupolous, juicy Richard Birkett of NYC´s Artist Space with Bhaskar Sunkara of Jacobin Magazine and the wonderful Mathei Bellu who is always lurking on the fringes of artistic happenings with culture worker Sebastian Bodirsky,  Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus with her Forum Expanded Crew of Nanna Heidenreich who gave Ms. Davis a gorgeous silk scarf and a fluffy pink bathrobe and Uli Ziemons.  Forum Expanded opens Feb 6th at the site specific location of a Crematorium in Wedding and Feb 12th there is special event at the Liquidrom at Möckernstraße 10.

Received some sad news from Los Angeles that James Stone died this week after a long battle with bladder cancer.  James who I nicknamed "Frankenstone" during his club kingpin heyday with Sin-A-Matic and the Fetisch Ball.   I had known James since he was a trendy teenager in the early 1980s from the San Gabriel Valley middle class suburb  of Arcadia.
My old colleague from the LA Weekly Lina Lecaro wrote a very nice obit for him that you can find easily online.When I first met  James Stone he was going under the name of Jimmy Smits and was straight with a girlfriend.  Of course that didn´t last very long once he got turned out by the LA underground music and art scene.  As a teen he was a hard worker sometimes holding down three jobs at one time, and he had a good business sense which came inhandy when he took over the reigns of Club Fuck that his then lover Miguel Berenstein and Cliff Diller founded in Silverake at a Latin Bar on Sunset Blvd that use to be the infamous Black Cat Pub in the 1960s which started the modern gay rights movement several years before Stonewall with riots from west coast drag queens.
Club Fuck was one of LA´s most notorious nightclub´s --- Cliff & Miguel were the masterminds behind it.  Cliff and I were quite close as we were two demented queens.  Cliff and Ron Athey who was an original member of the First Family of Fuck were best girlfriends.  Both Cliff and Miguel died  of Mrs. AIDS in the 1990s.
I had a crush on Jimmy back in the mid 1980s when he was going out with Jeff Gardner aka Buzz.  I used both of them in a fashon show at the old Lhasa Club on Hudson and Santa Monica Blvd below photographer  Herb Ritt´s famous Hollywood studio.  Jimmy and Abel Villareal had also helped me with my home art gallery HAG in the later 1980s and he was a regular at HAG openings and my monthly club event Cafe HAG at Cafe Kafka a Slovakian Restaurant in Hollywood.

Jimmy was very sweet and  muscular who later had a series of celebrated hunky black lovers that included strapping GoGo boy Kelvin, who worked with me at  UCLA´s Placement & Career Planning Center, also a former Olympic ice skater who skated for either the IceCapedes or Holiday on Ice and had one of the most bubbly rear ends I have ever seen.  The last lover that I saw Jimmy with regularly was a law student and a true sex champion who went by the name of Huggy Bear.

In later years we had a bit of a falling out----dragqueens are unforgiving when feeling slighted, add to that my Mexican heritage of grudge holding and well you get the picture . . . but I´d like to remember Jimmy Smits/James Stone when he was young and eager beaver to be part of a burgeoning underground scene.