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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIE JUNGFRAU AUF DEM DACH Felix Knocke of Der Spiegel Online and the hot Berlin based band Tenderloin was my lovesexy young date at the Passion Church to see the Magnetic Fields in action. We arrived as the opening band was performing. I didnt catch their name but they sounded like they were playing the same song catatonically over and over again. It was lovely seeing Miss Claudia Gonson per post preggers glow. She was in fine voice and was as spirited as ever on stage. The audience was eating up her hilarious back&forth banter with Mr. Stephin Merritt. La Merritt is sporting one of those gay beards that all the kids are wearing and it becomes him with his deep registered vocalizing. Gonson&Merrit are the Ingeborg Bachmann / Hans Werner Henze of the indie music world. When I saw them play at the Passion Church a few years ago it was my first time seeing and hearing live Miss Shirley Simms with the band. She is an incredible singer with an understated country phrasing that comes across as a delicate warble. The rest of the group: John Woo on guitar and Eurasian lawyer/cello player Sam Davol are as stoic as ever. They have aged a bit but Mr. Woo and Mr. Davol are still extremely handsome in that classical music long hair Mr. Paganini way. It also felt refreshing being in an audience where I wasn´t the oldest person in the room.

Someone sent me an emug asking If I had seen the Johnny Depp film Dark Shadows. I did go to a screening of it a few months back only because I am old enough to have memories of the original TV soap from the late 60s and early 70s starring Joan Bennett, a young Kate Jackson pre Charlie´s Angels fame Lara Parker and Jonathan Frid as Barnabus Collins. The Tim Burton film is a complete waste of time even though I adore his wife Helena Bonham Carter, the ex Mr. Angelina Jolie-Johnny Lee Miller (looking very long on the tooth) and Eva Green as a histrionic Angelique. One of my talented NYU students is having an exhibit in Paris. See the info below and go check it out. In another post I will give you the latest on singer Billie Ray Martin´s big Warhol inspired project. But I have to run out the door or I will be late for a radio interview.

The Superfluidity of an Interior une exposition de Carlos Reyes vernissage, samedi 19 mai 18 - 21h 19 mai - 9 juin, 2012 TAON 18-20 rue Ledru Rollin 94200 Ivry sur Seine jeudi - samedi / 11 - 18h et sur rendez-vous


Thursday May 17th is a religious holiday in Berlin called Christi Himmelfahrt also known as Father´s Day and Männer aktuel tag, so all the stores will be closed. Thank you to Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim for reminding me about this holiday.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

WEH DEM, DER LUGT Had a delightful visit from my god son Man Martin who is the oldest child of my Afro Sister “PopThatCherry” Jefferson aka: Priscilla Hazelwood. Priscilla lives in the Bay Area and is the niece of Hollywood actor Richard Widmark. She also has a daughter named Mira Bai who lives in San Francisco with her husband and child. Man was on a business trip to Stuttgard, and decided to take the train to Berlin to spend some time with me, before heading to Dusseldorf for further business responsibilities. Man or Immanuel, has been living for the last three years inTokyo,Japan where he works for a corporate concern, but is also a filmmaker and makes deliciously subversive pieces of cinema gold. His daughter is now 15 years old and quite lovely. We met at the Cheese Endique Trifecta and I showed him around my Rote Insel neighborhood—he took pics of Marlene Dietrich’s birth home on Lebener Strasse and we went by the flat that David Bowie use to live at that is above the Nueus Ufer Gay Bar and also Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin Stories apartment at Nollendorky Platz before a standout dinner of Fish & Chips at the British Eatery East London on Mehringdamm. During supper he told me about being outside on a picnic with his girlfriend when the big Earthquake in Japan struck and how surreal it was. And I think I’ve gone through culture shock living in Germany, well try living in the Orient during a natural disaster and nuclear panic. I am generally not a sentimental person, but it was wonderful seeing Man again. The last time we hung out was in 2008 when I had my Yerba Buena museum show in San Francisco. Earlier Saturday morning I had breaky at the Schwartzer Café in Charlottenberg with Anna Muelter of HAU. It was so sweet of Anna to treat me to a belated birthday breakfast. We had a sensational time catching up on all our activities and projects for the last year but also gossiping in our girlish baby dyke fashion. June 30th I will DJ a short set at the closing night festivities of the HAU season at WAU Cafe when HAU artistic director Mattias Leanthal leaves his post for greener pastures in Beirut. With Mattias leaving it is truelly the end of an era here in Berlin. Anna also gave me the horrible news that Fassbinder’s ex lover the legendary Afro German actor Gunther Kaufmann died of a heart attack at age 64. My CHEAP collegues Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel and director Judy LaBruce went to see the star perform in a play in prison years ago. The famed actor took the rap for his wife in some kind of crime that I can’t remember the exact details to. Friday I had a scintilatingly girlish day with my Arsenal big boss Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus. We celebrated her belated birthday at the Osteria No.1 at Kreuzberger Strasse 71. Usually every year Stefanie and I celebrate together at The Kaiserstein on Mehringdamm but that restaurant has suddenly gone out of business. We didn’t mind so much as their service wasn’t the best, but I did like their outdoor patio. Well now we have a new place to be all girleney at, and the Osteria No. 1 has the most divine patio in existence, excellent food and top notch service plus the patio is nestled very far away from the street to insure privacy in conversation. Wouldn’t you like to know what two beautiful women talk about when they get together? Well I am not going to tell you as somethings need to remain private.