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Friday, August 17, 2007

Once in a blue moon i look at other blogs to compare and contrast my blog and website with whats going on in the greater cyberische. My sweet little blog and webpage are relatively plain and simple, with no fancy graphics or clever razzle dazzle. I am not adroit in computer technology. Indeed, I am a technophobe. Luckily the wonderful Larry Bob who maintains and controls my web presense keeps everything smooth and simple.
Most blogs I have checked out are rather dull and mundane, just tagging their latest projects or reposting things that are already on You Tube or elsewhere. One exception is by Alice Bag, the legendary LA punk singer and songwriter of the seminal band The Bags. Alice and I go way back before the flood. She was also a member of my groups The Afro Sisters and Cholita, the female Menudo. Alice's much younger big dicked husband, Jailbait Velasquez is the designer of her web page, and he has done a marvelous job with her extensive archive. The writing in her blog is crisp and insightful, and no one conducts an interview like Ms. Alicia, who manages to put the academics to shame with her unique scholarship.


Saw for the second time in three weeks the handsome freckle faced Turkish pop star Mohabet, walking casually and alone on the mean streets of Neu Kolln. I would certainly love to suck on his penis for a week straight without coming up for air.


Berlin has its own Dennis Woodruff, who drives around Neu Kolln and Kreutzberg. Well the Berlin version is better, in that he isnt trying to work a pathetic acting career, but his automobile is all tricked out like a giant Sigmund and the Seamonster aqua marine adventure vehicle. Love it.


Great Cheap Blacky rehearsal followed by drinks with Kjohnny, Assoff Blood of Abraham and Judy LaBruce as the sweet and sexy Wolfgang Tillmans DJed at the Nobel Elf. Lots of hunky men gathered about, and mucho mucho touristas. Great seeing Wolfgang and his beau Anders, as well as Damon Matt the Young Elder and his friends. Also bumped in to tall, handsome Justin of Scrub Magazine, looking a bit awkward and uncomfortable, and i flirted with a hot New York dark haired boy concubine with a bodacious rack.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A pal of mine in merry ole England has invited little me to stay with him at the newly restored Apethorpe Hall in Northhamptonshire. The 15th Century former borstal has a scandalous past. King James 1 used the house as a bordello for him and his hungthrob young lover George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham to entertain their numerous concubines and rough trade tricks. During the restoration effort they discovered lots of secret passages linking the bedrooms of James & George with a myriad of other men they fancied. Queenly kings---they never seem to change. Since this friend of mine who works for English Heritage is quite cute, and humpdilly, i hope to bring some sex majick back to the old homestedt heath once again.
One of my favorites passed away recently. Lee Hazelwood, who wrote the Nancy Sinatra hit "Boots", and collaborated with her on many projects. His solo releases have become cult favs.
Accompanied director Judy LaBruce to the Lido in Kreutzberg to see CocoRosie, an enigmatic new musical group of singing sisters who are pals with Antony of Antony and the Johnsons, and Kembra Pfahler of The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. The venue was packed with indie rock children, who came to experience the operetta cum hoppity sounds by the gorgeous, well racked Casady Sisters, Bianca and Sierra(in a Nike Sportsbra), who divide their time between New York and Paris. Its been a long time since i went to a concert, and was thrilled when Ms. Bianca pulled out her harp and began to play the delicious notes. These young ladies were very sweet, well mannered and personable. See them now before they become huge international sensations. When Judy and i hung out with them backstage between their first performance and midnight show, they showered us with attention as elder statewomen of the queercore scene. Judy is using some of the CocoRosie songs in his new flick Otto-Up With Dead People. And their textural meloncholic ditties will definately be a highlight of his film. I also loved the projections they used during their stage presentation. The filmed sequences of Kembra in VH glory, and the Wayan Bros from the White Chicks movie gave me an extra added hoot.
Little things i have to get use to in Germany. Number 1: The metric system. Number 2. Military time.
Davide Grassi, the perfect man from Aksioma Institute of Contemporary Art in Ljubjana, Slovenia has changed his name to Janez Jansa, who is the right wing prime minister of Slovenia. Leave it to Davide to come up with an interesting politikal art intervention. I love Davide, i mean Janez, and his gorgeous wife Marcella, oops thats Mrs. Janez.
The amazing and lovesexy Wolfgang Tillmans will be in Berlin for the rest of the month. Can´t wait to hang with him and his uber hung boyfriend Anders.
Art invite to Cork, Ireland and Cardifff, Wales. Will let all the fans know more as that develops.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I have been formally invited to Iran for a year as an artist in residence, by an my old university friend Kaveh Kamooneh. When Kaveh was young he was a major Persian babe, with wavy hair, full lips, dreamy long dark eyelashes, broad shoulders and thick, large manly hands and feet. Of course Kaveh is now middleaged, married with kids, is a bit dumpy, but is still adorable. Moving to Assyria would be scary, but so was relocating to Europe, and i did, though no one in icky LA really expected that i would take this plunge. I am not getting any younger, or prettier, so its now or never when it comes to taking risks in my life as a cristaline intity. I will let you know more of this as it develops.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Worked in the studio most of the week-end spitting out Vagimule collages. Something tells me i need to concentrate on this medium as its very much "The Lady". Had a meeting with pretty Italiana Ms. Tatiana and the darling girls of Cum2Cut who are working this year as partners with Jürgen Bruning and the Porn Film Festival. Last year my performative workshop Porno Adorno-How to F*ck Like the F*cking Blacks was a huge hit. Over drinks at The Nobel Elf the girls asked me to perform for the opening party, but with all my committments in the fall, i will only be able to do a DJane set and provide the visual stimuli with my trespass cinema colleziones.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Moving abroad comes ripe with a few problemas. First of all there are no 24-hour supermarkets or drug stores in Berlin. On Sundays everything, and i do mean everything closes down, also on holidays, which seem to be numerous, and pop up when you least expect them, especially them damn religious holidays. O and during the week the supermarkets only stay open till 8pm. Takes a little bit of getting use to.
Got a snarky email from Jim Monk of Monk Magazine fame. I´ve always liked Michael Monk, who is soft spoken and sweet, but that Jim----lets just say he doesn´t exactly make the Vaginal list.
Ran into handsome writer Nicolas Fargues outside of my local Sparkasse. The striking scribe oozes sex, but just isnt flirtatious enough for "the doll". If a man doesn´t jump on my bones immediately, that gigante womanly ego just can´t handle it, and wants said male person to drop dead immediately. I can´t help it if i´m just like Madame Mau.
Met for several hours at my studio, the Cheese Endique Trifecta with young British/Israeli PhD student Damon MattYoung, who is a close friend of my sweet academe pal Dr. Dom Johnson who is currently in Palm Springs for the summer.
Tall and lanky Damon is reading at Berkeley, but has been studying German in Berlina for the past month. We had a nice time dwinking wine and chatting about our both being anti-gay gays, among a myriad of other topics. Its always a pleasure kicking back with a good looking softspoken youthquaker.
Speaking of anti gay, Glen Meadmore gave me a call that Rick Castro had read my last blog post and was furious, and wanted my email for a rebuttal. If he does email me, it will certainly automatically go into the spam folder where it will conveniently disapear into cyber space. If Ricky wants a rebuttal he should start his own blog, then he can say what he pleases, to whomever cares to listen.