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Saturday, March 25, 2017


Forgot to mention that when I was in Paris backstage at the Rick Owens fashion show Michele Lamy introduced me to fashion queenpin Vera Wang who is super sexy and stylish. With her was a patricianly humpy dark haired man with a cruel mouth that looked like one of those big dick arrogance types you read about in New Wave magazines. 
I chit chatted before the show started with a sweet and personable French/Finnish fashion writer dressed in an outrageously cartoony manner. So great to see someone not wearing the obligatory black uniform. There was quite a lot of commotion stirred when the pop rapper Nicki Minaj and her body guards and retinue arrived on the scene, but Michele Lamy knows how to handle errant celebrities. She got a lot of practise with it dealing for many years with Courtney Love at Les Deux Cafe in Hollywood during the height of Courtney’s rocknroll fame. Alicia Keys also came to the show with a contingent but was a lot more graceful then the Minaj gang. I know songs by Ms. Keys but I couldn’t name one song by Ms. Minaj.
The hotel I stayed at in Paris had the most charming staff who were very attentive to our needs. I loved the spiral staircase and the fact that they brought you breakfast in bed. I also got a kick out of the no-nonsence maid who roused you out of the room when she wanted to clean.
Adored the restaurant Au Petit Fer a Cheval that curator of the Editathon in Paris Flora Katz took me too for the artist dinner. The food and atmosphere was top notch lecker smeckerini.
Can’t get over how everyone in Paris now speaks English EVERYWHERE. I find that a bit daunting to say the least.
Before rushing off to Paris my hot young former student from Geissen Christoph Bovermann invited me over to a scrumpdelicious dinner party at his new flat in Friedrichshain. He and his juicy lover JP just moved to Berlin from Offenbach. JP attends the film school in Potsdam and Christoph has a great job with some film distribution company. At the dindin was another former Geissen student Lia and her cute and hilarious Turkish/German high school BFF.
Lately I have been getting a lot of offers from various directors, producers and curators. Its a little bit overwhelming to be in such demand. I usually go in and out of vogue every 7-8 years before I get rediscovered. One strange offer came from Brad Pitt’s production company that is doing a remake of the 1955 Jose Ferrer film The Shrike. For some reason Brad thinks I could play the role that was taken on by June Allyson. Good luck with that Bradley
Received some disturbing news from Los Angeles. My dear friend and collaborateur Ron Athey the celebrated performance artist is getting kicked out of his Silverlake duplex after he has lived there for over 25 years. I still can’t fathom this as Ron has lived on Maltman in Edendale for so long. When he was married he lived in London for six years but kept his flat subletting it to ZacKary Drucker before she received mainstream recognition and fame through the Transparent TV series. Ron’s landlady Suzanne died and since she didn’t have any relatives left this property which consists of four duplexes to her accountant who promptly sold them to the highest bidder some carpetbaggers trying to cash in on the popularity of the Silverlake neighborhood. I can remember at time in the late 80s and early 90s when no one wanted to live in Silverlake as it was considered way too dangerous because of all the gang activity. Living next door to Ron is Shari Frilot who is the director of the New Frontiers section of the Sundance Film Festival. Shari works for an institution so I don’t have to worry about her, but Ron’s only form of income is working as a massage therapist so he couldn’t possibly afford the outrageous rents that are being grifted in Los Angeles and the USA at the moment.
I saw the writing on the wall back in 2002 thats why I chucked it all and left for Berlin. Poor hot Papa Ron. I hope he fights it bare knuckle style with the new owners. Los Angeles has gotten so gentrified in the last years that so many people I know including my relatives have either moved to the high desert or the mountains as even South Central LA is way too expensive.
Tillman a young scholar working on a disertation on the LA hiphop scene who is good friends with one of my former students Christophe DeRohan Chabot has been having a hoot of a time in my former city. Through my good friend Hector Martinez, Tillman has met all these hot jubas jubilee young black men and he is getting all his holes filled properly to the brim. I wonder if he will find time between servicing juicy mufas to work on his scholarship which is quite interesting investigating the early LA hiphop scenes connection to post punk with clubs like Radio, 48 Crash, Fake Club, Rhythm Lounge, Power Tools, Dirt Box and Nairobi Room. Tillman squirrel you climb up that tree and get your girlish gnut. Tilman has sent DeRohan some pics of his new rock steady crew and they are all dinge queen delights.
If there are any fans out there who want to do the Vagimule a big favour, please send her these book titles:
Zadie Smith’s Swing Time, Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Become Air anything by Hilary Mantel or Gita Mehta and The Price of Illusion a memoir by Juliet Buck.
RocknRoll pioneer Chuck Berry died age 90. I met Mr. Berry when he came to the Cathay DeGrande Club back in the 1980s. Those old timer rock stars were sure hornpigs. Upon meeting the star he quickly pounced on me stucking his tongue so far down my throat I thought he was performing a gallbladder operation on me. Being a true freak he proceeded to DeFrench kiss almost every man and woman at the club, leaving them in a state of what just happened here?
Was on the radio again doing ReBoot FM CHEAP Funk with special guest Angela Anderson with Djane Olga Damnitz and Vicki Baum. If you want to listen to the episode go here: