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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Heute Nacht Oder Nie

I know I am a little late with reporting on the untimely death of the brilliantine pop starina Prince.  I don't have any personal stories to tell of encounters with him as we never met and I had never seen him perform live.  My favorite of his songs is "When You Were Mine", which i always play when I DJane. 
His music was really ahead of its time as a lot of 1980s stuff sounds really dated now, but not any of his material.  My PME song "Cherries in the Snow" though originally written and produced by Bernadette Cooper of Klymaxx for the 80s all girl alterna R&B group Madame X was clearly influenced by Prince, as Iris Parker of Madame X was a huge Prince fanatic.  Iris had Bernadette write the song because she wanted Madame X to do an operalike ditty and her favorite lipstick was Revlon's Cherries in the Snow.
I do have a slight indirect connection to Prince as Michael Quercio of the Paisley Underground band The 3 O'clock told me years ago that he had an affair with the Puce wunderkind.  If I remember correctly this was around the time when Prince was working with Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles.  Prince wrote the hit song "Manic Monday" for The Bangles.  Prince, Susanna Hoffs and Michael Quercio were all around the same height.  The band The 3 O'Clock use to be called Salvation Army until that organization threatened a law suit.  The Bangles use to be known as the Bangs when they first came on the scene but had to change their name when some bar band in Pennsylvania already had the rights to that name.  How do i remember such trivia from over 30 years ago?
My west coast Gallery Adams & Ollman of the Pacific Northwest is one of the most heralded galleries in the USofA noted for their support of outsider art and artists.  I will be part of their juicy group show at this year's Nada Art Fair in New York, so those of you in the Tri-State be sure to check it out.  I made a new series of make-up paintings that are quite different from any others in that they are a meditation on the theme of The Satyricon and Grace Metalious the writer of Peyton Place
BOOTH 2.22
MAY 5–8, 2016

Katherine Bradford
Vaginal Davis
Johanna Jackson
Sarah McEneaney
Marlon Mullen
Make sure you head to Exile Gallery
on Thursday May 5th 7pm for the opening of the new solo show by Travis Jeppesen that is all calligraphic stuff on paper.  It runs till May 25th  Should be intriguing.  I've known Travis since he was a weenager writing me and sending me his self published chapbooks and what not.  Travis is a power top with a very large white penis and the most delicious thick and tasty man milk.
EXILE is pleased to invite you to the first solo exhibition of writer and artist Travis Jeppesen in Berlin. Entitled New Writing,  the exhibition oscillates between text as language, as abstraction, as calligraphy, as image, as text. Two-dimensional subtexts reverberate within the gallery space, turning text to image to mirror, offering up a new language for the eye to decode.
Travis Jeppesen is an artist working in the medium of language. His books include novels such as Victims, Wolf at the Door and The Suiciders, poetry amongst them Dicklung & Others, Poems I Wrote While Watching TV, and art criticism such as Disorientations: Art on the Margins of the “Contemporary”. He is known as the creator of object-oriented writing, a metaphysical form of art writing that attempts to channel the inner lives of objects. His first major object-oriented writing project, 16 Sculptures, was published in book format by Publication Studio, featured in the Whitney Biennial as an audio installation, and was the subject of a solo exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery, London, in 2014. He is a PhD candidate in Critical Writing in Art and Design at the Royal College of Art in London.