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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Was digging through a pile of stuff in my flat and came across an old model card for John Francis, the former 90s Hugo Boss Model who I met through the late fashion maven and New York style guru George “Mommy” Byron. John Francis was an exquisite hunk of manhood and was given the nickname in the modelling world of “Connie Francis”. He was a very sweet, beyond gorgeous creature who when I was doing performances in Manhattan in the early 90s I would hang out with and once got to have a fun make-out session with. His body was rock hard- pecs, gluts, stomach,peni--- even his tongue was asphalt hard, and he adored over the top femininity.   We drifted apart when he caught me making out with John-John Kennedy Jr. one night at the famout nitespot Jackie 60. I’ll never forget him on the cover of Arena Magazine as a butt naked Adonis. I wonder what happened to him? He’s probably married, fat and living somewhere in Ohio.

 During the recent Berlin heat wave where the temp topped 100 Fahrenheit I saw a mega hot young black boy with a medium sized ‘fro but with several dreaded tendrils hanging out from the back of his head. He had a perfect surfer/skater boy body and was topless with broad shoulders, mega rack, tiny waiste, bubble butt-the works wearing board shorts. He was with a similarly attired scruffy white kid who also had a regular hair cut short with several dreaded tendrils. Later the same day I saw a group of clearisil looking teens and the handsomest in the group had short curly hair with dreaded tendrils. This is such a Berlin look that I usually see on local jugglers, acrobats and drum circle afficiados. Only in Berlin Kiddos Only in Berlin. Also during the heat wave I popped into the Arsenal to see the last of the Real Eighties-Neo Noir series with a screening of Ridley Scott’s Someone To Watch Over Me 1987 starring studly Tom Berenger and his pillow lipped perfection. Tom didn’t disappoint as there were a few quick glimpses of his muscled frame. If you can find a copy of Looking For Mr. GoodBar 1977 where he plays a gay panic hustler or In Praise of Older Women 1978 you get to see a lot more of him and its worth it let me tell you. Someone to Watch Over Me was very suspencefull and featured the ex Mrs. Tom Cruise Mimi Rogers before she got into a lesbian catfight with Kelly McGillis, Jodie Foster and Whitney Huston. The surprise of the film is seeing a young Lorraine Bracco looking like Brittany Murphy before she died.

I forgot to write about a screening of the Hollywood monster movie Pacific Rim I attended weeks ago. The film was forgettable but the the title appropriate in that I kept thinking that the film’s male leads the Jubas Jubilee British black actor Idris Elba and younger white Brit Charlie Hunnam would engage in some serious salt n pepper rimming and joyous 69ing at any moment during their scenes together. Mr. Hunnam’s body has been sculpted by so many steroids and human growth hormones that at times I felt he was going to burst. I remember how adoreable he was as a jungen in the original Queer is Folk series from Channel 4. Seeing him thudded into goeyness with the Anima eyed Rinko Kikuchi was disheartening, but I can only blame Mexican bougie director Guillermo Del Toro who is the resident troll under the bridge.

Had to see the Filmmaker’s Choice-Self Portraits series at the Arsenal to catch a peek at the brave and uncompromising Baby I Will Make You Sweat 1994 by Birgit Hein. I had heard about this very famous film and was delighted to finally be able to see it. It’s a tone poem and simply beautiful though several strands of the diaristic entries got lost in the pixelating glitches of this DVD copy. Digital is very unreliable as a medium. It was a marvel to see Frau Hein getting her Stella groove back in sex holidaize Jamaica, and all I could say was squirrel you climb that tree and get your proverbial gnut girl! And she got it in spades (pardon the pun)from two braided black gentlemen, muscles gleaming and bodies glistened by the Carribean sun. I was a bit shocked to see that her lotharios looked like negro dreadlocked versions of her ex husband Wilhelm Hein.