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Saturday, April 21, 2012

HUMOR IST, WENN MAN NICT IMMER LACHT It is now the third day of the art festival Camp/Anti-Camp: The Queer Guide to Everyday Life and it’s a sterling success on all counts. Congrats to curators Susanne Sachsse & Marc Siegel and guest Tropicamp curator Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz. Yesterday there were packed lectures with a program beginning at 12:00 noon. The gorgeous scholar Juliane Rebentisch hit it out of the ballpark with her talk on Camp Materialism and the Tropi-camp section of Camp/Anti-Camp was also feverishly mobbed. Carmelita Tropicana’s performance ”Meine Box Berlin” had the New York legend conquering Berlin with the same charm and dexterity that is so apparent in the 1993 film by her sister Ela Troyano YOUR KUNST IST YOUR WAFFEN. It was amazing seeing a young Alistair & Julie Tolentino make cameo appearances in that film as well as posters on the East Village streets advertising a Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black performance. Unfortunately for the Vagimule doll my issues with losing my voice emerged so I didn’t get to see any of the lectures or performances, but got a reliable first hand account from Jewish Muslim Daniel Hendrickson and The Love Camel. I had an interview with a German television station that was supposed to be for only 30 minutes that went on for almost two hours and that tuckered this old gal out but the TV interviewer was nice and bubbly and her cameraman and soundguy were kindof eye candyish. Beggars can´t be choosy. I didn’t get a good sleep Thursday night so I spent most of Friday in my dressing room drinking tea with honey&lemon and sucking on lozanges.I tried in vain to take a disco nap to catch up on lost sleep but that didn’t work too well. VD is SFTD went over very well on Friday with my new co-host Nanna Heidenreich who was just brilliant and looked very sexy in her skirt made from men´s suit pant ensemble. Stefanie Schulte Strathaus the lovely Empress of the Arsenal made a very unique and special 16mm presentation on the show which was quite a hit with the crowd, and it was grand to have the 16mm projector buzzing along musically in the cavernous HAU2 space. Special thanks to Arsenal senior projectionist Bodo for handling the celluloid reel changing duties. The Love Camel proceeded to offend many with his selection of German Educational films from the early 1970s and Wieland Speck was his dashing self telling stories of the glory days of Berlin in the early 80s running around with Jayne County, Zazie De Paris and Romy Haag. The evenings proclitities were dedicated to Jayne’s raucous spirit with the subtitle Jayne County’s In Love with a Russian Soldier and the drink special: If You Don’t Want to Fuck Me Baby Fuck OFF and Die featuring once again macrobiotic and vegan vodka and my special Chlymidia cocktail. Nice moments on stage with Sam & Liz of Foodgasm who presented the guests and some lucky audience members some tasty food samples from their installation in the HAU2 Foyer and a hilarious moment with Landgraf Klesse and his concept of the Court of Good Taste. Wieland Speck also accepted the CHEAPY Award on behalf of Jayne County who was supposed to perform with the band The Lazy from Munich, but couldn´t come to Berlin as she takes care of her elderly parents who are in their 90s and her mother became deathly ill. We also presented a CHEAPY to Kembra Pfahler of the VHoKB who wowed everyone with her stream of conscienceness philosophy on Future Feminism and the decrepid state of affairs in New York and the US of A in general. In the words of Kembra and I hope I am quoting her correctly, “People in New York who you run into will say they are fasting, but the actuality is that they are starving". The late nite ended with sexpert Gio Black Peter singing one of his hit songs from his album The Virgin Shuffle. While I was being painted as Venus in Furs by our Akshunist painter Yorgos the Greek Aktive Byzantine Ottoman. Gio Black Peter assaulted the audience with his lovesexy ways and wound up prancing about completely nude and the Vagimule Doll got caught up in the naughty Jayne County moment and wound up fellating the New York art and music star. Being the Lesbian that I am, of course my blow job wasn’t very good and so I wasn’t able to ignite that huge sea monster he keeps between his legs. Oh welp!I tried my best. My lesbiana girlfriend Carmelita Tropicana doesn´t mind when i fool around with boys. Thank god she is so open minded. Our Living Sculpture boys Toby, Max and cute Greek beauty Vassily were adoreable on stage, and we had the addition of Richard Gersch (curator Susanne Sachsse´s teenage son and his friend Georg doing a kickboxing demo on stage as installation that looked amazing and sent all the chicken hawks into a cardiac arrest at the sight of nubile buff teenage high school boiganzas. Tonight is the last night of the talkshow/installation and with the Karen Black concert afterwards we are going to try to make the show zip along at a record pace. Our guests are the writers Travis Jeppesen and Eli Lev’en from Sweden with a video presentation by Love Camel of Turkish re-makes of American Mainstream Box Office Hits. Yowza!

Friday, April 20, 2012

WIR HATTEN SCHON BEFUERCHTET As I write this my head is spinning from drinking Macrobiotic Vegan Vodka in the form of a Chlymidia cocktail. The first day of Camp/Anti-Camp was a smash success! Sold out SRO crowds that like Jack Smith!Live Film brought a lot of different scenes together. The Foodgasm installation of sexy Liz Rosenfeld and humpy Ozzie Sam Icklow was beyond brilliant with the smells of gourmet delicacies wafting throught the HAU 2 foyer. The Chicks on Speed girls and their narcotics den of inequity The VooDoo Chanel Alter Bar was also very popular. The late George Kuchar began the program with his hilarious masterclass on acting film from 1977, followed by beautiful co-curator and intermedia actress Susanne Sachsse hilariously reading timely tomes on camp backwards. Handsome Marc Siegel gave a powerful denouncement of the patriarchy system in the German theatre scene in his welcoming remarks, but what warmed everyones hearts was seeing living legend and treasurer of treasures Miss Hollywoodlawn performing with Daniel Hendrickson and John Blue on Cello. The three of them spun a magical thread of relevance and texture that gave me goosebumps and their interplay with each other was wonderous. Holly shined like only a true star can and looked divine with hair and make-up design by genius genius Tan Binh Nguyen who made the 65 year old starina look like a freshly scrubbed Warholian youthquaker. There were so many celebutants in the audience that it is impossible to name them all but it was a joy to hobnob with the dapper scholar Douglas Crimp, who use to be Holly Woodlawn’s New York roommate in the 1970s. Crimp’s lecture “Camp Reflections From ‘Our Kind of Movie’ The Films of Andy Warhol was the talk everyone was anticipating. I had to get into hair and make-up so I was only able to hear snippets in the dressing room intercom system. I also wasn’t able to see New York star Narcissister as she went on right before me and I was still getting a face beat on, but Love Camel reported to me that she was SENSATIONAL, doing a Gydra performance with multiple heads, that morphed into a reverse strip with various sundry items popping out of her vagina and giant Afro Wig. The Camel was really impressed by her inventive video art one short subject featuring a kinky treadmill where she is whipped, anally plugged and chugged. Narcissister when not performing is sweet, charming and simply ravishing, its exciting that there are some hot new performers out there to take the place of us old veteranas and Ms. Narcissister has one hot boyfriend who I wouldn’t mind getting to know in an intimate manner. My talk show installation VD is SFTD was messy and chaotic just like I expected, but did have some engaging moments like my opening song with Daniel Hendrickson at piano, my co-hostess Carmelita Tropicana who makes everyone fall madly in love with her plus a playfully hilarious Theodora Tabacki in mesmerizing Serbi Tropi-Camp drag with Evi “Bear Boy” Ruesseler who premiered her new film which despite technical difficulties was thoroughly engaging and the hit of the evening. Our Living Sculptures Toby, Max, Xavier and Vassily kept the audience aroused with their antics and my favorite band Leiseylento performed some incredible songs for Miss Woodlawn who the evening show was dedicated to with the theme What Would Holly Do? and a cocktail named in her honor Classy Holly-itis. Miss Woodlawn’s companion Nikko was supposed to keep her from drinking too much and he did a good job at that as she was very lucid and sharp on stage, but Nikko needed someone to keep him from drinking. Tonight we will have Stefanie Schulte Strathaus the Empress of the Arsenal presenting 16 mm films, Weiland Speck, Landgraf Klesse, Love Camel, Foodgasm, the divine Kembra Pfahler and Gio Black Peter. Oops forgot to mention i saw Patty Aldrich of A Walk on the Wildside Boutique of Toronto, the great Corolla Graumann of Kinotek Asta Nielsen, Jose Munoz, Richard Move, Gavin Butt & Baby Diaper Joel Gibb just to name a few of the luminaries at Holly Woodlawn´s epic performance. NOTE TO NIKKO Holly´s devoted companion and confident: The audience only needs to see The Great Holly Woodlawn nix the band Tangowerk. The female singer was ok in an 1980s sort of way, but the funny looking guy with the frizzed hair playing computer (which is quite the oxymoron) and those dreadful videos----please, i beg of you NEVER AGAIN.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

ANONYME BEWERBUNG Ok kids its finally here! Camp/Anti-Camp: The Queer Guide to Everyday Life at HAU 2 starting to-day at 6pm. This is a not to be missed super art festival event that includes the following artists, academes and performers on the main stage: b_books, John Blue/Daniel Hendrickson, Gavin Butt, Frederico Coelho, Douglas Crimp, Vaginal Davis, Diedrich Diederichsen, Foodgasm, Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, Jakob Lena Knebl/Hans Scheirl, Bruce LaBruce, Elizabeth Lebovici, Heather Love, Taylor Mead (by Skype), Richard Move, José Muñoz, Narcissister, Nguyen Tan Hoang, Juliane Rebentisch, RG_Faleiros, Juan Suárez, Tangowerk, Tenderloin(featuring Dagmar Hopfisterei the teenage daughter of Christiane F. Kinder aus Banhoff Zoo), Carmelita Tropicana, Goddess Kembra Pfahler and The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Chicks on Speed’s Voodoo Chanel Altar Bar, Holly Woodlawn..and many more! Festival passes only 40€/20€!!! Tickets available at: As part of the witching hour activities of the festival everynight starting this evening at 11pm is the talkshow/installation Vaginal Davis is Speaking From the Diaphragm. See what had New York audiences in 2010 all abuzz for two weeks. Tonight the guest co-hostess is Carmelita Tropicana the Lower Eastside Lesbian Queen of Performance Art with special guests: Liz Rosenfeld & Sam Icklow of Foodgasm,artist/curator Elly Clarke, filmmaker and writer Evi “Bear Boy” Ruessler & political theorist Teodora Tabacki, Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin, legends John Heys & Holly Woodlawn in casual modeg with special musical guests LeiseyLento. Also starring Uli Ziemons, Christian Weber, Jean Y. Kim, Felix Knoke, Daniel Hendrickson,Yorgos the Greek Aktive Akshunist Painter, Human Sundaes, Beauty Moments with Tobi& Vassily and their Living Sculpture Gang. I promise to give the gossip of the opening nite tomorrow morning with a breathless rundown of the Fridays talkshow/installation guests if my internet is working properly. After the festival on Sunday April 22nd 7:30pm at Arsenal Kino 2 is the Rising Stars, Falling Stars: We Must Have Music Re-launch with a rare screening of Porgy & Bess starring Dorothy Dandridge, Sidney Portier and Sammy Davis Jr.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

For those of you who insist that Vaginal Davis was hatched. Here is proof that I actually came from a family remnant with this latest emug sent to me from my older sister Teresa Ray who lives in Los Angeles. Teresa is my last remaining sibling as my other sisters have all left this mortal coil. She is 60 years old has worked for a thousand years at the same job for the LosAngeles County Housing Authority. Yes she is in charge of Section Eight, the voucher program that helps subsidize housing for the poor, so she hears all the horror stories and its affected her health in many adverse ways which she relieves through hoarding of Avon products that she will never use, in her tiny Hollywood dingbat flat:
Hello. So good to hear from you! Good it's finally getting warmer over there too!
Brian(my nephew) got into it with his white trash ex-wife because she wrecked his Ford Escalade. He let her run his errands and pick up the kids from school even though he knew she doesn't have a driver's license---she can't pass the written test. So she put a restraining order out on him and his whole family. She lives in a little room of one of her friends. It has two beds for the boys but nothing else. So when he went to work one day she violated the restraining order and went into his house with her key to get the X Box game and some food and school work of the boys. Brian called the police and they arrested her. Her friends kept the boys. We think she called her Klu Klux Klan parents from rural Washington State to bail her out. His court date should be soon to establish visitation rights again. But he lost his job with Northrop Grummann because their government contract repairing Iraq war weapons expired. That war is way over. So he put his house up for sale before it goes into foreclosure. He wants one of the government contracted jobs to Afghanistan. They pay $20,000 a month he says. I hate that because he'll be away from his children for a year. I don't like them being around his ex-wife Jaime with all her internet thug men coming around all the time. It would be good if Terri Lynn(my niece)had custody of the boys. Darren's(husband of my niece) mother sued LA County Sheriffs. They settled for $20,000 for shooting him(During a robbery he participated in). So Terri wants to put a down payment on a house. That money should come in a month. The lawyer did it pro bono because they didn't get much money. But they really need it because Darren's unemployment ran out and they can't pay the rent.
Housing Authority is closed every other Friday which cuts my salary 5%. I'm so broke now I need to file bankruptcy. I'm putting it off as long as I can but I don't know why. Gracie's (my oldest sister who died in October, 2011)children really did it to me---helping them has put me in the poor farm. Also paying for Gracie’s cancer medication. So all my money is gone before I can even pay down my credit card debt each month.
Love you
And this juicy little update from my scintillatingly talented and major Ms. Gorgeous teenage art shtar daughter ZacKary Drucker:
Dear Glorious all-knowing radiant Whoracle et Delphi the one and only mother Vaginal Davis,
I hope this message finds you in a divine Berlin Springtime dreamy haze, with a parasol perched on your shoulder and an elegant veiled hat.
Lady Angeles is hot 80 degrees and then alternately raining cold every week or so, and I am in the vortex of 902 Sanborn Avenue in Silverlake,home alone and sitting with the cat. The film is almost done, though it will be a serious race to the finish line, she is shaping up and looking pretty epic with you, Flawless Mother Sabrina, and Holly Woodlawn tearing-it-up on-screen.
We are getting closer to a finer edit - Rhys (my boyfriend we ended up working things out in the end...well mostly ; ) ended up directing the rest of the scenes we shot and is also doing a lot of the editing. We didn't finish shooting until February, 6 locations all together over 8 months... and working away in a beat economy in between shoots, teaching the children at Whittier College about things they would be better off not knowing... There has been anticipation building for the film, and I'm getting ready to post a kickstarter campaign to raise some money to pay for the finishing costs. The video has some scenes from the film, so it's also a little bit of a preview... I will send to you first thing when it goes up in a few days. ..
Your scenes are berserk and beautiful and wildly entertaining + I am forever thankful to have your graciousness immortalized.
ALSO, we settled on the title of the film: She Gone Rogue
I missed you when you were here last, shooting pick-ups in NY, but heard all rave reviews and especially from Holly who adores you and I hope you know your legendary realness is recognized and paid homage to often in your fair homeland.
She and Niko are also sounding out their trip to Berlin and I hope the Camp/Anti-Camp is a ball! I'd love to be there and listen to all of your commentary and deconstructions and reads, the program looks $o RiCh + flavorful....
Hope you are well MoTHeR Davis, and sending you kisses from the sleepiest hours of los Angeles... Love As Ever, ZACKARY

Here she is LIVE and sniffing so readers help my daughter out with some real latent coinage:

Last night I had a delightfully intoxicating evening with the CHEAP gang Marc Siegel and Daniel Hendrickson(Susanne Sachsse came down with food poisoning), Bruce “Judy” LaBruce, and that super intelligent and lovesexy otter of a Bolivian/German scholar Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz. We took over the controls Live! on Global Radio program within the pregnant oyster of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt from 8-10pm. Armed with Polish vodka we swirled and swirled in a alcoholican deluze adaise of cottage minstrelry and abandon.It was quite a hoot. Aftewards La Judy rushed off to Kreuzberg to the restaurant Max & Moritz to meet with his gallerist Javier Peres of Peres Projects and the band Gossip. I was exhausted from a day of meetings before going to the radio show. I had a lovely time with Felix Knoke who is doing the soundscapes for Speaking From the Diaphragm and my trusty collaborator Christian Weber. Jonathan Berger took me to dinner at Zsa Zsa Burger where I feasted and prepared myself for an evening of liquoring. After camp/anti-camp Marc Siegel, Susanne Sachsse and I will work together on the last part of the trilogy that included Jack Smith! Live Film Five Flaming Days in a Rented World in 2009 with a new festival called Felating History: Which Way is Up? which will premiere 2014 in Dakar.