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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cheap Blacky tour begins at Donau Festival in Krems, Austria, a small town just outside of Vienna. The Donau is a music, film, art and performance eventa attracting artists from around the globe. My room in the quaint Park Donau hotel is lovely with a nice view of artists installations and a soccer field where lots of studly eyecandy is milling about.
During breakfast i catch a glimpse of Jean Louis Costes, the wild French performance artist and inventive musician who use to be married to Lisa "Suckdog" Carver before she was wed to Boyd Rice. I'm sure Costes doesn't recognize me, its been so long since we performed together in Los Angeles with Lisa and Glen Meadmore at Al's Bar back in the early 90s. After that performance we were all soaked in Lisa's urine, and went to a roller skate birthday party for designer Rick Owens at the hustler bar The Spotlight off of Hollywood Blvd on the Cahuenga corridor.
Opening night of Cheap Blacky and there are lots of familiar faces like artist Mattias Hermann, Jennifer Doyle, Kacyila Brooks, Ron Athey, Dominic Johnson, football ingenue Helge Payer, director Bruce "Judy" LaBruce who is all over this festival, with a screening of Otto, and a performative lecture called Bruce LaBruce Ambiguities.
A German TV star was checking out Cheap Blacky in the form of Billy "Bully" Herbig of Bully Sucht Starke Meanner, a reality TV show that recently featured Fassbinder star Gunther Kaufman who will play a small role in this tough girl Viking saga called "Vicky".
Beautiful young Jay Crisfar also came to our premiera. Of course every older gentleman in the proximity of 40 miles was chasing after his young fresh fleshyness---the kid has a 25 centimeter penis that is a bit thicker then Justin Timberlakes. Also on hand was Charolotte Roche the former TV presenter turned obsessive feminist writer with her acclaimed tome Feuchtgebiete, which in English translates as Moist Areas, Charlotte joins the ranks of Susanne Sachsse fanatics. Suzi Su is the fearless leader Cheap, and she sparkles in the Liz Taylor/Silvana Mangano lead role in the piece. Susanne is a classically trained actress who was a member of the famed Berliner Ensemble. I´ve never seen anyone give so much on stage. She is a walking work of perfected art. The other cast members were also shining, like Marc Siegel who takes on the part of lecturer in this production. Not a big stretch in that he is a noted film historian and University Professor with an international reputation. Marc is so funny on stage, and sucks a mean cock, felating fellow castmember Christophe Chemin who is also Cheap Blacky production designer and creator of our striking multi media visuals. Rounding off the cast is striking Serbian choreographer Dragan Asler in the role of the Father, Assaf Hochman as the Son, Tan Bihn Nyguyen as Anacleto and also doing the splendid make-up design, Daniel Hendrickson, Tim and K-johnny Blue as the Hot band playing the movie soundtrackish score live along with effects. Working valiently behind the scenes is expert lighting designer, the muscular and adorable Hans, Senol working on the set and props and Production Coordinator Anna Muelter who keeps everything flowing and who we´d all be lost without.
Dom Johnson who is performing with big Daddy Athey is now a manly 27 year old. I've known him since he was a child Phd student. The Athey has lost 50 pounds and is looking sleek and elegant. He broke up with his longtime butch realness Swiss lover Maxmillian and is now involved with a humpy former porn star turned Nurse Betty.
Lots of art related gossip was floating about the festival. I learned that Matthew Barney has a new muse in the form of British body artist Mouse, who performed at the Porn Film Festival party where i curated a DJane set last year. In fact Mz. Mouse is now Mr. Barney´s new muse, and may be taking the place of Mrs. Barney, Bjork soon. Remember i am not one to gossip, so you didnt hear it from me.
Got a chance to see the total Hidden Cameras experience, along with their Dawn of the Dead gospel choir that featured the former German/Turkish soccer legend Mehmet Scholl. Joel Gibb and company were creating alchemy with their lush performative set. My baby diaper Joel is soooo manlische on stage, that he gets my fidgity dry pussy all wet and drippy. Which is quite a feat in and of itself.
Was finally formally introduced to his vivacious keyboard player Laura, who is so gorgeous and charming. And of course i fell madly in love with his new drummer John Power from New Foundland, a punk rock skin pounder of the first magnitude, and a cornfed, free range, peaches n cream complexioned white boy with an asstrovar you could build a dream on. Boys like John i will give my last paycheck to. He's planning to move to Berlin, and i hope i get to see much more of him. There are not enough superlatives to describe this amazing young, muscular ginger. I feel all aflutter like a 13 year old convent girl.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A delightful evening at the Cheese Endique Trifecta with German underground film guru Wilhelm Hein and his saucy, and sweet artist girlfriend Annette Frick, whose new documentary will be shown at the Herbert Tobias Exhibit that oqens May 15th at the Alte Berlinisher Museo. Tobias was a famed queer qhotograqher, known for fashion and hardcore sex imagery. I always have a great time with Hein and Fricke, who i have known for almost a decade. They are the most fascinating qouqle in Berlin, and i love hearing all their stories. At dinner Wilhelm talked about his latest triq to Bogota, Columbia where he was invited to qresent one of his unique film qrograms. He also relayed to me tales of Cuban artist Anna Mendieta who either committed suicide in the Nineteeen eighties or was thrown from the high rise aqartment she shared with lover Carl Andre`. And Wilhelm also knows the famed Argentine artist Martha Menjuin who is in her seventies, but loves wearing sexy warm leatherette outfits.
Saturday evening was my monthly Rising Stars, Falling Stars event at Kino Arsenal with a rare screening of Erich Von Stroheim´s Queen Kelly starring Gloria Swanson. The film was never finished, and at the time Miss Swanson was involved with Jo Kennedy, the father of John F. Kennedy. Even the Cardinal of Boston begged the diva to break off with the married man and future Ambassador to Great Britain, but knowing about Father Kennedy and his sexual hungers, it makes sense that his sons were all hornicious horndogs. Recently a film has emerged that shows Marilyn Monroe in felatiotic degrosso with Jack Kennedy, and if the senior J. Kennedy was anything like his son JFK Jr., he was quacking a fine hefty thrombone.
Fighting the flu, but still looking radiant Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and her right hand gal Nanna Heidenreich, who as always transforms the Roto Salon into a glorious filmic salon with her artistic decorative touch. Angie Baby was on hand looking adorable as always, along with the Wiesensee art school girls Joanne and Katja, square jawed Berlinale intern Clemons who came with actor lovers Max Riemelt and Denis Moschitto, who left in the arms of gallic hunk Daniel Duval. Hmmmmmm
Hot curator Tim Stuttgen,just back from his Greek Active Arts Festival, Evelyn Russler, handsome Uli and his cutie qie girlfriend Magda, Belgium artist Guillame Caillous, Sasa Vukadinovic and his leading lady Lionis, Skachi, the former east German sqeed skater, the girl everyone loves and admires Anna Muelter of HAU, Assaf Hochman, Daniel Hendrickson, The Blue Bros, Tim & Kjohnny,writer Jena Hensel, Annette Fricke, Wilhelm Hein, glamorous Susanne Sachse, stummfilme musician Eunice Martin and film historian Marc Siegel, who reminded me that Chinese fag director Tsai Ming Liang whose latest film I Don´t Want To Sleeq Alone will be screened at the Haus der Kulture der Welt on Sunday. Marc introduced me to the director years ago at my old qunk rock beer bust Club Sucker. If you havent seen his films The River, where a man unwittingly has sex with his own son in a bathhouse or the musicals The Hole and The Wayward Cloud, you have missed out on a major cinema talenti.
O and before i forget humqy Adam Green also came to see Queen Kelly. Adam and his former music collaborator Kimya Dawson have scored major kudos with their songs in the Oscar winning film Juno. Both Adam and Kimya always came to hang out with me at my twenties soiree Bricky´s, whenever they were in Los Angeles.