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Friday, November 25, 2011

Rehearsals for Commie Biggie are moving along at a nice rapid pace. Production Coordinator Anna Muelter came by rehearsal the other day, and after we went to have dinner at Maria Bonita the delicious Mexican boite on Oranian Strasse in Kreuzberg. Looking forward to my day off on Sunday and getting a chance to see fearless leader Susanne Sachsse in the Volksbühne-Prater production of that big dick genius Vegard Vinge's new Ibsen piece John Gabriel Borkman about a corrupt banker. Vinge is the director and he performs as well, in close collaboration with Ida Müller who makes the painstakingly painted cardboard sets and Trond Reinholdtsen who creates and does the live mix of the complex and unusual sound collage. Vinge is working not only with his usual ensemble but also Sachsse and the great legend that isVolker Spengler and Sylvia Rieger.

My webmeister Larry Bob Roberts just sent me an emug about a young British musician who is performing in Berlin this Sunday name Ste McCabe who has collaborated with David Hoyle aka Divine David.Larry thinks he is extremely talented, and I trust Larry’s opinions without question.

Sunday 27th November
La Moustache @ Silverfuture, Berlin, Germany
A small queer bar gig in a venue designed for "kings and queens and
criminal queers", put on by the brilliant La Moustache crew in Berlin.

Ihr Lieben,

seid herzlich eingeladen zur "Jung Art Berlin" Ausstellung.

In der Ausstellung werden Arbeiten aus meiner Arbeit "Exceptional Encounters - as many guys as I could get" zu sehen sein.
Geöffnet ist vom 24.11. - 26.11.11, 14h-20h in der alten Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, Berlin.

Ich freue mich Euch zu sehen.

Viele Grüße
Paula Winkler

One of my dearest, oldest friends the production designer and art director Jose Montano sent me a lovely email a few weeks ago regarding the death of my oldest sister Gracie Taylor. Jose’s mother is a beautiful Swedish actress and his father is a famous Bolivian architect.

Dear Ms Davis,

I am very sorry to read of your Sisters passing.

The past two years as you know have been ‘Life’ for me, I am now officialy ‘West Coastal’, living and working in both Los Angeles and Seattle. Two years ago my Father, who you met, was diagnosed with lung cancer, he began radiation and chemotherapy treatments, after one year it spread to his spine and he had to have emergency spinal surgery. I came to Seattle in March and realized he may not be able to walk again. So I returned to Los Angeles and put everything in storage and flew back here to help my Mother with home care. On July 4 my Father was able to walk up the stairs he designed and built in 1969.

Today we learned the cancer has been spreading so now the Oncologists told us there is no more they can do / or will do. Just a bunch of 'losers', they will take you down a cul’ d’ sac then say ‘You’re on your own now’ after taking the money.
I will never forget some of the people here in Seattle who asked me if my Father spoke ‘English’. And I had to politely explain; 'yes' he studied English at the American School in La Paz, Bolivia, then Graduated from the University of Washington, he designed the first hanger for the Boieng 737, as well the Seattle Times printing facilty. My Father is Bolivian and is fluent in: 'Spanish' , 'Portugusse', 'Aymara', 'Italian', and yes 'English'.
The People who ask are always monolingual in English.

As you know George Kuchar passed, Sandi Romero ‘Mama’ of 'Mamas hot Tamales' in LA’s MacArthur Park has Breast Cancer, and both my Parents have cancer.

Ms. Davis You better be taking really good care of yourself, cause if you’re not, I’m going to come and Kiss You.

With Love,
Breaking Dawn the dullest in the Twilight franchise arrives in time for baby dyke Kirsten Stewart to get hitched and then become preggers by her sensitive vamp lover while Kellan Lutz’s titty cavity gets larger as his nostrils flare. Lets not forget pretty in pink Taylor Lautner deciding its high time he wore more mascara,base and lip liner with cherry smack gloss. I bet he even applies gloss on his pouty butt puckerhole, strawberry flavour or banana depending on what studio executive is digging down in his garden salad.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grabbed a bite to eat at the Nollendorky Platz restaurant Zsa Zsa Burger at Motzstrasse 28.Zsa Zsa Burger is owned by the same people that run the gay brunchateria More also on Motzstrasse.I love ordering their Silence of the Lamb burger with gorgonzola blue cheese and guacamole.Yummy!Plus the staff are something that is rare in Berlin----actually friendly and accommodating.
There is a wonderful interview in the latest issue of Sleek Magazine the German/English language arts & culture publication with the doll that features some fantastic photos taken at the Cheese Endique Trifecta-the studio of Vaginal Davis in Berlin. The British fashion and culture magazine Another Man has a great interview with designer Rick Owens that features a copy of a letter I wrote Rick that is published in the new Rick Owens book by Rizzoli.Also I have an essay on legendary Cynthia Plaster Caster in the new Participant inc. book Dead Flowers.
Scheitern, Impotenz und Freheit
Fracaso, impotencia y libertad
Cristian Forte & Cristian Loaiza
Performanceabend am 25. November, ab 20 Uhr
mit: Edmundo Bejarano - Kurzfilm, visuelle Poesie, Mirlo
Roberto Equisoain - 333 Rezitationen des Namens „Virgen María“
Alvernhe/Forte Humoprojekt eigene Lautgedichte, elektro experimentell Poesie
Katja von Helldorff - Experimente mit Musiksäge
Teatro sin Organos - Kurzfilm, visuelle Poesie, 4:67 segundos mit einer Interruption von Cristian Loaiza
Scheitern, Impotenz und Freiheit
Ein Gesamtkunstwerk von visueller Poesie, poetischen Objekten, einer temporären Buchhandlung und einem Performance-Abend.
Cristian Forte & Cristian Loaiza: Alcohol - Gedichtband-Objekt (spanisch)
Cristian Forte: Visuelle Poesie - Zeichnungen und Gravierungen - und poetische Objekte aus Holz, Haar, Papier und Zahnmodellen
Cristian Loaiza: Interaktive poetische Objekte
Die temporäre Buchhandlung ist zu den Öffnungszeiten der Ausstellung geöffnet.
Der Performance-Abend bietet rezitative, visuelle und musikalische Beiträge.
12.11., ab 19 Uhr
13., 19., 20., 26., 27. November, 14 - 18 Uhr
Scheitern, Ohnmacht und Freiheit. Visuelle Poesie und Objektpoesie / eine Ausstellung
Im zeitgenössischen Kunstbetrieb verliert die Poesie ihr Potential der Vermittlung eines Unsagbaren, nicht Rationalisierbaren. Es dominieren Begriffe des Erfolgs und des Wettbewerbs und der Künstler selbst wird von Gesetzen des Arbeitsmarkts und der kompetitiven Ordnung vereinnahmt.
Im ersten Nadaistischen Manifest (1958) ist zu lesen, dass „die ausgeübte Poesie ihre soziale und moralische Funktion verfehlt. So wurde die Poesie zu einem Akt, der sich in sich selbst erschöpft; zum unnützesten Akt des schöpferischen Geistes. Jean Paul Sarte definierte diese Reduktion der Poesie als Wahl des Scheiterns.“ Verfolgt die Poesie keine gemeinschaftlichen und wahrhaft vernünftigen – ausgegangen wird hier von einem Begriff der Vernunft, der irrationale Momente nicht verdrängt – Ziele, bewegt sie sich zwischen dem Teilsein und der Reproduktion der Paradigmen der herrschenden Ordnung. Es bleibt uns das NICHTS-SEIN als einzige Alternative, unseren Stolz des Scheiterns, der Ohnmacht und der Freiheit gegenüber der verzweifelten Leere des Systems aufrecht zu erhalten.


Für das Gedichtband-Objekt Alcohol sammelten Cristian Forte und Cristian Loaiza 45 weggeworfene kleine Alkoholflaschen in den Strassen Berlins. Die leeren Flaschen verwandelten sie in ein Buch, indem sie je eine Flasche mit einer Seite des Gedichtbands von Cristian Loaiza füllten. Alcohol ist ein Gedichtband, der in jeglicher Reihenfolge gelesen werden kann. Verlegt wurde es im Milena Berlin Verlag von Cristian Forte.
Cristian Forte (AR) Künstler
1977 in Buenos Aires geboren. Studium der Kunst, Poesie und Soziologie an der Universität Buenos Aires. Zusammenarbeit mit dem Künstlerkollektiv ETCETERA in Argentinien. Inspiriert durch den Surrealismus, die Pataphysik und durch Pellegrini arbeitet er seit 1998 als Poet, Aktivist und Musiker. 2007 Veröffentlichung des Magazins Archibaldo zusammen mit anderen Dichtern. 2010 gründete er den Verlag Milena Berlin für experimentelle Literatur und Bücher, die gleichzeitung Kunstobjekte sind. Derzeit stellt er seinen ersten Gedichtband Abr fertig, veröffentlicht von Copy Roboti.

Cristian Loaiza (GUA) Dichter und Künstler
1975 in Guatemala geboren. Studium der Anthropologie. Veröffentlichte diverse Gedichtbände (Londres, 2010, Poesia de Miciroondas, Guatemala). Sein Stück Matame wurde das erste Mal 2008 im Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin aufgeführt. Mitbegründer des The Black Book Nomad Theatre und von Teatro sin Órganos (T.s.O.). Schafft visuelle Poesie (PIG17 elcerdoesunsuicida, 4min.67sec und ENNIY, Budapest 2005). Teilnahme an verschiedenen kollektiven Ausstellungen (I’m Too Shy To touch You, Objektinstallation für die 1st Roaming Biennial of Tehran 2008, Electroshock Dream, Installation für 10.000m of Art, Budapest 2005).
Mitwirkende Gäste:
wortwedding - Laden für Poesieprojekte
Künstlerische Leitung: Nicola Caroli
Prinzenallee 59, 13359 Berlin (U8 - Pankstrasse )
Tel: 01703872906
In the states they are celebrating the holiday that is called Thanksgiving.
I received an emug from my older sister Teresa keeping me abreast of the goings on of my nephew, niece and their children and my oldest sister Gracie’s funeral in October. A lot of people think Vagimule Davis was hatched, but unfortunately I wasn’t and this is proof:

So good to hear from you! Terri Lynn was asking about you. I told her you might be coming to LA in January. Hope So. We're still having a hard time getting rid of Gracie's things. She had so many things. She and Gloria loved to shop. They even bought from the info-mercials. And Gracie and Mark used to bid on storages like on 'Storage Wars' on cable. And, they would pay for a spot in a swap meet and sell it until Marky got too sick to come down from Vallejo. So she always thought there was another yard sale in her future. To the end she still was having chemo. The doctor told her at this point some people stop. When she came from the doctor she said "Why stop my chemo? Why would he say that?" She was always so positive. The opposite of mommy. That's why I could stay with her. But that last day in the hospital she was in so much pain. I'm so glad she doesn't have to suffer anymore. Some of the neighbor boys from when she lived on Longwood Avenue came to her memorial. In that neighborhood the kids called her either mom or Ms. Taylor like Terri's husband. Brian's best friends came and gave us some money too. They all loved and respected Gracie. Everyone that knew her loved her. Her best friends from the Kingdom Hall, 2 pioneer sisters, moved to Texas. I think they moved because they couldn't take being here when she passed. I had to borrow from my 401K to pay for the mortuary and cemetery fees. But every card from the friends at the hall had money in it. We sure needed it. Terri Lyn got 3 payday loans for me. And she used her mother's bank account to get one for her! So Gracie helped pay for her own funeral after she died! Even her neighbors loved her. Now I'm broke though. And, all my credit cards are frozen. Just like you said would happen.
All the grandchildren really cried. Gracie loved her grandchildren. Marky’s daughter, Kelly came down to LA to stay with her grandma and go to a high school of performing arts. We got her into Hollywood High and she got a part in the play 'LARAMIE PROJECT'. You know all the actors have to play multiple roles. All the kids did very well. Kelly got a few small characters but she did well in them. She also got a lead role in her dance recital coming up in December. She's staying with Terri Lynn now. So Terri has 5 children to take care of. Her rehearsals are over at 6:00pm so Terri has to pick Kelly up from the bus stop because it's after dark. She's a little girl 4'11" looking like a 12 year old instead of 16. She does well in school. So Terri's daughter, who has anger issues and got into a fight at school and is failing most of her classes is really jealous of her, and doesn't get along with her cousin. So Terri can't have much peace among them. They don't speak to each other. Now they cut Terri's food stamps. So I have to buy her groceries until she can get her food stamps back.
Brian never has money because the mother of his children doesn't want to get a job. But she still cheats on him with men she meets from the internet. Terri caught her trolling on Facebook and told Brian. He still needs her to take care of the kids when he goes on National Guard duty. So even though he kicks her out of the house he always lets her back in. The water is turned off in his house. Jaimie takes the boys to the neighbor's house for baths. One time she did that the 6 year old got a rash and it became infected. Those neighbors aren't clean. I hope the boys will be ok.
Talk to you soon. Love You!!!
The Brown Army in Germany was the right wing version of the famous Red Army. The Brown Army was responsible for killing at least ten Auslanders(foreigners). The authorities are embarrassed that a terrorist organization that was robbing banks and committing murders existed for some 14 years right under their noses. The last surviving member of the group a woman, turned herself in but not before she bombed the apartment building she was living in to get rid of evidence. Her bomb didn’t do the job as she left lots of evidence including trophies of their murders committed over the years. The German authorities are very embarrassed by how inept they have been.
One of my brilliant students from when I taught at Wiessensee Art Academy in Berlin is having a closing of her most recent show. I am in rehearsals so I can’t go but I urge all my readers who are Berlin to check this out:
IF hope exists ... there is no wasted land
Künstlerin: Anne Duk Hee Jordan
Finissage: 12. November 2011 I 19 Uhr
Ausstellung: 24. September – 12. November 2011
Mi – Sa 14 – 19 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung
Pohlstraße 75 10785 Berlin
Inh.: Dipl.-Ing. Holger Marquardt Geschäftssitz: Pohlstraße 75 10785 Berlin
T. +49 (0) 30 81 49 46 90 F. +49 (0) 30 81 49 46 90
Berliner Volksbank Bankleitzahl 100 900 00 Kontonummer 7207028023
Steuernummer: 24 / 434 / 70606
Finissage mit Versteigerung zugunsten des Projektes „121Ethiopia“
Anlässlich der Finissage der Ausstellung „IF hope exists ... there is no wasted land“ der
Künstlerin Anne Duk Hee Jordan findet eine Versteigerung in der Galerie cubus-m statt. Der
Erlös kommt der Projektgruppe 121Ethiopia zugute, deren Ziel die Verbesserung der Lebensbedingungen
von Waisenkindern in Äthiopien ist. In ihrem aktuellen Projekt entwickelt
121Ethiopia in Zusammenarbeit mit einem lokalen Waisenhaus in Addis Abeba ein Ausbildungsprogramm
für Erzieherinnen. 121Ethiopia möchte das Bewusstsein für die
Bedeutung von Bezugspersonen und Bildung für Kinder erhöhen und zur Entwicklung eines
Mindeststandards an Kinderbetreuung in Äthiopien beitragen. 121Ethiopia ist ein Projekt der
Hekla Stiftung, die ihren Sitz in Berlin und Zürich hat.
In der Galerie cubus-m sind bis zum 12. November 2011 Installationen sowie Videoarbeiten
von Anne Duk Hee Jordan zu sehen. Die in Korea geborene und in Deutschland
aufgewachsene Künstlerin studiert an der Universität der Künste in der Fachklasse Olafur
Eliasson. In ihren Arbeiten lässt sie ortsfremde, organische Materialen eine ungewohnte
Liason mit der Umwelt oder mit inszenierten Situationen eingehen. Die Ergebnisse sind nicht
vollständig planbar, sondern eigenen Gesetzmäßigkeiten unterworfen. So können mittels der
von Anne Duk Hee Jordan konstruierten „Erdbeerkanone“ Erdbeeren verschossen werden,
die durch den Aufprall auf weiße Leinentücher explodieren und so den Stoff auf eigene
Weise einfärben.
Eine weitere, raumfüllende Installation der
Künstlerin mutet auf den ersten Blick wie ein labyrinthischer Garten an. Begibt sich der
Besucher in diesen, betritt er eine
beeindruckende Welt voller Kontraste und
Polaritäten: Natur und Stadt, Konstruktion und
Chaos, Leben und Tod treffen aufeinander.
Während der Finissage können die in dieser
Installation verwendeten Pflanzen einzeln
ersteigert werden. Der Erlös dieser
Versteigerung wird dem Projekt „121Ehiopia“

Monday, November 21, 2011

Riding the 106 bus line I sat next to a young shaved head Brazilian man with his wife and infant child. This man was a doppelganger for Damian of Godz,the Australian cyber punk gay sex cult leader of LA in the early 1980s. Damian was a masculine sexually stunning, muscular creature with the most penetrating eyes and inviting smile. Throughout the 80s and 90s I would routinely run into men who had been under Damian’s psycho sexual influence. He branded his boys with a Godz tattoo on the inside of their lower lip and even had an art gallery/salon in West Hollywood on San Vicente Ave North of Santa Monica Blvd.
That’s where I first met Myracle, a ginger hippy dippy big thick dicqued rascal who I also had a major crush on. Damian was very sweet to me, but he realized instinctively that I was too self-possessed to become one of his mindless followers, which were mainly young white middleclass, alterna-gay types, weak in mind and spirit---but getting back to Myracle. He drove an old fashion surfer van, and was obsessed with teenage boys and only teenage.
At the time when we met I was 19 but told Myracle I was 15. I even lied about my age when i was young. Myracle was around 29 or 30 years old. He worked on me for a whole week or longer trying to lower my resistance to his sex charms so he could plow me with Vaseline of all things. I knew that if I gave him the puddy I would just be another notch on his psychedelic belt, and he would move on so I teased him along just to see how far i could work him. Myrakle realized that I was a major cock tease and stopped pursueing me.
About a few years later I ran into him at The old Limbo Lounge at The Four Star Saloon on Santa Monica Blvd. I was in drag wearing just a bra, panties and high heels. Billy Limbo gave me a bunch of drink tickets and I chugged down too many tequila sunrises and got into a fight with Buck the sexy telephone repair man and he ripped off my skanties and I was butt nekkid and ran out of the club on Santa Monica Blvd click clacking in my Candy mules. I was only a block away from the bar when Myrakel approaches me in his van and AKS if I want a ride. I accept and he drives me home to my flat on Sunset Blvd on the famous Sunset Strip at the Villa Rosa where I had my Hag Gallery. Myrakel followed me into the gallery and immediately tried to take advantage of my inebriated state to ficken me. Out came his trusty jar of petroleum jelly. Luckily I threw up all over him thus quelching his passions. A year later Myrakel came to one of my Hag Gallery opening parties and picked up a beautiful blondine teenage boy from the South Bay who was a friend of my ginger surfer pal Valerian. A month later I ran into the kid on Santa Monica Blvd at Alternative Mondays at Rage and he asked me if I had seen Myrakel. The kid told me the skinny that Myrakel had been fucking him for several weeks got him preggers with several std's then just disappeared. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he’d never hear from him again and that Myrakel was the ultimate player. Over the years I would run into Myrakel at the Sunset Junction Street Fair. He looked the same only a bit older and more haggard. He still was wearing his hair short but with one of those long braided tails that went all the way down his back and the same tie dyed t-shirts and indian moccasin I’d seen him sport when we first met in the early 80s. When I first moved to Berlin I asked Glen Meadmore if he knew what ever became of Myrakel and he calmly stated that photographer Beulah Love had told him that Myrakel had been sent to prison for child molestation and was killed in the big house.
By the way Damian of Godz died of Mrs. AIDS in the late 1980s.
Rising Stars Falling Stars Carte Blanche Evening started a bit on the late side and was plagued with some technical difficulties.You know the old saying tunte und teknique. The Blue Bros. Tim & kJohnny preservered with splendid results along with projectionist and sound tech Anselm Heller who is such a delight to work with. Anselm received able assist from Bodo one of the senior projection papa´s at Arsenal.
Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was away on a family leave so handsome Uli Ziemons was large and in charge.
The celebutants partaking in the the feast of short films: Ali Jenka of Gelitin art kollective of Vienna, Austria with his lovesexxy husband Baby Papi aka: Gunther Gerdes and friends that included Parisian based songstress and fashion designer Sayoko Papillion and her sound engineer lover Steffan. Miss Sayoko has a new album called Dosage-Fondant a la lune and a clothing line of delicious crochet items called Torso that takes special orders from the website
Miss Sayoka use to live n New York City where you could purchase her designs at Body Worship on Ludlow Street on the lower east side, but you can still get her clothes at If SoHo in lower Man!hattan.
Ali Jenka will be celebrating his 40th birthday on Nov 26th in Vienna at a top secret location that i will disclose now---Cafe Co-op. It was the first time that Ali and his Papi attended RSFS and they fell in love with the evenings films and the music of the Blue Bros. Ali had just been involved with a symposium at TBA 21 that is run by Francesca Thyssen Bornemisza, the Arianna Huffington doppelganger who is married into the Hapsburg Royal Dynasty. Her Thyssen Bornemisza Art Contemporary authority of Vienna is a premiere habitat for wayoutwest artist types like Gelitin and Chicks on Speed. Ali also spent some time in Lupod, Croatia on an island artist retreat in front of Dubrovnic.

Seen doing the RSFS schmooze--- visiting New York impressario Earl Dax who works with Justin Bond, Penny Arcade and Joey Arias, Mattias the famed coroner and pathologist of Vivantes Hospital who is a spirited and vivacious German Arsenal regular and one of the most fascinating men in Berlin, Jan Klesse of the band Tenderloin and his beautiful young girlfriend Marie Dorow visiting from Bremen, Annette Kohl and her lover Amelie who will be returning to Santiago Chili to escape the European winter, Katja Maja aka Katja von Helllensdorf and Cristian Forte of the dynamic queer punk band Leiseylento, super sweet Zach Blas and his posse that included Jacob Gaboury a Brooklynite doctoral candidate at NYU in media, culture and communications and love sexy Prince of Judea Sam who will be in Berlin on a fellowship till 2013. Its always a pleasure seeing Eunice Martin who will leave Berlin for a big silent film spectacular in Shangai, Turkish curator Aykan Safoglu, Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim with friend Miriam Buhl the personable young Upper West Side lawyer who coordinates pro bono cases in the Tri-State area. The Arsenal also has some new new kasse girls who are delightful---- Miriam & Hanna.
Sunday morning Ali and his Baby Papi invited me to his Louise Victoria Platz flat for a fruehstueck bei Tiffany. We were joined later by Sayoko and Steffan and Miss Sayoka gave me a copy of her 2008 CD which I can’t wait to listen to. I had to leave early for a massage to get all my Commie Biggie stress kneeded away, and later I met up with Daniel Hendrickson at Lebanese fast food joint ARiez Chicken for gossip, humus and chuckles.