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Thursday, May 13, 2004


Saw that little movie masterpiece The Mudge Boy starring an amazing Emile Hirsch and juicemonger Thomas Guiry. Wow! The swelling desire between these two lads is exhilerating, and when its unleased in the brutal, giddy abandon of forcefull sodomy, whew. . .its all in the eyes and the two young actors sure have appealing hairy eyeballs.

The only sour note is that i had to take the autobus all the way to tired West LA to see this film.


Now i know nothing about sports, but i have some sports insiders who feed me items and in my formal column a ways back i wrote how Shaq O'Neill of the Lakers was down low-ding his snow boyfriends and how one of his former teammates, a cornfed hunkydorfus named Mark Masden was traded after their affair ended, well I'm hearing that Mr. Controversial himself Koby "I speak fluent Italian" Bryant could not have raped that girl in Colorado. Yes he actually had consentual sex with her just to appease the basketball groupie so she wouldn't badmouth him as being gayish when he initially turned her down and she made that strident implication. It seems lil cutie pie Koby has been way on the down-how-low-can-you-go seeing Sacramento Kings rising star Peja Stojakovic, and before Peja he was with a Russian teammate who was so crushed by their amouris breakis that he wanted to return to the Ukraine.

Now thats gossipal twuths with a capital "WEE".

Monday, May 10, 2004


Had my smoldering date with Frankfurt lothario Marcuse. He met me at my studio and the boys headlights knocked me out. Before i knew it i was on the floor convulsing like Glenda Jackson in the Ken Russell film "The Music Lovers" Our connection is unbelievable.

I took him to eat at the Kitchen, and both of us were starving. Thats the natural effect from high toned macking. What a beauty he is, and i can't believe he's fargone on "the doll". Lucky for me i met him before he became 'passed around patty'. He's only been in Los Angeles since January, lives in Westwood with his twin brother who is a professor at UCLA. Ah Spring.

Monday Morn had breakfast at Patty Powers spacious flat in Echo Parqay.
Patty made pancakes, veggie sausages, korkler eggs and fruit salad. Just perfect. I'm going to have Patty workshop her new monologues at Bricky's in July. It will be billed as "Five Minute Fireside Chats with Patty Powers, channeling the restless voice of Alice B. Toklas if Gertrude Stein had let her talk.

Talked to the gorgeous costume designer Crepe Suzette Mathelson who is back from filming the movie "Friday Night Lights in west Texas. The flick stars Billy Bob Thorten and Tim McGraw and is directed by Peter Berg. Its a high school football movie and also features beautiful young male ingenues: Jay Hernandez, and Garrett Hedlund.

Sunday, May 09, 2004


Received my weekly emug from the well connected industry insider who comes to Bricktops every week and then sends me a recap of who came that was famous. He usually sends the missive Friday nite when he gets home at 2:30am, but i didn't get it this week until Sunday morn at my studio.

I usually didn't recognize any of these people myself, since i'm hosting, DJ-ing and performing, i'm a little pre-occupied most Fridays.

Here's the list: actor Marc Ruffalo and wife Sunrise Coigney, Saffron Burrows, Patrick Fugit and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. The first name i recognize from several recent films, i wish i had noticed him. He's really good looking in a dark and smoldering way. Loved when he danced in his underwear with Kirstin Dunst in the Jim Carrey movie "Spotless Mind" The other three i've never heard of. So thats that.

Saturday my good pal Anderson Cooper took me to the movies to see "The Saddest Song in the World" starring Isabella Rosellini, Marie deMeideros(Henry et June) and Mark McKinney(Kids in the Hall). What an amazing film, set in 1930s Winnipeg----Glen Meadmore country. I'm not going to tell you anything about it other then you must see it.

We ran into documetary film god Morgan Neville and his lovely wife Nettie of the fantastic country band, The Acres. Morgan is so patrician looking and handsome, with thick hands and feet, a WASP dreamboat---he must come from one of America's leading families of priveledge and commerce. You don't see superior genetics like that every day, let me tell you Sally!

Also ran into Iranian photog Pej and his sexy lover Paul Sibrizi of Famous Designs.

Anderson took me to eat at that cute Japanese restaurant we always go to in Little Tokyo.

Sunday morn ritual of getting the LA Times at the Cahuenga Newstand that is run by Diz E. McNally, the legendary LA personality and MC, who I've known for over 20 years. She is one of the cities most treasured originals with her multi-colored nailz and unique high pitched squeels.