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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thursday i performed with that great musical talenta kJohnny Blue at Chantals House of Shame the long running Berlin nitespot hosted by Ms. Chantal a striking Tura Sutana from Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill, Kill like party queen with a boisterous, wild fun spirit. I like the raunchy atmosphere of the House of Shame located at the Bassy Cowboy Club in the basement of the Pepper Mountain on Schonhauser Alee in prinze lauber (spelling?) right up from the former kollective CHEAP headquarters. In one of the lounge areas a straight couple got completely naked and started fornicating attracting a large audience, which reminded me of Studio 54 in its heyday. I wish that some of the homos were that uninhibited. Lots of cute boys and fans visiting from the States and other parts of Europa who found out that i was performing from the world wide webster. Thank you Larry Bob for spreading the word on all those queer bulletin boards.
Met Berlin tranny in boy drag Gloria Viagra who was surprised that i have been living in Berlin for two years. A lot of scenes in the city operate in their own bubble and the Berlin mainstream gay world doesnt really overlap that much with other realms. Gloria is as sweet as Lady Bunny said she was, and i hear that she is quite the immigrant rights activist being that she is from one of the countries that was formerly part of Yugaslavia.
Catching the return to my club roots: DJ Snax, Travis Jeppeson, Nadine of Neu Kölln, Joel Gibb, Assaf Hochman and his new beau Alexander the Great of Macedonia, DeRohan Chabot, Mila Geisler and her lesbian vampire flick posse, and that dark haired humpster from the British band Travis. Of course my young protege Acme Singt was running around naked as the day he was born. You have to be radiant youth to ride your bicycle in weather below freezing. I don¥t know how he does it. I left the club at 4am, and that straight couple were still fornicating like there was no day after tomorrow. Trying to steal their thunder Mr. Acme Singt found a paramour who was delighting in giving his rather large, but dirty feet a vigorous tongue bath.
Ricardo Montalban died at age 88. The muscular Mexican hearthrob got his start at MGM in the late 40s. One of my favorite films he made was Neptune´s Daughter 1949 opposite Esther Williams where he along with Ms. Williams, Red Skelton and Betty Garrett introduced the Oscar winning song "Baby Its Cold Outside"
Whatever happened to Mark Miura? I went to elementary and middle school with him. His mother looked just liked Yoko Ono during her love-in hippie period with John Lennon. The Miura´s were the oddest Japanese family i ever knew. Most Japanese homes are super clean, so immaculate you could eat off the floor, but not at the Miura household. It was downright filthy. Besides being an awful homemaker Mrs. Miura dated a raw assortment of raggle taggle Mexican dudes, and biker looking white guys so basically she was a slag, but very nice and sweet. I lost touch with Mark as we went to different high schools, but during the punk era we reconnected briefly when i saw him hanging out at Gorkys the Russian style cafeteria that was part of the downtown loft scene of the early 1980s. He had this black girlfriend which is very strange as black girls dont usually go for short dumpy Asian men. The girl was very beautiful and regal, and definately a bit offkilter which of course fascinated me. I hired Mark´s girlfriend in a photo shoot i was styling that went with an article that i wrote about a more typical black girl/white boy relationship. After the photo shoot i never saw Mark and this girl again.
Thinking of Mark Miura reminds me of Jimmy Kazuki, this crazy Japanese tennis bum who lived in the apartment building next to mine at 1239 South Hobart Blvd in South Central Los Angeles. When i was about 12 Jimmy used to flirt with my mother who at that time was about in her late 50s but she looked much younger. Jimmy was probably in his early 40s. My mother wasnt interested in him, but this other neighbor of ours a married black woman from Panama who was in her mid to late 30s and who resembled my mother started having a wild, torrid love affair with Mr. Kazuki that scandalized the neighborhood. I even overheard Panama Haiti telling my mother that Jimmy had a giant penis. Jimmy looked a little like the writer Mishima. Very muscular and always tanned with a michieveous grin. i also remember he drove a Lincoln Continental. Several years before the famous SLA shootout in South Central LA, a gang of Korean revolutionaries who lived in Jimmys building got down in a mini shootout with the LAPD that never achieved major press attention. I was so young at the time i don¥t remember all the details but somehow Jimmy was involved in subversive, radical activities. Ah the late 60s and early 1970s in Los Angeles.
Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras was my date to see the new dance piece Hotel Hassler by Berlin based duo Wilhelm/Groener at the Ost Bauhaus.
I am not a big fan of dance theatre or barefoot modern dance but i did enjoy the humour and whimsy in this particular Single Room Occupancy boutique hotel escapade. Things went from gimpy to spaz attack, and then back to gimpy with the hilarious feral histrionics of co-choreographer Günther Wilhelm whose rubber faced charms reminds me of ganymede 30s character actor Edward Everett Horton. Matching him with vim and superior buttitude are Assaf Hochman bursting out of his slacks and the Aryan Ulrich Huhn. The video and soundscapes are excellent, my only complaint being that they were too stingy with those delicious aural tones. Brothers, Sisters we don´t need no fascist Mehmet Sanderism ala Liz Streb thing! Casual word of advice to the costume designer: Skip the proleteriat wardrobe and Rockport shoes, and just leave the men in their skivvies.
Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and I make a great DJ team as we tore up the Queer Noizes nite at Schwuz´Search and Destroy. Everyones brothers aunt was there dancing till the wee hours in the appropriately named Golden Streams smokers lounge. Also joining in the festivities was the Desolation Disko King Micha, who earlier was playing his fav tracts of 2008. Val and Sebastiane of Noblesse Oblige performed live and looked stunningly dangerous. Coming out to join in the otherworldly fracas: Assaf Hochman and his juicy Alexander the Great of Macedonia along with choreographer Günther Wilhelm of Wilhelm/Groener, it girl Anna Muelter of the HAU with DJ and Elastica bassist Sheila Chipperfield, Belgian nobel Koen Claerhout, Mijka Harmsen who books the music program at the Hebbel Theatre, Tim Blue and his fashion designing lover Cornell Collins, kJohnny Blue, Nadine of Neu Kölln and Aaston Brooks the great niece of silent film star Louise Brooks, DeRohan Chabot, French Vogue´s uber trendy Editrix Carine Roitfeld with her daughter, heiress Maria Irini Rizos, star of the vampire movie Twilight, Robert Pattinson with Christina Sophia Huffington daughter of Ariana Huffington. The movie Twilight features the great costume talents of Susan "Crepe Suzette" Matheson who use to do wardrobe for yours truelly before becoming an A-list Hollywood costume designer in the Albert Wolsky tradition. Also making heads turn was stately Daniel Hendrickson with his manly juice beau Piero Bellommo, super fit French art star Christophe Chemin, blue movie matinee idol Dirk Jager, makeup artist Tan Bihn Nguyen, writer Travis Jeppeson, lovesexy artist Dean Sameshima, Gus Van Sant scholar Christian "F" Weber, Israeli power couple Imre and Lior, New York artist Mila Geisler, Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy of Franz Ferdinand with German pop star Tiesto(are they having a three-way the hardway) and Enrico, Joel Gibbs super foxy east German lover.
The next night was Rising Stars Falling Stars at Arsenal Institute für Film und Videokunst. I was knackered not getting much sleep for two nights in a row with performing at the House of Shame and Schwuz. We had an over flow SRO audience with people having to sit on the floor watching Alfred Hitchcocks 1926 film The Lodger, A Story of the London Fog starring poofy British music star Ivor Novello. It doesnt get any faggier then Mr. Novello with his lush lipped charms and heavy rouged face. He actually wears more make-up then the female lead. Of couse this presentation wasnt really about Mr. Hitchcock but more Mrs Hitchcock, the great lesbian icon Alma Reville the true genius in the family who was the uncredited director of all his films. Playing a lush live score that outdid Bernard Hermann was the Blue Brothers Tim & kJohnny.
Scene flitting and flirting during the after screening reception: Wilhelm Hein and his art photog gal pal Annette Frick who will both be performing at the KunstWerker:Institute for Contemporary Art on Sunday Jan 25th starting at 7pm along with the Blue Bros, Sissy Tax and little Ms. Vaginal Davis. Mark your calenderia and the show is FREE FREE FREE
But getting back to the who´s who at RSFS, just returned from the US celebrity raw food chef Boris Lauser with Irish cutie pie Rochene, Lina Stahl of Tanz Tage with pal Steffi, DJ Olga Damnitz, glamorous actress/director Susanne Sachsse(Otto: Up With Dead People)Greek film festival god Vassily Bourikas, Christian "F" Weber with his booty pie academic posse, a dear young Latvian performance artist who asked Ms. D about her unique stage style, adorable downtown NY legend John Heys with the dynamic Berlin goddess Zazie de Paris, enchanting Scandanavian video artist Gonsi Holström and her international video art crew, Nadine of Neu Kölln, East Asian actor and star of Danny Boyle´s award winning film Slum Dog Millionaire Dev Patel, and of course Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus with her luscious Forum Expanded team of Nanna Heidenreich and manlische Ulrich Ziemon.
Forgot to mention that i saw a screening of the Kate Winslet/Leo Dicaprio film Revolutionary Road that is set in the mid 1950s. Ms. Winslet does a lovely American accent, and Leo is quite strong in this flick that lays it on pretty thick at times but generally benefits from some powerful emoting. The best thing i have seen Mr. D in since he played Rimbaud. I love that he is looking very middle aged these days, its actually quite becoming.
Treated to a delicious East German boite dinner by Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus in honor of visionary director Guy Maddin. Mr. Maddin is simply one of the most funniest, adorable and talented men on the planet and could only hail from the Glen Meadmore fairyland of Winnipeg, Canada. Joining us was Anna Muelter of HAU, Susanne Sachsse and the German Sandy Dennis, Bettina Steinbrügge.
Guy and I talked about the recent death of B movie queen Ann Savage who brilliantly played Mr. Maddin´s mother in his last film My Winnipeg.