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Friday, April 07, 2006

Bregenz, Austria is a small town of under 20,000 people off of one of the largest lakes in all europa. I äm a young girl in the provinces, and that became stingly clear as the Gelitin crew and I were cavorting in the third floor homo moderne Kunthshaus volcanic mud slide room in their new museo piece Chinese Synthese Leberkäse.
The local yocalti had a twitchy nigger fit and became disturbed by our romper stomper ala naturelle. I quoteth, "we`ve never seen men and women being naked in that way and its upsetting to us." The Jurgen Bruning look-a-like curator also reported that these village workmen are refusing to set foot in the gallery if such displays continue.
i missed the opportunity to take a break from installing to visit ole crazy king Ludvig of Bavaria´s castle. i just can´t handle a long car ride without getting sick. Gabrielle the statuesque nelly prince of judea Gelitin minister of information was driving, but i do not believe he knew where to go exactly. i am sure that my fellow Angelenos Dame Darcy and Sean deLear along with Mexican beauty princessa Sara Montiel Glaxia, the pal of junky below the border film icon and hungthrob Diego Luna and paramour to art star Raymond Pettibone would have a nicer trip without my contact whining and need to relieve my pea bladder.
Yesterday after a full days love labour lost we relaxed at the co-sexúal lake spa for some tender bovine care.
The Gelitin boys are superstars. Their notorious World Trade Center intervention right before 9-11 first brought them international curiosity, and this new piece that i´m part of is sure to become a modern scandale.
Mr. Guy Trebay, the patrician journalist with the New York Times, New Yorker,Vanity Fair and Conde Nast Traveler took me to dine at a scrumpt devore bistro on 9th Street. Our morose waiter was dourly amusing, and the restaurant owner charming and attentive with his Adolphe Menjou mustache. I loved hearing about Mr. Trebay´s travels to Dubai, Oman and the Michael Jackson principality of Bahrain (spelling?)
Trebay and Davis together and its all about getting gertie´s giggling garter.
Azo of nyu video dept gave me a bon voyage bruncheon at the French Roast on 6th Avenue. joining us Billy Miller, Finnish artist Eija Lisa Ahtila who just won some prestigious arte mundi prizet, Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer and Gabby Karan DeFelice. Of course i had to keep the girls from power bitching each other to death which was a bit taxing.
o and i forgot to mention that after dins with mr. trebay, i bumped into glenn belverio and his st. martins press editor of his new tome "confessions from the velvet ropes". they had just dined with Bruce Benderson, his bubbly gallic gamine writer friend Tsipi Keller and bon vivant heiress Cory. The group dragged me to the 40 year anniversary party of Patricia Field at Capitale on Bowery. Not a great soiree by any means but it was sweet running into my old la gangla of nurse lauren pine, jeff gardner, scott ewahlt who is now going out with michael of the former big dicked power couple of the early 90s michael and andrew sears, (nee sears-roebucks)
and it was a hootel seeing and chatting with mz. understood, that connie girl, kenny kenny, richie rich, and xavier.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

To smell a fart, so spake the great John Waters at the taping i attended with my NYU video art professor pal Azo. Mr. Waters' monologue consisted of some of his banter from his Christmas show, but all done in an easyflowing conversational manner, which never comes across as rehearsed shtick. A packed house at a lower manhattan community theatre, the Henry Street Settlement. Sitting next to Azo and I was the legendary Waters' production designer/art director Vincente Perrini who has been with Mr. Agua since Multiple Maniacs, and besides designing the spare stage set also works in the mainstream with the HBO TV show Wired. Mr. Perrini's long on the tooth hustler boyfriend sat next to him but didn't contribute to the conversation.
I didn't quite catch why his lecture was being filmed, but it was a pleasant evening, the only blight being a gaggle of oportunists who used the Q&A portion of the event to wrangle a job, but John Waters dodged the Eve Harringtons with grace and class.
I DJ'd the Weimar New York Earl Dax event at Joe's Pub. Lots of fun. Joe's is a sublime space, and Earl is one of the hardest working promoters in new york. When does he find time to sleep? Backstage was reunited with sexy and commanding Flotilla DeBarge who will be starring on Broadway opposite Alan Cummings in the revival of The Three Penny Opera. No one deserves success more then my lady Flo.
Met Julie Atlas Muse, the burlesque starina who perfectly began the nights festivities with rousing visual flair. Great seeing scintilating Theo of the Luna Chicks, Adam Dugas who is part of the cabaret kollective Citizen Band and co-hostess Shari Vine looking just like Joan Blondell. I was really impressed by a woman who played the accordian and sang in a fantastically choppy manner. She was definately one of my favorite performers, but i didn't catch her name.
My entourage included Dr. Jose Munoz of NYU and his cute lookalike cousin Albert De Acosta, Billy Miller of STH, Slovenian art dreamboat Davide Grassi and the divine Nicole Blackman. Joining us later was Bruce Benderson, Glenn Belverio, Slava Mogutin and his hot beau Brian. The celebs in the audience were Elaine Stritch, John Lurie and Sylvia Miles.
I met with my delightful Bricktops Takes Manhattan students from NYU at Michael Casselli's class. The Kidz have so many brilliant ideas, and Michael has really inspired them with his brilliance. Michael did the best room at Platinum Oasis, an electrical bunker, that people still talk about, and its been almost 5 years.
Ran around with my Israeli pop star son Jonathan Berger, shooting the proverbial breeze with Adrian and Nathan of the Grimm Rosenfeld Gallery and also hanging with John Connelly and company at John Connelly Presents. Of course i had to see my girl Lia G. of Participant, and she remains one of New York's most striking beauties. Its all been such a whirlwind, but i must mention that i did attend an Al Hansen exhibit at the Andrea Rosen Gallery in Chelsea. Bibbe Hansen his gorgeous daughter looked younger then ever, and her boytoy chicano husband Sean Carrillo was working latin dapperness. Got to hang outside the gallery with one of my ex-Cholita's Tallulah Banketa, who has the cutest child with devlish grey eyes. Yes one of my Cholita girls did get The PREGGERS!!!!