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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Oh i forgot to give a shout out to Buttons Sinclair for his expert taxi dancing at Friday's Brickops Gertrude Stein celebration. By day Buttons is an art historian, and at night he turns into a libertine and sex demi-god.


Been housesitting at a lovely compound in the Los Feliz area. So nice to have space, space and more space. Life in Los Angeles is becoming very difficult with no affordable housing. There was a time that you didn't feel so downtrodden when you could at least have a genuinely nice, spacious apartment. Those days are over.
Sara of Rizzo told me Friday she was kicked out of three apartments because of gentrification. Talking to her made me feel a little better about my predicament, but it doesn't change the scope of things.


Was walking from Silverlake back to Los Feliz near Circus of Hooks when this icky little man started following me. At first i thought he was trying to mug me, but it turns out he was just cruising me. Why is it that the only ardent suitors i ever get are grossly unattractive, five foot nothings with hoves for feet? Can you answer that one for me eh?


Saturday i went to see the first part of this Italian epic that is set in the period of the 1960s to the present. The movie is called "Best of Youth" which is a very bad translation. The picture is only playing at the Laemmle Royal Theatre in West Los Angeles. What a trek it was to go there, but i was feeling like being someplace else, though whenever i go to the Westside i always regret it. Its as if i'm hoping that the area will change and become more interesting, but it never does. The bus ride back was really bleak. It seemed like every other person on the bus smelled odiously and was talking to themselves, and the other half were all on cell phones talking really loud. Why is it that when people have mobiles they force everyone to listen in on their banal conversation? Thanks god i'll have a mobile phone. Not that i could afford one, but i've seen homeless people with them, so maybe they aren't that expensive anymore. It doesn't matter, they are too tacky for words.

Sunday i went to the Farmers Market on Ivar to get my papusa on. Got to check out the sizzling East Asian bubble butt boy who has taken Michael Lucid's place at the pasta stand. Ran into Sara Catania who use to be a staff writer for the LA Weekly, and her lovely children. Sara was unceremoniously dumped from her job. She was too good of a writer to be stuck at the LA Bleekly anyway, that paper is going downhill fast, though i did like Libby Molyneaux cover story hanging out at the pay to play palace The Whiskey a-go-go. That Libby is a hoot. Also ran into my ole drinking buddy from the good ole days, Kim Jones who use to go out with Anthony Kiedes of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Kim is a mom and elementary school teacher. She still works for the Weekly part-time in the calendar section and is as bubbly as ever. Her son Bella is now 15 years old, which i find hard to believe. I remember when the child was born. His father Monty Messex was once one of the most amazing punk rock boy beauties to ever walk the streets of Melrose Avenue, when he worked at Flip's of Hollywood. Boy was i ever in love with Monty Messex. His brother Mike was good looking too, but in a much more normal, traditional way, whereas Monty's beauty was more quirky and appealing to me. Monty use to go out with Valerie Vaughn, and they were the first gorgousity couple of Melrose, the envy of everyone who looked upon them. Valerie worked at Poseur with Ron Athey and I worked at Retail Slut in those heady days of the early 1980s. That Valerie use to work some amazing punk looks, that no one else could possibly pull off. She use to do this lavender blonde look, ala Kim Novak and wear matching lavender or heliotrope clothing, and with her beautiful pale skin and thin frame it was quite a look.
That sexy Jewish Lesbian pholksinger Phranc took over Bricktops for our Gertrude Stein salute bringing her Phranc'N'Stein literary/musical tribute to the children who need it so. Assisting the handsome and stunning Phranc was a power band of superstar women headed by the wonderful Jodie of Team Dresche/Hazel fame, the shimmering Tamala of Longstocking and bubbly cutie pie Sara of Rizzo. The crowd was mezmerized. Phranc & Company are towers of talent and creativity. The faithful in attendence included buxom high priestess of splendor, one of LA's first 100 punks, Miss Jane Cantillon who in her day time hours is a top notch TV producer with Entertainment Tonight. Jane just finished working on a documentary on elderly gay gentlemen from the showbiz arena, she took time off from ET just to fan her creative impulses----we love Missy Jane, she's a top Bricktop supporter and is always there for hostess Vaginal Davis when she is in need, which is constantly. Punk legend and beauty prize, Alice Bag was also on hand to support Phranc. Alice brought her favorite accessory, her young, well endowed husband, "Jailbait" Velasquez. In town from New York was Richie Rich and his Heatherette crew, who stopped in to bask in the Bricktop brilliance, before their chore duties at Jason Lavitt/Joseph Brooks' Atomic Club at Arena. Atomic is the latest venture from those masterminds who singlehandedly provide daycare services for the suburban and Xurbian crowd. God love 'em! The Moveable Feast salon was in full force with core members Mary & Sasha, the best dressed couple in all of Los Angeles holding court, Melissa Sexchester, Jean Spinosa, sweet Cory Marie, and Shauna Leone. After Bricktops the entire gang went to eat at Yukon Mining Company to watch the tranny pre-Easter Parade. What a show!!! Special thanks to Miss Mary for treating everyone to a hearty greasy spoon breakfast. That Mary is so generous and lovely.


The other day i saw the documentary film Gunner's Palace about the soldier boys in Iraq. Some of those young kids sure were hot. I'm more then willing to do my patriotic duty and fellate all our boys in the armed services. Those selfless young men need to get their gnut, and I'm here to provide them with proper release. I'm a big history buff and got a real kick out of seeing the French movie Monsiur N. about Napolean's exile on St. Helene, the performances are dazzling, and the film is sumpteous beyong compare. I dare you to see it.

Warning! Warning! I'm being gentrified out of another apartment. After the debacle i experienced with my gorgeous Koreatown compound a few years back, I'm sad to report that my Hollywood Blvd corridor apartment may be taken away from me. I've been in this tiny bachlorette for two years, and at the end of last summer the owner Susan and her gay husband got a divorce. Susan ran the eatery, The Last Capucino Before the 101. She had to leave that space on Franklin, and moved into the former Pedro's Grill which became The Hollywood Hills Cafe. She owned my apartment and sold it, and the new owners are trying to force everyone out so that they can bulk up the rents. Now can you understand why i want to leave Los Ang for good. I just can't take this anymore. I'll never own property in my life, and unless you can afford to own the place you live, you won't be able to have affordable housing. As it is i live in a tiny space, and have to rent an office in MacArthur Park for my art studio just to be able to work in. Pretty soon only investment bankers will be able to afford to live in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Went to the farmers market on Ivar Sunday. Michael Lucid of the Pretty Things isn't working the pasta stand anymore. He's been replaced by this hot bubble butt east asian boy, who is quite a looker. As i was standing in line for Papusas, several customers asked the beautiful asian about Michael. I love checking out all the sexy young fathers with babies in strollers at the market. I wouldn't mind fellating a few of them. I'm not very subtle when it comes to cruising. My Cornelius hairy eyeballss always betray me. Had to leave the market early to clean my art studio as i was having a visit from young pretty, and talented Cory Marie Podielski, one of the Bricktop kids. We had a lovely time together. Cory first saw me open up for Le Tigre at The Smell, and then later with the Future Bible Heroes at the Troubadour. She is part of a salon that meets every other week called The Moveable Feast, that was started by Remy aka: Jeremy, the poet with the William Blake tat. The groups gets together to share their art, and vision for the future, and the members include Shauna Leone, Jean Spinosa, Mary & Sasha, Jebediah Smith, Melissa Sexchester and i know i'm forgetting some of the other kids in the group, so please forgive me, I've got Junior Alzheimers. My main goal from doing Bricktops was for movements to be started and nurtured and it makes by black heart beam that this is happening in a major way. All these bright young things---- keeps grandma alive and kickin'

Tuesday i have brunch with Cesar Vega, the latin hungthrob. He is getting ready to go back to South America, where he met a young doctor lady and is involved in a fiery romance. Cesar is such a booty pie. I'm glad he's found a little lovin for his oven. Now why can't Ms. Davis get a little itchin in her kitchen? Well I'm sure i'll find some bones ripe for picking in Manchester.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Marlou De'Luna and Hal Marinas took me out to dinner Saturday for a belated birthday celebration at Cafe Stella in Silverlake proper. Marlou and i have known each other since the fourth grade when she first came to America straight off the boat from the Filipines. Now she's a high powered lawyer working for the state of California, and her husband Hal is a big shot corporate attorney. Marlour is a top notch power bitch, and she wears that title with pride. She also has a wicked sense of humour, and keeps me barreled over in laughs. So it goes to show you that i just don't hang around with other nutty artists all the time. Dinner was lovely, and Cafe Stella was hopping with a klatch of well known people eating around us. I won't bother naming them as they should be able to afford some sense of privacy, don't you think?

Friday at Bricktops was our Carole Lombard salute and Kristi Callan who use to be in the paisley underground band Wednesday Week performed along with Kristian Hoffman. Kristi looked very pretty in a bejewelled gown that she borrowed from her movie star mother. She sang "The Lullaby of Broadway" "The Blvd of Broken Dreams" and a gorgeous Kristian Hoffman original composition. For those kids too young to remember the Paisley Underground was a confection of bands in the early 80s that were neo-pyschedelic in nature---Green on Red, The Rain Parade, Salvation Army who later became The Three O'Clock with Michael Quercio and the most popular group from that clique The Bangles. Having Kristi perform was like bringing back my youth as i spent a lot of time in clubs watching her perform with her sister in Wednesday Week. It was wonderful having her bring her sophistication, talent and charm to Bricktops.

My spies let me know this morning that roving through the club on Friday was Aurore Clement who is going to be one of the stars in Sophia Coppollas new Marie Antoinette film, also the scintillating Abby Travis with her handsome new beau, was turning many a head.

Lots of visitors from New York, Europe and South Carolina of all places, as the fame of Bricktops continues to spread throughout the known world. I was flirting with Brandon Flowers of the hot new rock band, The Killers in the DJ booth, but of course i didn't even know who he was, someone told me later----i should have pulled down his pants to see what kind of animal he was hiding. The Bricktops regulars in attendence included Buttons Sinclair, and the talented Miss Cory Podielski, who designed an incredible Bricktops poster that we will begin selling officially on March 25th. It will cost $10.00 and be a collectors item as only a few be made--hey don't i conjugate my black verbs well?

The Parlour Club owner, Lenny the Young Elder was chaperoning his cute young cousin Nikki, from Indiana. Nikki is a sweet lass who looks like the Brazillian model Gisele with curves galore and ultra dangerous beauty.