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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


So sorry I have been neglecting my blogina writing duties but touring North America with stops in Toronto and Kingston, Ontario Canada have left me physically drained.  Very exciting being brought to Kingston,  I’ve been to Montreal, Vancouver, and the big T many times but Kingston is a first for the Vagimule and I must say I just adore  the oldest Canuckian city.  The beautiful Robin Alex McDonald of the young curatorial collective Turbines fetched me from the airport and delivered la diva to the historic Hotel Belvedere which is a sumptuous shabby chic Victorian mansion with a very friendly accommodating staff. My lush hotel room was just beyond magnificent taking me into a comfort zone that I have never experienced before.  I was fortunate that the weather was bright, sunny and crisp.  Kingston is a University town so everywhere the eye could roam was humpy boy eye candy jogging about in tight shorts showing off rugby style thick thighs, rump and calf----yowza!
The Turbine Curatorial Collective consists of a charming clique of youthful scholars that along with Miss Kelly include delicious Maria Montez doppleganger Pansee Atta, lovesexy Gabriel Cheung, pert Anne Dunsford and translucent skinned lovely Katharine Vingoe-Cram. I predict that you’ll be hearing a lot about the Turbine Collective in the future and I felt so lucky that I was was apart of their Utopias Performance Art Congress which was co-sponsored by the Department of Art, Gender and Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, The City of Kingston Art Council, The George Taylor Richardson Memorial Fund and Modern Fuel Artist –Run Center.
Being that I am so fragile when it comes to aeroplane travel and not wanting to drain my strength I missed the Mercury queer dance party, panel discussions, lectures and electric performances by emerging live artists Andrew Rabyniuk, Avery Everhart and Hazel Meyer the Girl Jock.  I presented my artist talk to a packed intergenerational audience at the gorgeous Agnes Etherington Art Centre Atrium and on another day did my “Twee & Sympathy- Lesbian seperatist high tea performance for one person at a time at the fab Renaissance Event Hall which is a renovated church  that was built in the Regency England period and is expertly managed by the hot famed showtune queen Denis LeBlanc.
Providing our Ms. Davis with personal assistance during her stay was macho Italian power top Dan Vena the best dressed man in Ontario.  Mr. Vena along with some wonderful student volunteers provided the lady with the most sumptuous meals, toiletries and gift bags anticipating her every desire.  Major kudos and thankx also to Jan Allen and Barry Fagan of the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Miss Ann Marie Claire a personable and highly spirited  no nonsense vixen, bubble butt booty pie Justin the blumenlove sex god medical student and husband of Gabriel Cheung.  There are just so many wonderful people to thank for my visit to Kingston and the Turbine Curatorial Collective know just how to spoil international black lady artistes.  Veteran curators could learn a thing or two from them in how to properly treat visitors and about pure utter graciousness.  Are you listening MoMa PS-1?
The Turbines Curatorial Collective even paid for me a relaxing full-body massage at the Annex Therapy Spa and Treatment Center from the muscular Portuguese masseuse Angel who expertly banished all my anxiety and stress so that I could just fully concentrate on giving the best possible performance.
I also reconnected with some olde Canadian zine pals from the 1980s like  the wonderous Mr.Tim Murphy who I met years ago through G.B.Jones &Carolyn Azar of Fifth Column and Don Pyle of Shadowy Men, Shadowy Planet and Phonocomb. I also got to flirt at my performance with the beefy bald headed pud of a British director Yann DeMange of the feature film 1971.
In my hotel room I OD’s on silly reality TV shows like one from A&E that was really ill called Marriage At First Sight that featured a muscle headed EMT and of course being in an English language country  I was able to enjoy  marathon sessions of tough love guru Judge Judy who I can’t get enough of. Living now for almost a decade in Berlin I really miss counter culture so being taken to several 1950s style diners was a true blessing.  One place  called Tommy’s we were served by a perfect curly haired pillow lipped skater thrash boy with warm bright blue eyes and joyous manner about him.  What can I say but Ah Canada!
Because of my tour to Canadia Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was held on the first Sunday of the month instead of its usual last Sunday.  Fortunately that didn’t stop the multitudes from showing up including some A-list American scholars in the form of the legendary David “GayShame” Halperin who is in Berlin doing research at the Wissenschaft Villa in Wilmerdorf  with radiant youth musicologist suprema Roger Mathew Grant who is collaborating with Fearless Leader of CHEAP Kollectiv Susanne Sachsse and I on The Magic Flute.  Also at RSFS: goodlooking musician Fabrizio Moretti,  journalist and novelist Murat Ham, with Iranian British hacktor Kayvan Novak, young fit Italian male ingĂ©nue Lorenzo Richelmy who played Marco Polo in a recent TV mini series,  hottie Ryan Guzman, and Jack Nicholson’s  23 year old son with Rebecca Broussard  Ray Nicholson hanging with the Gersch Twins Salome and Richard. La Susanne Sachsse with her film historian lover Marcuse Siegelstein, who will join Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus on an experimental film tour of India for an entire month sponsored by the Goethre Institute.  I screened the 2007 Tamil Indian film Paruthi Veeran directed by Ameer Sultan starring the chunky but funky little sex machine Karthik Sivakumar.  This movie is quite atmospheric and even features a trans singing dancing crew who are part of two big production numbers one featuring the male lead in a dance off that is highly spirited.  The violent flourishes in the film are a bit unsettling but give the movie its salty dog edge.  My partner in grime Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzlim was in the hospital and wasn’t at my side at RSFS this month with his intoxicating piano playing skills so I felt my introduction suffered quite a bit and overall I was lacking in energy with having to coordinate several upcoming visual art exhibitions and performances in North America, Scandinavia and The Netherlands