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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Now that Bricktops is coming to a close at the Parlour Club, all these mainstream magazines are interested in doing interviews with me. Miss Jane Pratt had to see my MacArthur Park studio she's heard so much about. I like Jane, she wrote about me first when she was an editor with the olde first version of Sassy Magazine. I was surprised she remembered me, she later came by Bricky's and thought that it was the most amazing club she'd EVER been to. She was very much impressed by the diversity of the people present, some gay, straight or contemplative, and the performances from Pretty Things, Brian Grillo, Larry, Hall & Jack, and the Toxic Titties. She pulled me aside and said, "the blurring of audience and performer at this space is unbelievable . . .where do you find these acts?" She was also mesmerized by taxi dancer Mary, Mary and our gorgeous bar dom Kimberly Kim. Jane wanted to know if the janitors have to wear 20s costumes. For some reason she thinks the club is 20s every night. Of couse i didn't bother to correct her in that assumption.
I also was interviewed by this glossy magazine from Palm Springs. Why they would be interested in me, i can't fathom. Oh and Allure, Elle and Arena have sent me quiry's as well, all on the topic of speakeasy's being the big "new thing" Oh brother!!!!
Rick Owens said he was still working on Anna Wintour doing something on Bricktops for Vogue with the Bricky kids wearing his clothes, of course this would come through NOW of all times. Oh welpsis.
Last night was so marvelous and frantic. Warhol legend Penny Arcade was on fire. That lady sure knows how to work a microphone. I did a little dance with Brian that was a lot of fun. Several boys in the audience were panting over him. He's been a masculine beauty prize for over 20 years, and you can build a dream on his round bubble butt. The youngsters could take lessons from Penny and Brian on how to keep it together. Besides his former bands Ella and the Blacks and Extra Fancy, Brian had the group Lock-Up which later morphed into Rage Against the Machine. I always thought Lock-Up was more interesting then Rage, I use to do some amazing shows with Lock-up in the early 90s with my band PME. Brian also was in the great combo Brian's Brain with Margo Olaverra, one of the original GoGo's and at the height of his Grillo Follies fame he choreographed several videoes of 80s stars like Kim Carnes and even Mr.Luther Vandros, who wasn't very nice to Brian when they worked together. Luther most likely had a crush on Brian, as he favoured blonde boys. That Luther was quite a talent, before he became this R&B balladeer, he worked with David Bowie and had a band with Niles Rogers, before Chic, and did back up singing on the Fame soundtrack. Remember the song, "I Sing The Body Electric?" He was also quite an arranger. Luther honey, RIP. I wonder how many of you out there remember my Luther parody persona that would sing in a wheelchair, that i called Lester Vartan? The first time i did Lester Vartan, no one recognized him as me, the prejudiced bastards just thought i was some crazy black man with a gheri curl wearing a tacky shiny suit.
Speaking of the dearly departed, film star June Haver bit the morcoil. Most people don't remember her at all. Her career only lasted about ten years. She was used as a threat to Betty Grable at 20th Century Fox during the 40s. They even did the movie "The Dolly Sisters" 1945 together. I loved her in "I'll Get Bye" 1950 and "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" 1947. She had a sweet singing voice, and was really ahead of her time in that she gave up her Hollywood career for a spell and joined a nunery. This was after a very secret love affair with Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy later was carrying on with Kim Novack, Guy Madison, Tab Hunter, Tommy Rall, & John Kerr all at the same time. Sammy had a notorious cruel club cocoa cock. But getting back to June Haver, She left the order and wound up married forever to dull Fred MacMurray.
The divine Mary, Mary Pagone told me that she had a similiar breakfast experience at Dusty's in Silverlake with the same awful waitress, that she refers to as Naomi Notts. The waitress did look a little like Naomi Watts, but bloated, like she was retaining a lot of water in her face for some reason. Mary refuses to return to Musty's, as she calls the place now. So there you have it. I'm not just being an hysterical black queen, thinking that the yuppie world has a vendetta against me.
Oh i forgot to tell you that the Gallic beauty of an actor Romain Duris, from the hit new film The Beat That My Heart Skipped, was at Bricky's last night with this french girl who is a friend of Olivier and Daphanee, the golden couple who were working for Universal Vivendi a couple of years ago and living rent free in a sumpteous Mulholland Drive mansion across the street from David Hockney and one of the Getty's. How wonder Universal went under. They were paying Olivier and Daphanee a bundle to do nothing, but have parties, utilize personal trainers, and enjoy the good life under executive perks. That proves it to me that being a wage slave is no life---you have to find a grift and work it. Of course coming from Europe with a sexy accent helps. Americans are such suckers for that. No one would be offering me any high paying jobs here in this so called land of plenty. I live under the poverty level at around $9,000 a year or less. Granted i do live a somewhat glamorous life, but i don't have a pot to pee in.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Saw Miranda July's new film. I surprisingly liked it. I loved the mixed race children used, that was a great touch, and she certainly learned a great deal from her relationship with Miguel Arleta(Chuck & Buck)i think she owes him a little more then a thank you at the end. They were once a couple, and now are friends, and i heard she called him to rub it in his face about her success at Cannes. A lot of the pacing in the film is very Miguel, but Missy Miranda does have a strong eye that serves her well, and she looked great in the film. I remember when she played at my Club Sucker. She didn't go over very well, she came off a bit haughty in that Pacific Northwest way, and the crowd wasn't having it. She looks so much better with her natural hair color. I wouldn't say she is pretty, just interesting looking in a very melancholy way. She is obviously a careerist and knows how to work it. I can see her going far.
Took Professor Doyle out for breaky to celebrate her tenure status at UC Riverside. Its quite an accomplishment to be an associate professor while you're still in you're early 30s. We went to Dusty's the new trendy eatery in Silverlake. The youngish blonde waitress wasn't feeling us for whatever reason, so i went into evil black queen mode, dismissing her left and right. She gave good service to a bunch of backward baseball cap yuppie boys seated in front of us---the new breed that is making Silverlake so repellant. Dusty's is owned by this woman from Montreal, and if she wants to continue doing business in this town, she'd better get her staff in check. I may not be rich, but I am one powerful black woman, and i can destroy you, if you get on my bad side. I can't recommend Dusty's and i certainly won't be returning there, and will spread the word that my people shouldn't patronize the place either. The last restaurant i demeritted was closed in less then 3 months.
Talk to sweet Michael Lucid of the Pretty Things. He told me that the Production Company Autonomy had approached him about turning Pretty Things into a TV series. They read the article on them in the LA Weekly. Sound familiar? Autonomy read the LA Times and NY Times article on me, and took me out to a power brunch. I met with the company president Rick Scott, who i actually liked. He's a bit of a goofball, and has a wife and male lover. You can't get more polymorphously perverse then that. His VP in charge of Developmentt Joel Lipman was my main contact, and he seemed sincere also, but was more normal with a wife and kid. The gay member of their executive team, whose name i forget, i immediately despised. At our brunch at the Pacific Dining Car he was very condescending to me, i guess that both uf us being queens, we cancelled each other out. Word to the wise: Don't insult someone you sought out. Now i remember why i don't like yuppies.
Well it seems like Autonomy wanted to do some sort of documentary on gay couples and wanted to profile Abby and Amanda of the The Ditty Bops, and was using Michael of Pretty Things to get at them. Michael has a great head on his shoulder and didn't fall for it. He also has been approached by some 21 year old Jimmy Glick kid who worked for VH1 and now for that tired Logo Gay Cable network. The power bitch at VH1 just poo paahed them, and i told Michael it would be a big mistake to ghettoize himself with a gay cable network. Logo didn't get what he was doing anyway, which is typical.