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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sorry i haven´t written anything in such a long time, but i have been extremely busy the past few weeks, first with my teaching a performance art workshop with the art students at Wei├čensee, and now at the Merz Academie in Southern Germany.  Arrived yesterday, and the city is quite lovely, and picturesque with lots of rolling hills, and very clean, with very few drucken crusties.  They have put me up at the International Student Hotel, which is delightful, with a friendly and accomodating staff.  The Merz Academie is small, and the students are sweet, with warm, smiling faces.  My class is mainly girls, all pretty, perky and energetic, with 5 handsome boys, in all 15 young people who  seem very committed, focused and ready to get down and work.  On the first day we  even came up with a theme, and name for the project which we will present on Friday at 1:30.  Won´t tell you anything more then that right now.
The weather here is boiling hot, so i´m a little veklempt.  Would love to give you details about the workshops with the Wei├čensee students and also our Happening, my show with The New Bloods from Portland Oregon and the latest Rising Stars, Falling stars, but you´ll just have to wait------sorry. Believe me,  I am not  trying to be all mysterious and shit, i just had a long day, and i need to get something to eat and even though its only around 5pm i want to go to bed.