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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Cumstangle-Blowjob-Jäger genießt die freie Natur mit dünnen, jungen Burschen

My old Los Angeles acquaintance "Click-Clack" Goblindude called me up from Reno to give me a report about the return of Burning Man, Burning Gas-o-meter. I´m sure you´re all familiar with the longstanding event in the California desert where those with disposable incomes can play Pig-Pen ala the Charles Schultz Peanuts character and get the answer to that eternal burning question, do drugs and sex count as spiritual? My good friend from ye olde Choate prep school days in Wallingford, Connecticut, Norbert van Hasselklopp says:

To get me to go to Burning Man they´d have to pay me more money than a Bitcoin bro on crystal meth can mint. And even then I might turn it down. It´s hard to think of anything less appealing short of a MAGA rally. Well as the French say, chacun à son goût!

Mr. Click-Clack who is one well endowed power top-a-saurus with a rack of warmed over death, size 15 feet, a saucy18 pack stomach and marble asstrovar was enjoying Californications with at least 7 boys a day on the Playa Vista.  Young men are always eager to chow down gallons of his man milk straight from the source. But in between all the ferocious sexxing he found time to make new friends. Goblindude can never remember names of people and doesn´t recognize anyone who is rich or famous which endeared him to film director Stephen Daldry (The Hours) who was part of the A-List film professionals Camp Down and Out in Beverly Hills. Nutty Click-Clack even relaying to me his story of meeting Daldry, who he called, "the director Samuel Doggenworth or something like that."

Mr. Daldry came to the event with his young, super humpy, gorgeous Asian/British male concubine. The Billy Elliot director wasn´t finding Burning Man very thrilling he was bored out of his gord until Click-Clack took him for a bike ride on the strand and introduced him to Voyeur 457 leaving the stalwart UK regisseur in what could only be called Bliss, Bliss, and more Bliss. 

Mr. Daldry came to my Vaginal Davis is Speaking From the Diaphragm talk show installation at PS 122 back in 2010 when I had his wife Lucy Sexton of Dancenoise as a guest.

The lady Ms. Davis is trying to be a little more social in her old age while protecting her health from Covid´s dreaded Omnicrom variant. Hearing the news that Burning Man was somewhat of a super spreader event with people coughing up third lungs. Click-Clack didn´t get sick as he has O positive blood making it impossible to get infected.

Lucky for our womanly woman that she and her gorgeous gallerist and escort Isabella Bortolozzi (both dressed in vestal virgin white) were ushered into a safe space with giant windows overflowing with fresh air in the annex of Borchard.   Earlier in the evening was the mega performance of the great Michele Lamy who is doing a lot of collaborations with young mover and shaker Matt Lambert. The rest of the gorgeous building was kept airtight being that some drugged out Soccer star had tried to off himself from the second floor window. The festivities were produced by lovesexy German/Persian Prinz Mumi Haiati of Reference Studios and rock steady delightfully angelic crew of gracious ravishing young juicies.  They really know how to treat us elderly ladies.  Of course Mumi´s right hand gal pal is non other than my old make-up artiste the tight pussied biatch Akira Knightly aka Gottheid, who never eats or sleeps only smoking expensive platinum tipped cigárettes surrounded by disco dollies and a coterie of bright young things happy to be anywhere. Evelyn Waugh`s Vile Bodies recreated in Berlin like its 1925.

That diva of divas La Lamy is aging in reverse. How is she able to get younger the older she gets? I´ve known her since 1979 and there is no one in all of Christendom more glamorous. Thats why the Julia Stoschek Collection must have Michele Lamy, she is the dream of life.

As we were leaving we chatted with Slava Mogutin who has relocated to Berlin for several months. Looking all Ibiza tanned giving big dick thickerous Slava told me some disturbing news that is so shocking that I can´t repeat it in this blogina. Kamchatka!