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Monday, May 21, 2012


Last night´s Rising Stars, Falling Stars was out of control! It was the first really hot day of the late Spring season, so when it gets this warm most people want to spend their time hanging at the Berlin River, Canal or Lakes and not inside watching a movie, but the power of John Cassavettes won out and the fact we were screening a rare film of his---Killing of a Chinese Bookie that is hardly ever seen in cinemas contributed to an SRO crowd of unfamiliar faces, but those faces known: the lovely Miss Ela of bbooks kollektive, the personable Markus Ruff of Living Archive, Ulrich Ziemons and his beautiful girlfriend. Uli was filling in for Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who is in India with a special film program that travels to four cities. Uli is also teaching a block seminar on Weather in Film at the famous film school in Potsdam. Also getting into the rakish spirit of the Cassavettes film Ms. Susanne Sachsse, free from her Venge Vengard/Ida Müller John Gabriel Borkman assignment at Volksbuhne/Prater chittle chatting with young French booty pie DeRohan Chabot, American art student Acme Singt with Christine Himmelsfahrt, prima ballerina Trixi Cordua, film historian Marc Siegel in heated discussion with The Whitney´s Scott Rothkopf, Little Alex of Macedonia who did Ms. Davis´s make-up and hair design, lovesexy posh British author Owen Jones of the tome Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class, spirited Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental, Daniel Hendrickson and beau Piero Bellomo with curator Masimilliano Gioni, John Maturri and his sweet and vivacious friend Linda. John is a photographer and teacher of philosophy and film at Queens College. He worked with Jack Smith, Richard Foreman, Ken Jacobs, and Stuart Sherman (about whom he co-curated the very much talked about exhibition back in 2009. And yes its true Ms. Davis did leave with the patrician Mr. Louis Marie de Castelbajac.