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Friday, September 18, 2015

Der Mann der sich Nicht Traut

For those of you in Berlin visiting for the summer and are looking for something thats interesting and much more underground then the normative Art Week inanities do yourself a favour and rush over to the big re-launch of Casabaubou in Berlin Wedding. Casabaubou is the salon and performance space of art photographer extroidinaire Annette Frick and her life partner the mad genius of international experimental film Wilhelm Hein. Wilhelm & Annette have been chronicling underground and queer life in all its many facets for over 30 years so you should make it your duty to pilgrimage to their cosmology off the beaten sweeten path in multiculti Wedding this Sunday Sept 20th at 6pm. Their events are always multigenerational with the most fascinating mixture of young and elderstateswomyn which is rare in and of itself in a Berlin that is becoming more myopic.



E N D L I C H ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!


SONNTAG 20.9.2015 AB 18 UHR




letzte Gelegenheit die werke zu bewundern, zu interpretieren

oder zu kaufen.

die Künstler nehmen sie am Abend mit.


herzlichst Annette und Wilhelm


Berlin Wedding

Seestrasse 107

U 6 Seestrasse


I have some of the most talented,sexiest smartest ex-students of any Dr. Professor who has ever taught in a University, college or art school. When you become one of my students you are branded for life. Rushed to the opening the other evening of a group show by my former student Christophe DeRohan Chabot. I had Christophe in my class in 2007 when I taught at Weissensee Art Akademy in Berlin. I never know what delights will emerge from this exquisite young Frenchman. Was so thrilled to see his lovely site and time specific installation at Exile Gallery’s At Night the Creatures Come up from the Bottom of our Oceans. Exile is one of the most engaging of the commercial art spaces that has been on the Berlin scene in the past few years. Its owner Christian Siekmeier is quite inventive with loopy taste that I appreciate and his latest space which is not far from my kiez at Kurfuerstenstrasse 19 off of the Potsdamer Strasse Ho Stroll is his best location yet. Kudos to Christian who is a real sweetie Peetie and congrats to Christophe DeRohan Chabot who has already peeked the interest of a lot of big spendor patrician collectors who I saw sniffing around at his opening along with art schtars like Discoteca Flaming Star’s gorgeous glamazon Cristina G’omez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer looking fresh and boyish with a blondine cesar haircut, Whitney curatorial klepnik Scott Rothkopf, AA Bronson doppelganger Hermann Nitsch or maybe it was Mr. Bronson?!?, and cute neophyte out- of- drag baby dyke Parker Posey Pansey. hours Thur-Sat 1-6pm and by appointment


Had a nice reunion at East London-God Save Brit Food with my longtime gal pal from Los Angeles’ 1980s punk rock poetry and spoken word scene Lisa Derrick. Lisa is a true great Angelina and is looking very stone fox. Lisa is not only a fabu artist and curator but is also a well respected journalista and gossipeuse whose most famous column the Velvet Rope was the scorn of all Hollywood and gave her the rep of being a modern day Sheila Graham. Lisa like the Vagimule doll is also a very powerful Druid Wiccan Sorceress and has been traveling throughout Europa with her young tyro enchantress Dark Dahlia Jane who I found to be most charming. Lisa use to be married to a famous film and TV star but she ditched him and now has three hot young studly lovers that she rotates----that’s the way to go girl. Love you Miss Lisa!  Thanks for treating the doll to a scrumpteous breakfast.

Lately Ms. Davis has beenreally feeling the affects of her menopause, but during my time with Lisa the hot flashes and unpredictable mood swings vanished.


Spent some time with baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras who has been making a Berlin pitstop before running back to Los Angeles. We dropped by what we thought was the Folsom Europa in Schoeneberg, but of course I got it all mixed up and missed the street festival not knowing that its on a Saturday not Sunday. There were a few leftover sez lizards on parade and salty dogs. I think the world needs to create some new fetishes. The existing ones have been worked to death and are as dry as melba toast.  Been hearing reports from the front lines of the refugee zone in Greece via  my former student Acme Singt and  DJanes Olga Damnitz and Angela Anderson.  Angie & Olga have been doing their best trying to help people they come in contact with, and while its impossible for individuals to solve this mess its better then just sitting back and doing absolutely nil.  Fearless leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse has also been volunteering her time to refugee and migrant causes.  No matter what problems you might be facing there are others out there worse off then you.  Do some lesbian processing of that.