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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday at Speaking From the Diaphragm it was Look at Those Cute Couples Nite with Skype visitations from green artists Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle the Eco-sexuals from the Bay Area, Heather Cassils & Lady GaGa in Los Angeles and Bruce “Judy” LaBruce and his cubano husband from Toronto with live super sexy couple Brian Kenny & Slava Mogutin and Billy Miller of Straight to Hell Magazine. I didn’t really feel like going on Friday because that morning I heard about the death of Will Munro the wonderful artist, designer and queer club entrepreneur from Toronto who changed all of Ontario with his love, spirit and tireless energies forging a true sense of community with a varied group of multidisciplinary artists at his club nites Vaseline and café/bar TheBeaver. Bruce & I did a little tribute to Will on my chat show installation. I waxed nostalgic about having performed at the early days of Vaseline and I can tell you that it was transporting thinking of his shows with Cherrie Currie of the Runaways, Kembra Pfahler of VHKB, Glen Meadmore and Jayne County. I have fond memories of Will with his thick Canuck accent showing me around, and giving me a little T history tutorial. Will died much too young of a rare and strange brain cancer that usually only affects children. Will is a good ecosexual and he is now helping to fertilize and renew the planet.
The ecosexual message of Beth Stephens and her lover Ms. Annie Sprinkle couldn’t be more timely with that humungous oil spoil raping the Gulf coast and doing irrepairable damage to the environment. Seen in the audience milking in the cute coupledome: juicy Australian art and fashion photographer Paul Gunn, Casey Spooner of Fischer/Spooner who now seems to be working more with the Wooster Group along with his male companion Adam Dugas, Casey was a guest on Speaking From the Diaphragm on Sunday, cute laptop of a boy PJ Deboy of Shortbus fame with posse, beautiful Berlin artist and one of my students from the Weissensee Art School Lydia Hamann, NYU professor and dance theorist Barbara Browning and landscape artist to the shtars Brian Funk, who has been coming to the piece almost every night.
Saturday was a grueling early and late show. For the 8pm my co-hostess was bearded sex symbol Jennifer Miller looking so fetching in a white pant suit. The program started off with jr art star Marc Arthur,tranny performing and writing goddess Kate Bornstein, who is the nicest most sincere woman on the planet engaging the entire audience in tantric orgasm, cyborg couple Jeremy & Mashinka lookingg resplendid with a sci fi burlesque that left the SRO crowd agog and panting for more, and chicano art diva Nao Bustamante who is starring in an upcoming art reality TV show, with her companion FuFu who did some circumvented daredeviling. Catching them all in the audience, Dr. Jose Munoz and John-John, playright Young Jean Lee,Wall St. tycoon Steven Grey,artist Ethan Shoshan, San Francisco fashion designer just relocated to New York Gage, photographer Don Spiro, Princeton Professor Dr. Ricardo Montez, Karen O., Kenny Mellman, and humpy David Katzenberg who was oggling Goldie of the Chat Roulette Klatch.
At the10pm show I was delighted to see Squirrel from the David Rousseve Company with beau, handsome lesbian writer Eileen Myles with her hot child bride, and writer Deb Schwartz who was celebrating her birthday at SFTD. It was difficult doing two shows in a row but with such fantastics throngs I overcame my swollen joints and sore throat. Seeing a beguiling Julie Tolentino in fine form with a smoking hot Pigpen, a glowingly pregnant Claudia Gonson of The Magnetic Fields, jr art stars Max Steele of Scorcher Magazine and Joseph Keckler with his violinist Dan Bartfield, a surprise visit from writer and sexpert Patty Powers charming everyone, and New York royals Ela Troyano and Uzi Parnes made it all worth while. Plus downtown treasure Carmelita Tropicana as my co-hostess was literally on fire.
Sunday was academic night with a live poetry reading by Dr. Jose Munoz of NYU’s Performance Studies Dept, Skype appearances from Marc Siegel of kollective CHEAP and Freie Universitat, culture critic and writer Mark Simpson who coined the phrase Metrosexual, a hilarious appearance by New York’s top fashionista Mr. Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine looking fresh and springlike keeping the packed house in stitches with his joyous wit, Casey Spooner of musical art kollective Fischer/Spooner talking about a dinner party in London at Boy George’s house right after the 80s star was released from prison for holding a humpy rent boy hostage, a skype appearance from experimental film couple extroidinaire Sherry Milner & Ernie Larsen and a sumpteous musical appearance from MEN featuring JD Sampson, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Michael O’Neal and Emily Roysdon. Sunday celebutants in attendance for the 6pm show included host with the most: Murray Hill, with Tova Mystek, Nao Bustamante, Martha Wilson of Franklin Furnace, the great performance art scribe C. Carr, Lee Houck & Nick Zinner and a rumpled Keanu Reeves.
Monday morning on my day off I was interviewed by the lovely and charming Abbe Schriber, a program assistant with the Studio Museum of Harlem Magazine who took me to breakfast around the corner at the 12th Street Café, then I had luncheon with cute & cuddly Leon Hilton & sex magnet Marc Arthur who helped me pick out a new digital camera, then I had some more press interviews before a short nap, and a divine homemade Mexican meal from my old girlfriend from the Ventura drag scene and Amoeba Records & Filmworks days Ms. Boofy St. Marie aka Michael Velasquez who works on Broadway constructing costumes for the theatre, ballet and opera. Boofy and his British lover who resembles Roger Daltry live in a charming penthouse apartment on 4th Avenue at 12th Street with a glorious Manhattan skyline. We were joined by my SFTD producer Josh Lubin-Levy Courtney Lovestein Hewitt and a sweet pal of Boofy who is getting his phd at Yale.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A song by Kembra Pfhaler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black is the only way to describe the religious inter species sex night at the third Vaginal Davis is Speakingg From the Diaphragm with a magnificent performance by the always amazing Tony award winning starina of starinas Justin Bond with barefoot guitar accompanyment by Nathan, then came that hot, horny and born again cuntry Christian crooner Glen Meadmore live via Skype in Los Angeles, the handsome young black junior art star Derrick Adams, curator and writer Ed Halter of Light Industries in Crooklyn who showed us a rare 16 milimeter film from a little known black underground filmmaker from the 1960s and Dancenoise featuring Lucy Sexton and Annie Iobst.
The celebs were being all rank & file while the Ms. Davis doll has been encouraging complete anarchy and just a few righteous Marxist art poli coups. Gettingg sucked into the vortex Wednesday evening: a muscular and pistol packing Jake Spears of the Scissor Sisters, Stephen Daldry director of the Hours and Billy Elliot, That Hot They Shoot Homos Don’t They Guy, juicy Irish experimental filmmaking sensation Paul Rowley who took me to a scrumpteous lunch on Avenue A., charming A.L. Steiner of Ridykulous, the teenage looking Esther Kaplan of The Nation and author of With God onTheir Side, photographer David Barreda, British video artist/legend Charles Atlas, Christopher Schultz of Pin Up Magazine, Lori Seid lovesexy producer genius, pretty Dina Suggs ex girlfriend of Sundance’s Shari Frilot with her sweet gal pal from Brazil, visual artist Neil Goldberg, Nicholas Vreeland the grandson of the great Diane Vreeland with actor Billy Crudup and Keith McNally of Pravda speakeasy fame.
Thursday was our Ethyl Eichelberger Kabala Cabal with all of New Yorks royalty on board. It was the first time that any artist winning the EE Award did a special evening devoted only to Ethyl, so a lot of young people benefited from the live history and expanded cinema presentation by Joey Jeffreys who is an Ethyl and drag scholar who has documented countless hours of drag in his private archives. Joey gave a nice overview on all that is Ethyl. It was amazing to witness a performance by Black Eyed Susan who did a recitation from St. Joan that was written for her especially by Ethyl. BES showed the crowd just what stagecraft is. She looked like a teenager and that is no easy feat for an 83 year old seasoned woman. Delighting everyone with their giggly enthusiasm and youthful exhuberance was Joan Moossyy & Agosto Machado wearing matching cotton candy pinc and completely charming the audience. Jennifer Miller who worked at PS 122 as a young secretary did a tribute to Ethyl’s fire eating abilities and the night was closed by a sumpteous milkening by legend Salley May of the Church of the Avant Garde. John Edward Heys put in a magical Skype appearance from Berlin filling the room with his gorgeous resonating voice. The winner for the 2010 Ethyl Award will be downtown great John Kelly who accepted via a pre recorded video film from Florida. The spirit of EE was certainly in the room as their were many fist fights breaking out between straight girls and elderly homosexual men. The straight ggirls won hands down. The Chat RouletteKlatch has quite the effect on people. What can I say they are just too damn sexy. I am so lucky that I have two wonderful make-up artists Jordan Chin and Melissaa Ip who alternate beating my face. The celebs of the evening were the remaining Ridiculous Theatre members plus Jack Ferver from Strangers With Candy who according to Art Forum is now a top choreographer, handsome musician Xavier, writer Linda “Les” Simpson, poet and performance artist Nicole Blackman of the Courtesan Tales looking resplendid, Mashinka Firunts and hubby Jeremy standing out in the crowd with their youthful zest and vigor,Mindy&Keith Obadecky the wonderful New York performance couple. Mindy teaches with Jennifer at Pratt, the Bergers Ted & Assja, circus musical director Jenny Romaine, John Yahnkee who isnt married to his celebrity hairhopper any more, and extremely handsome actor Ain Gordon of the Gordon stage dynasty.