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Friday, May 18, 2007

Received a lovely note from a UK fan who wondered why former collaborators Andrew Gould of the Parlour Club, Frank Rodriguez of Club Sucker, and photographer Rick Castro had fallen out of my favour.

The only way i can answer is that i always act consistently. When I am finished with a person it is forever. I do not think this is a good way to be. But i endow the people i love with certain beauties and excitement, and when they make me sore all the inspiration dies out of the relationship.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fearless leader Suzi Su of Cheap was my lesbianic date for din din with auteur Bruce "Judy"LaBruce at a quaint boite in Kreutzberg. There is so much gossip in Berlin surrounding Cheap. The latest is that Suzi is preggers with my baby. To help flame the rumourville, i´m telling everyone that as a lesben couple we will both be having twins simultaneously, but aren´t at liberty to name the famous father.

After our meal we went to the wrap party for Judy´s new zombie flicker "Otto-Up With Dead People" at a spacious loft down the street from the restaurant. Everyone was dressed in zombie chic, which in beautiful, but bleak Berlin means come as u are.
Brilliant reunion with Hustler White´s incredible cinematographer, the dashing James Carman and sound meister Soren, who are part of the LaBrucian stock company of film players, having also worked on Skin Flick, Raspberry Reich, and now Otto.
Seen cavorting: producer Jürgen Bruning with his happy-go-lovely right hand man Kiki Montpernese, DJ Snax fresh from a stint with the Scissor Sisters, Zoo Magazines 14 year old writing sensation Travis Jeppeson with his witty 12 year old Slovakian lover in tow with his mom.
No party in Berlin is complete without Evie, Allessio, & Sasha of the bbooks klan, add to that make-up giantessa Pasqual, and Asha, the delectable Josephine Baker doppleganger and number #1 assistant to design god Rick Owens, who created the heavenly fashions for Otto and will also be doing costumes for my next Cheap project, a musical stage version of Fassbinder´s Whitey. O and least i forget Bruce La Bruce has rounded up a lovesexy cast of exuberant lusty youthquakers. Watch out boxoffice!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Incredible dinner at Fearlesss Leader Suzi Su´s with NYC experimental film royalty Sherry Millner and Ernie Larson, also Kembra of VHKB, who is in New York filming Otto, or Up With Dead People, Bruce LaBruce´s new zombie flicker, and Tim Blue. Spirited intellectually stimulating conversations abound.
The salon of Suzi is becoming the Berlin Dinette Set, a smaller version of the infamous Algonquin round table.
Spent most of the day with Kembra whose brilliance always keeps me well illuminated. Kembra speaks fluent German. Who knew?
My Club Sucker regulars, dinge queen delight Marvina Jones, Dan the Man-o-War, tuetonic raised ginger Lewis and juice monger Jeff took me out for din din and dwinks in the gay ghetto of Nollendorky plotz. So great seeing these boys outside of icky Los Ang. Club Sucker really had an affect on a generation of LA kids who got beer soaked and thromboned during that raucacus moment of the qway 90s.
Went to Arsenal for the screening of Sherry and Ernie´s award winning shorts, "Disaster" 1976 "41 Shots" 1999 "The Art of Protective Coloration" 1992 and their work-in-progress "Sight Gags" What an event! What great filmmaking genius!
During the Q&A the couple put out the word that they are looking for short films to screen from their 23rd Street windows in Chelsea. Taking in this hot scene: Wilhelm Hein and photog gal pal Annette Frick. Evie of the b books kollective, the lovely Stephanie and Nanna H. the main ladies of the Sony Centre, humpy kunstlers Christopher Mayer and Michael Sailstorfer, who both have big crushes on Tim Blue of Cheap, designers Clemens Weisshaar and Joe Corre of Agent Provacateur with his mother Vivienne Westwood, internet unternehoner Lars Hinrichs who was trying in vain to get the lady Ms. Davis to go out with him, and muscular Greek tycoon Vasily.