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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daniel Hendrickson the Scandanavian Jewish Muslim helped me last night into the wee hours designing a new Rising Stars, Falling Stars promotional flier that looks pretty sensational, plus Danny helped with some other tasks for my upcoming museum show at MoCa in Los Angeles that is called dejecta/protecta. Those of you in the LA area reading this should run and purchase tickets immediately as the Jan 22nd performance is divided into four different sections which have very limited seating, so first come first served.
Just got word from fearless leader of collective CHEAP Susanne Sachsse that we have the funding for our new project The Communist Bigamist. This is good news in that finally a performance piece associated with CHEAP that can tour easily. Our collaborations with Judy LaBruce always turned into a three ring circus with too big of a cast which made touring difficult, though with CHEAP Blacky, and The Bad Breast we did actually tour, but not that many places. Why go through all that work just to do a couple of cities in Europe when you can do the entire world.
Had a sweet meeting with the amazing Evelyn Ruessler who treated me to a scrumptious late brunch at the Anchorclause on the Canal in Kreuzberg. We had the place almost all to ourselves and were able to have a sexy and joyous girlish time catching up on our busy lives and chittle chatting. Sublime.
The day before had a big rehearsal with my art band Tenderloin. It will be the last time we all see each other as Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras will return to Canada for the holidays. I am so jealous that Joel and his humpy big dicked, muscular and super nice boyfriend Enrico Dallman will be spending New Year’s in the rain forest of Costa Rica. They deserve a nice time with each other in the lap luxury of love. My other bandmates Felix Knoke and Jan Klesse are both going home for Christmas and New Year’s so I wont see them till next year. Felix cooked a delish holiday supper of Spatzel which is a German mainstay. Jan just graduated from law school, and Felix works as a journalist with Der Spiegel Online. It was also nice hanging out with Felix’s beautiful girlfriend Joanna. Tenderloin may make its stage debut at the party nite that writer Travis Jeppeson curates at Monster Ronson’s. Also on the bill will be Gio Black Peter of New York and Mr. Glen Meadmore from Los Angeles making his Berlin debut.
Monday I had a dear gathering with film historian Marc Siegel and two of my Staedel Schule art school students from Frankfurt, the vivacious and pretty Romanian/German Andrea Bellu and humpy American intellectual Zac Dempster. A wonderous time was had by all.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Got a sweet note from the great Billy Miller who will be returning to Berlin Feb. 12th till the first week of March for his big Bob Mizer exhibition at Exile Gallery. Billy says that the super cute Christopher Trout of the Mizer Archive will also be in tow, and that he will warm hearts with his eyecandylishessness. Can’t wait.
Was just sent this announcement from Yusi the guru of the Basso Kollective about a documentary film on the legendary lesbian performer Valeska Gert who was the sadistic headmistress in the G.W. Pabst film Diary of a Lost Girl. I already have plans so I won’t be able to attend but perhaps my Berlin readers can make it. I gather its at Basso, but I am not sure as the emug didn’t specify.

montag 13. dezember : monday december 13th : 2010
21 Uhr : 9pm

Wolfgang Müller präsentiert
dokumentarfilm von Volker Schlöndorff, BRD 1977
in deutscher Sprache : in german original / no subitles

in the context of his fu seminar, wolfgang müller will screen the
stilistically ambitious documentary (photography: michael ballhaus) which is the only extensive interview available with the godmother of performance,the incomparable valeska gert at the age of 85.unfortunately the rare tv production is not available with english subtitles, but nevertheless is even worth to see without understanding due to the radiant protagonist.

im rahmen seines fu seminars zeigt wolfgang müller den raren, stilistisch ambitionierten (kamera: michael ballhaus) dokumentarfilm mit der urmutter der performance, der unvergleichlichen valeska gert in ihrem einzigen aufgezeichneten extensiven interview im alter von 85 jahren. fünfzig minute mit dieser frau mit der einzigartigen explosiven ausstrahlung.
This sex story courtesy of a homophile pal of mine in Los Angeles who is a pure unadulturated horndogdacus with a swollen muscular body, and an outrageously huge uncut penis who is constantly on the prowl for close encounters of the buttsticle kind.
I never know if his tales are true or not, but either way they are a great titular read so who cares if he’s a bit deluded. Enjoy:

So my Boo was out for the evening.I stayed home made myself dinner, had a beer and then decided to stop by the Flatline Leather Pub.
Made my way thru the old men and onto the outdoor patio. I was immediately chatted up by a super slim/lean 20 something Blatino pommo with an Afro. He had a smoldering slick body. No time was wasted as he took me by the hand and into a bathroom stall and commenced to suck my dick working me until I unloaded on the floor.I was still hard so he continued sucking.
We made our way back out to the patio. I then noticed his snug ass.
He started rubbing up against me. It wasn't long before I
was stiff again.We went back into the restroom stall where he
stripped down to nothing. I took control of that smoking body, with a hole that was boiling. He pulled out a condom, and I plowed him. The whole process was intense. It reminded me of a restroom ass eating session in Vancouver with another steamy young man.
This boy was one restless bottom bucking,grinding,twisting and churning. He was as light as a feather so I could easily hold him up and spread his bountiful ass cheeks in all directions and completely ram his twitchy young hole. His dick was uncut, fat and even bigger then mine.
It was like he was having an epileptic fit as he dropped that nut. I'm not big on kissing, but we smootched, and his pillow lips felt great as we continued in the rhythms of our fuck. This seemed to go on for quite some time.
Nobody knocked on the door of the bathroom stall so we were left quite alone.
Back at home I rewarded myself with a Gin&Tonic.
So there you have it. Every damn dog has his day. And this day included a piping hot, cute latino with a big unhinged Mexi-fro.
Last night was Rising Stars, Falling Stars and our tributata to frisky queer Prussian feline, Felix The Cat. The Berliner Morganpost a local daily newspaper gave us a pick of the weekend, but said that we were screening Fritz The Cat, the porn version of Felix. Au contraire le maire! The scintillating Bros. Blue Tim & k-Johnny gave off a lot of lovesexy energy in their musical accompaniment last night at the Arsenal and were in fine studly form heating the room.
The cast of juicies at the post screening reception in the Rote Foyer included Jan Klesse of the hot new band Tenderloin,fresh and pretty Nadine of Neu Koelln,young Dutch artist Annette Kohl and her cute Spanish gal pal Amelia with a tender posse of baby dykes in tow.
German prima ballerina Trixie Schoenherr was looking beautiful with her sassy self. She gifted the Doll a pair of glistening Christmas drop earings that I shall treasure. Next year the divine Miss Trixie will present a new movement piece that will feature costumes by Evie Ruesseler.
Enjoying a sweet flirtation Manuel Schubert of Filmhighlights Internet Radio Show and Staedelschule muscle pup and artist Zac Dempster, vivacious Technical University Literature Professor Roman Lach who is a childhood friend of Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus. Ms. Stefanie just came back from Cairo, Egypt where she was working on a project through the Goerthe Institute and brought back some lovely Cleopatra Queer Oil and native bellydancing headgear that will look scrumptious on the Vagimule.
Lovely to look at and delightful to know: Ms. Nazli Kilerci who comes from Kurdish political royalty in Turkey was turning many heads, along with young French patrician artist Christophe DeRohan Chabot, wonderful Arsenal projectionist Alex Boldt and Uli Ziemons the handsomest man in Europe were being very playful as well as pretty Garret with beau who were sipping the ever flowing vino.
Ms. Davis is on antibiotics to prevent an infection from complications from the pulling of a wisdom tooth, so all she could drink was mineral water. Everyone was all agag to see humpthrob French actor Gaspard Ulliel who was with fashionista date Roksanda Illincic. Even sexy battling coke whore art dealers Sam Orlofsky and Cory Nomura were star struck. Next month Rising Stars will present an Alfred Hitchcock salute to the true genius behind his cockian ouvre---namely his lesbian wife Alma.
Had a late brunch with writer Travis Jeppeson at Avallon the nice little Turkish boite on the Mehringdamn Corridor in Kreuzberg. Travis is curating the occasional party at Monster Ronson's and wants to have Glen Meadmore perform on a bill with Gio Black Peter and the hot new band Tenderloin featuring 19 year old German Black Forest girl Dagmar Hopfisterei. That should be quite an evening.
Was Skyping with the uber talented New York writer Glenn Belverio who told me he had an Anderson Cooper sighting around the corner from his east village compound off of Avenue C. The silver Fox Mr. Cooper was with his boyfriend the muscular French owner of the gay pub Eastern Block that use to be The Wonder Bar. Gloria Vanderbuilts handsome son is certainly kept filled with semen from his manly prize, the lucky stiff. I remember when Coop use to date Treffley Beddard back in the 1990s when i was hosting Club Sucker at the Garage. I wonder what ever became of Ms. Beddard? If any of you out there in internet land know please zip me an emug.