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Saturday, March 13, 2004


Due to my silly sickness the last week or so is very hesitant. This is all that i could remember:

Doug Gordon took me and Tommy Gear of the Screamers to a nice dinner at this designy Pho noodle house in Silverlake. Doug gave me very sweet birthday presents that i adore. Tommy gave me preview of the new book he has designed for Lyle Ashton Harris. Its quite beautiful. I need to get busy and work on my book.

Had breaky with Lady Bunny and Ebony Jett at House of Pies. I was feeling lousy. First time i've eaten at HOP since Mary Magdalene's death. Felt strange. Bunny is in town DJing for some MACY event at the BEv Center. Crazy as ever. She wrote a song for Lady Miss Kier that George Clinton has also added some vocals and riffs. Wow

Andreas returns from San Francisco. He's staying with me at my little apartment. Not much room.

Debbie King and Tim's band Maw & Paw perform at Bricktops for our William Butler Yates night. Nice crowd, cute kids in the band. Debbie is a hot star, i just love her!!!!! My sickness put me in the worse mood and of course I did the worse performance ever, my singing really sucked.

Did formal yard sale. Lots of people came out. Everyone thinks i'm leaving in a week or so. I'll still be here for some time, one can't change countries in a second.

Had to send Andreas packing. Not enough room for two people when one is sick with a cold. Thank god Daddy took him in. Poor Andreas isn't exactly connecting with the mensis here in Los Ang. Wish i could be a better host, but i'm not feeling well.

Friday at Bricktops its a salute to Valaida Snow with a marvelous performance by My Barbarian. Malik wrote a brand new musical score. All three of the kids in high spirits with great singing and choreography. Lovely crowd of cuties.

Sexy Roddy Bottom of Imperial Teen came by, Don Bolles of the Germs and Lukas Haas who plays Don in the movie about the Germs. Bibbe Hansen looking gorgeous with new hairstyle. Great seeing newlyweds Tulsa Kinney and Charlie Rappelye.

I'm not feeling well, but i rise to the occasion and belt out a little ditty about the Passion of the Christ that goes like this:

The Passion
the passion of the Jesus p. christ child
Its not a sin
for me to not be featuring
Mel Gibson