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Monday, December 21, 2009

Just came back from Vienna on tour with The Bad Breastage. We did five shows at the Brut Theater, which is similar to the HAU in programming. Haiko Pfost is the main curator at Brut, and I have to admit he was on very good behavior, throwing us a lovely chicken breast & champagne premiere party. Bad Breast was a big success, there was even a Q&A with handsome Dr. Andrea Braidt of the Universität of Wien as moderaturin. I fell madly in love with one of the lovesexy tech boys at the theater named Mischa who was definitely the most gorgeous kid in the city, also cute and sweet was Vladislav Tchapanow who did our sound. All of Vienna was wrapped up in the house of Theda & Nora Lange. The hot celebs in the audience included: Ali Jenka of Gelitin with Robert Stein, the famed Dutch dance theater director, Simon Wasson from the hot London performance club Ducky Vauxhaul, the super dapper and vivacious Hans Scheirl who teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts, art photographer Mattias Hermann, incredible artist and bon vivant Jacob Lena Krieb with Marcos Hausleitner the famous Austrian unisex fashion designer with Haus of the Very Island who DJ’d with me at FM Queer party two years ago, celebrity chef Daniel Achilles, actress Nora Tschirner who is a huge Susanne Sachsse fanatic and teenage German actor David Kross who is crazy about all things Bruce La Bruce having watched Hustler White 78 times.
Tuesday Dec 22nd at 9:30pm at Arsenal Inst für Film und Video Kunst at Kino 2 at the Sony Center i will present The Perils of Pauline from 1913 starring Pearl White. Its the first successful international soap opera. Accompanying the film live is kJohnny Blue. Come on down and say Hi!!!