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Saturday, December 08, 2012


Was at the American Bibliotech the other day doing some research for these art catalogs i have been contracted to write an essay for. One is for the Tate Liverpool and one for a museum in Hong Kong. Very excited about getting work in the East, and also being invited to China  and Korea for a commission piece. Lets face it kids China is the future. I need to start taking Chinese language lessons soon in anticipation for the takeover.
Read the Guardian newspaper section on birthdays and discovered that my old pal director Penelope Spheeris (Decline of Western Civilization) just turned 67 along with Bette Midler, actress Julie Harris(A Member of the Wedding) is 87 and my olde disco dolly partner Charlene Tilton from TV´s Dynasty is 54. The sweet British actress Emily Mortimer is now 41. I met her and her handsome husband Alessandro Nivola through Milena of Los Super Elegantes when they use to live in Echo Park. Now they are on the east coast. Hunky Treat Williams of Hair the movie is 61, Woody Allen is 77 and Deana Durbin the high C susie of Universal Pictures in the 30s and 40s and star of Three Smart Girls and Up in Central Park is still kicking it at 91.
I just found out that the writer Robert Greene(48 Laws of Power/The Art of Seduction) is a Vaginal Davis fanatica, and has even purchased some of my paintings from Participant Inc. Gallery in New York. Last year someone gave me a copy of his book 33 Strategies of War for Christmas, but i still haven´t read it.
Last night i had drinks at Anderes Ufer with Jason Byrne my former Cal Arts film student blondine who has been living in Tanzania from 2008. He took a leave of absence from his duties with the genocide tribunal to breathe in Berlin till January 2013. Jason is such a delightful booty pie and we had a wonderout time catching up.
Been receiving tons of major kudos for Camp/Anti-Camp VD is SFTD in Frankfurt. Phil Collins sent me a lovely note along with Manuela Monk, some  international curators who were in the audience and are interested in us doing it in Brazil and France, and sweet young, talented and beautiful Ale Bachlechner of KHM Köln. I was very touched by the outpourings.
This morning had breaky at East London-God Bless British Food with Christian Weber my VD is SFTD-Berlin assistant and his adoreable friend Florian. Christian is a young film scholar who did his Phd on Gus Van Sant and is very love sexy and extremely juicy. We all had The Full Monty olde fashion English Breakfast and then started gossiping. Christian and Florian told me all about George Gänswein who is the man behind the Pope. The fellow who is known as the George Clooney of the Vatican who convinced his holiness to donn Prada. Herr Gänswein is also the personal secretary to Lady Pope and the one who gets to service all his mighty needs as the most rocking bottom in Christendom. For his devotion he has been promoted to Arch Bishop and during a recent interview with the Bundespresident Gauck and the Pope, Mr. Gauck presented the papel prinzessin with a platinum and silver imodium dilda to which his holy roly exclaimed it was the biggest he had ever seen and was so thankful that he added a sensual grimace and accompanying gesture along with his appreciation.
On a similar note I was told that legendary actor Helmet Burger will be on the German addition of I´m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here also known as Jungle Camp on the Deutsch station RTL. The star is a bit down on his luck and is in need of the $monies the program provides. I applaud Mr. Burger for his candidness. 

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Back from Frankfurt am Main where I performed Vaginal Davis is Speaking From the Diaphragm my talkshow/installation as part of Camp/Anti-Camp:  The Queer Guide to Everyday Life that was connected to the Jack Smith flavoured art festival Extra Trouble that was curated by Kino Tech Asta Nielsen´s Lesbian super stars Heidi Schluptmann and Carolla Graumann who I adore. 

Had a marvelous time in Frankfurt, but it was a lot of work, not only for me but my colleguean with collective CHEAP Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel and Daniel Hendrickson.  Fortunately we had able assist in the form of our stage designer extrodinaire Senol Senturk and make-up artiste and stylist Tan Bihn Neguyen aka Akira Kurasara Knightly who made me look extra gorgeous during the run of the performances.  Shout outs to our lovely assistants Hannah and Timo who were divine. 

This version of VD is SFTD was so different from New York and  Berlin.  As our living sculpture we had the gifted young students of the Art Academy of Cologne who performed as a group and doing solos under the name Just Cuz U Feel It Doesn´t Mean Its Real.  The students worked under the guidance of  international British art shtar Phil Collins who is a good time Charlie if ever there was one.  I had a marvelous time with Phil, his Serbian boyfriend and his student assistant Alla who is a terrifically talented young artist and whipped all the other kids in shape during the prep work on this project. I loved Alla´s piece The Anti Limosine LapDance, and so many of the other works of live art from the students and of course Phil´s brilliant choreography which really complemented CHEAP set pieces like re-doing movements from the 1941 film Ziegfeld Girl that starred Judy Garland, Lana Turner and Hedy Lamar.  Other highlights from the students was Drunken GoGo, Speed Faust,Walkman Breathing Soundscape and Hungry Chicken/Crazy Zombie and of course Sina of Persia, who did a shyness performance that completely rocked. Sina reminds me of a young Reza Abdu mixed with Andy Kaufmann, also all my love and kisses to Mariam, Patrick, France Saba, Marat of Israel, Arjian, Leon the mega hot trumpet playing boy, Bastian, DonHay, Lena, Yiling, Karen and her Hula Hoop Kareoki, Renata, Carolina, Daniel, Lina, Alexander, Mattias, and Stefan.

The first evening my co-host was the legends legend Carmelita Tropicana who always thrills an audience no matter what country she performs in, the theme was Hate is a Very Strong Emotion from the 1946 film Gilda starring Rita Hayworth with special  guests Mittenacht Kino Frankfurt´s Sophie and Fabian, Louise Burkart and her 16mm Apparati, experimental filmmaker Jaska Kloche, Hans Scheirl, Jacob Lena Knebl and the gentle giants Das Em und Andreas Riegler,  junior art shtar Zac Dempster of New York, on the second night my co-host was the divine Manuela Mock who is a local Frankfurt goddess plus Zusanna Cebetal and her Vagina Dentata modern dance piece that featured a muscular lovesexy black dancer who had everyone panting, Spanish scholar Juan Suarez who gave a lecturina that riveted the audience,  Phil Collins charming everyone with his zany behavior, cute young booty pie activist Michael Stadnick and Carmelita who did a performance that completely wowed  and exemplified the evenings theme of booty politic.  The celebutants seen in the audience: Bettina Schulte Strathaus, Heidi & Corolla of Kinotech Asta Nielsen and their gay psychotherapist posse, Anna Muelter formerly with HAU now working in Mannheim for their theatre festival, beautiful black scholar Ruth who is Senol Senturk´s lady love, Nicolette the feminist DJane, Michael Krebber who heads the Staedle Schule Frankfurt, Saul Judd of Filmtage Frankfurt, Martina Gross the sweat and supportive theatre Phd student, up and coming art stars Christian Kettlehout with hunky Jan Richter, USA Fellow Award winner Nicholas van der Kolk and Carlos Fitz-James Stuart y Martinez de Irujo the son of the Duchess of Alba and Duke of Huescar. 

I was put up at the comfy boutique Hotel Bristol in the red light district which had a most delish complimentary breakfast, and was taken out for some extroidinary meals at the local restaurants the names of which I forgot to write down.  The only sad, tragic note to the proceedings was that the Artistic Director of the Monsounturm  Theatre had committed suicide before the festival began.