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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Nussbaum furniert oder echter Schieferstein

The Vagimule doll officially began her 2 year seminar/labzone at work master HEAD  Geneva Haute e’cole d’art et design, the very open art university in Switzerland.

The young French curator Olga Rozenblum who was in New York City in 2015 and saw the CHEAP production of The Magic Flute an Opera in Six Steps felt that having Ms. Davis in Switzerland working with their students in a similar vein that she worked along with Susanne Sachsse at New York University and The New School would be utterly divine.

Ms. Davis was still quite knackered from her appearances in Copenhagen workshopping at the Royal Danish Academy of Art & Design and her teaching, performances and exhibitions back in the States.

The French section of Switzerland which includes Geneva is quite cutesy. Ms. Davis didn`t know what to expect as she heard a lot of different things from people. Our heroines accomodations provided by Hotel Adriatica in the Quartier Champel were quite luxe. The hotel manager who looks like Adolphe Menjou was very nice and accommodating to the Vagimule doll. There is also a young man who works at the hotel who is quite fetching. This man is usually floating about between the breakfast room and front desk in the morning hours.

Ms. Davis´ students were all sweet and are working in interesting modes of production.
She was met at the aeroport by Work Master HEAD Coordinator, Jonas Hermenjat who is young, handsome and very masculine. Ms. Davis didn’t expect such an interest by the students for her lab zone.  Jonas was very helpful making her transition at the school complete.

The art school is part of a larger University which has moved to new digs in the suburbs near the airport. The art school will also move in two years time. The current location features some grand imposing structures that give the place the air of an old Swiss Finishing School. The Lady Ms. Davis finds that very appropriate as some of her exercises were inspired from the 1941 Robert Z. Leonard film Ziegfeld Girl that feature etiquette, poise and comportment. Leave it to Mme Arman de Caillavet to properly Lana Turner a new crop of art students on the rise.


The other day Ms Davis ran into baby diaper Joel Gibb’s ex boyfriend Enrico Dallman. She hasn´t seen Enrico in years and he looked really good with his lean, tight muscular body. He still works as a physical therapist in a Nollendorfplatz doctor`s office. Ms. D. had just been eating dinner at the Zza Zza Gabor Burger Palast when she bumped into Enrico and his sweet colleague Dieter. Enrico seems to have put his acting career plans on hold, which is a shame as he has the perfect movie marquee face and matinee idol moniker.

A grand meeting with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of the Arsenal Institut für Film und Videokunst, Gerrit Woltemarth, and Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson took placed at the Empress’ Wrangle Kiez compound. The group were tackling some long range planning for their new site specific performative film series Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome which has become the talk of the town.

A lot of wonderous ideas came plopping out of all that lovesexy collective brainage. Later in the evening they were joined by prima ballerina Trixie Cordua Schönherr and Uli Ziemons who all toasted the Vagimule Doll's winning that most talked about Queer/Art Prize.

When Ms. Davis was emailed that she won the award she ignored them thinking it was some kind of new fangled Nigerian internet scam. The award is quite new. 2018 is only the second year, last year’s winner was Catherine Opie.

Those of you who will be in the Pacific Northwest you only have till Saturday October 20th to see the Vaginal Davis exhibition An Invitation to the Dance at Adams& Ollman Gallery in Portland Oregon. If you can´t go tell all your PNW friends to buy the limited edition etchings on mirrored glass before they are all gone.  Most of the paintings on exhibit have sold out.