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Friday, April 01, 2011

Hey all my New Yorikan fans I am in a group show called “Notes on Notes on Camp” that opens tomorrow April 2 to May 8th at the Invisible Exports Gallery, 14a Orchard Street b/w Hester and Canal Streets in the lower eastside of Manhattan. I won’t be at the opening as I am here in Berlin, but go check it out and tell me what you think. Below is the list of other artist participating in the exhibition. Yowza!

Duke & Battersby
Mike Bouchet
Nicole Cherubini
Vaginal Davis
Jeremy Kost
Jessica Labatte
Cary Leibowitz
Robert Melee
Bob Mizer
Brent Owens
John Waters
Karlheinz Weinberger
Legendary downtown nightclub impresario Don Hill died age 66. Yes its true. Don Hill owned the SoHo nightspot Don Hill’s which housed the rock n roll fag bar Squeezebox that I performed at almost everytime I was in New York back in the 1990s. Not only did I do solo shows with the Squeezebox houseband backing me up,but I also performed at the club with by queercore band PME(Pedro, Muriel & Esther) with Glen Meadmore and Cholita the Female Menudo with LA punk legend Alice Bag. The New York punk elite went crazy for Alice, who has always been a figure of interest to east coast punk purists.
I didn’t know Don Hill that well, but he was always gracious and accommodating to me and my entourage, as well as encouraging saying to me that he has seen a lot of acts in his day but none quite like mine. I think I really got his goad with my Vagimulic brand of lunacy whether I was performing Filipino psychic surgery as Saint Salicia Tate, doing total black body as supermodel Alek Wek or shrimping the robust and large bare feet of young nubile lower Manhattan “It” boys.
I know I will never forget Don Hill and my time spent under the umbrella of his establishment.
Got a note from DJ and Berlin fixture Snax that he will be the in-house pianist during dinner hours of the restaurant 3 Schwestern. Below is a link for more info

One of my extremely talented Malmo Art Academy students from Sweden Stine Sterk is going to be in Berlin with her new band, EASTER. They will play this event!/event.php?eid=159842564069987 on the 4th of April

If you want to hear what their music sounds like:

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet asexual Fagademic Sean Nye came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta the other evening. We had a nice evening drinking white wine spritzer’s, snacking and shooting the breeze.
Actor Farley Granger became the third Hollywood star to die in a week’s time following Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Russell. Mr. Granger was quite a handsome Ganymede in his heyday of the late 1940s to mid 1950s. He co-starred with Alida Valli in the beautiful 1953 Visconti film Senso, as well as two Hitchcock films Rope and Strangers on Train with homosexual overtones.
Tonight I went with Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim to Arsenal’s KinoPolska to see the film Everything For Sale 1968 by Andrzej Wajda that is an experimental take on the death of the famous Polish James Dean—Zbigniew Cybulski. Polish women are so sexy and stylish and the ones in this film sizzle with their mod looks and false eyelashes. The only good looking Polish dude in this flick is humpy ginger Daniel Olbrychski who slugs an icky blondine queen who comes on to him in the toilet.

Monday, March 28, 2011

O poor Mrs. Angela Merkel and her fugly CDU party have suffered a major defeat, and the Green Party have won a sweet victory. For the first time in six decades icky conservatives are not on top in German politics. Yahoo!
Last night at Rising Stars Falling Stars the Blue Brothers performed their special brand of alchemy with sweeping style and bravado. Not only were they super focused and concentrated but their playing nicely highlighted the emotional pull of the 1928 German silent Rasputin’s Love Mis-Adventure directed by Martin Berger featuring the extroidinary cinematography of Laszlo Schaeffer. The Hungarian lensmen Mr. Schaeffer worked in Berlin in the 1920s and moved to Hollywood in 1939. I briefly knew Mr. Schaeffer when he was my neighbor at the Karnak Apt Building in Hollywood in 1978/79.
But getting back to the Blue Brothers. I really love when they play cello and violin. The musical movements that they create with these two instruments are always their best work, and its magical watching them.
After the screening the reception in the rote foyer was packed with lots of beauties including legendary prima ballerina Trixi Cordua, feminist filmmaker Evie Europa Ruesseler, young artists: Diana Arce, Philip Shafer,Mad Kate, Nazli Kilerci and Aykan Safoglu who is curating a film series for C/O Berlin, running from March 29th through April 29th, at Oranienburgerstr 35/36 in Berlin.
Also seen schmoozing Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus with Uli Ziemons of Forum Expanded, junior curator Nadja Talmi, Sexy Sasha of HAU with his girlfriend and Romy Schneider doppelganger Christina, Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Internet Radio with Scandanavian DJ Nicolas Tange Lange, lovesexy bon vivant Tobias Raucher and his large peterfication Dagmar, gorgeous student Clemons Stoltzenberg with posse, fagademic Sean Nye with Felix Knocke of Der Spiegel Online,Jewish Muslim Daniel Hendrickson, humpy dark haired actor Stipe Erceg, newlyweds Julian Radlmieir of Chocolate Grinder Kollective and Tatiana Kononenko, and international artist Candice Breitz just back from the Singapore Biennale with British essayist Geoff Dyer(Otherwise Known as the Human Condition)