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Friday, March 28, 2008

One of my fav Hollywood actors died-Richard Widmark. He was a whopping 93, and was related to my Afro Sisters "Pop That Cherry" Jefferson aka: Priscilla Hazelwood, whose auntie Jean Hazelwood was Widmarks first wife for 55 years till she died in 1997. Cherry and her filmmaker son Man Martin met me at my hotel a few days ago and took the doll for pupusas in The Mission District, which i have been craving. It was so good seeing them and catching up on our twisted lives.
I also met this handsome New York Times reporter named Alex Berenson who is in town promoting some book he wrote called The Ghost War. I forgot to ask him if he is related to actress Marissa Berenson. The man is major Ms. Gorgeous, and said he wants to come to the opening at Yerba Buena which is 2nite and see my installation, and also go to the gallery on Saturday for my performances.
Installing has been a grueling process. I have to put up something in a week that normally takes years. The staff of Yerba have been great, and everyone is so young and cute. The filipino security guards are even peppy and friendly. Hunky blue eyed Venezuelan artist Edmundo, who is part of the prep staff took me for lunch the other day, and we sat out in the sun chit chatting and having a great time. Edmundo has some lovely nalgas fresca.
Saw delightful Nao Bustamante who is performing with sexxx goddess Julie Atlas Muz at the gallery. Nao is a good time Sally, and i always have a blast with her. She is also doing an installation inspired by Sid and Marty Kroft of Lidsville and H.R. Puffnstff fame. That Nao, my mija is a girl genius. Most of the artists in the group show are here now. Talked with legendary Tammy Rae Carland of Mr. Lady Records, Swoon With Tennessee and a gaggle of spirited gals. Can't wait to see The Toxic Titties and LTTR, my homegirls.
O and Hector Martinez came up from Los Ang to assistant me, and without him i wouldn't have been able to mount this show, and also the stunning Spanish beauty and artist in her own right Paz, who has given me so many lovely suggestions, and handled all the difficult technicalities that makes a woman like me helpless.
Yes and before i forget, i got the chance to meet Tim Blue of Cheap's San Francisco long time love, who is an utter delight. Gotta run and grab breaky before heading to the gallery, and hopefully finishing installing so i can concentrate on my outfit for the opening that is from 7-11pm. TA!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flight from Berlin to awful Heathrow Airport was delayed a bit because of bad weather. Winter in Berlin has been mild this year, so of course it waits till spring to snow, hail, skeetch and sleet. Got an exit row from London to San Fran, thank god, but sitting behind me was the loudest most unruly child. Of course my luggage was lost, but my beautiful welcome crew consisting of Larry Bob from Holy Tit Clamps, and my cute young student intern Marc Arthur were there to shower me with flowers and a whole lot of love. The Yerba Buena put me up at the luxury hotel Le Meridian-a gorgeous suite with a king size bed in the Financial District. O and the weather is beyond perfection.
Got to spend a few days with hot and hunky ginger dream man Jeffreyland Hilbert, who treated me to new clothes,make-up, food and drinks, making me feel like the total woman that i am. Thank you Jefferkins for taking good care of this pathetic lady.
Got to finally meet Berin Golonu, the lovely, stylish young Turkish main curator at the Yerba Buena Art Center and she introduced me to hunky chief installer Justin who is tall, muscular and if i stand too close to him i will wind up preggers--he's that verile, so my type, though i am old enough to be his grandmother. Also a total babe is blondine "J" who also works on the installation crew along with a gaggle of other darling youthquakers: Paz De La Calzada, Jen Hing, Peter, Marc, Grace, Maria and uber Latin sensation Edmundo. I am sure i am not remembering everyones name, so i hope they forgive me. Also like to mention Miss Valerie, who has been very kind and helpful plus lovesexy Nick, who helped me with my honorarium and perdium, and a shout out to some of the artists who are in the show that i met,Taraneh Hemani,a very personable Persian beauty, vivacious Stephanie Syjaco and the efervescent Faith Wild. I promise to write more when i find a computer to use that isn't so slow as the one in the interns desk.