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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Went to see beautiful fearless leader Suzi Su of Cheap in a play called Abtrünnig at HAU 3 by a GDR writer and director named Janek Müller. I don´t understand German, but the native speakers in the audience also seemed a bit lost from what i could tell. 2 hours straight of text with no intermission is never a good idea in any language.

Suzi was marvelous, her command of the stage, with that enigmatic presense, and strong vocal command delivered, but everything else in the piece seemed a bit convoluted. The best moments were with Suzi and the younger bald headed man with the demonic dark eyes. The older, bald headed lead, was a bit of a queeny showboater, way too ham bone for my tastes. i would have made a switch, and had the younger man play the lead part, as he was more convincing and forceful. And can we talk about entrances and exits, maybe the awkward stilted staging was on purpose, i hope so.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Judy LaBruce was my spirited and gracious companion to a literary event at the underground disco Kinzo off the Alexanderplotz. Anxious to see wunderkind enfant terrible, Travis Jeppeson read from his latest novel. Travis was a delight! He was forceful, commanding, sexually robust and masculine in his reading approach. It was like i was seeing a different person from his tender 16 year old self. He held the "und ja" crowd riveted to his every word, something the four other German readers weren´t capable of. A good reader with a superior stage presence can hold an audiences attention no matter what the language. Thank you Travis for showing them how it is properly done.

Monday, October 08, 2007

This just in from Tiffany of Peres Projects Gallery. The star shoe designer Christian Loubotin was also at the opening last Saturday. Hope he didnt get any semen on his expensive footwear.
Tricked with a cuddly Turkish boy and a sleek hard bodied german youth, who reminded me of a doberman pincher.
Hung with baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras. We went to see the Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew. They may be a popular band, but i found them dull. Joel said that Kevin Drew goes out with the girl singer known as Feist who has a big hit record in the states. The opening act at the Lido Club in Kreuzberg was Gentleman Reg a sweet Albino boy also from Toronto who use to be in the Hidden Cameras. When Joel was back in Toronto he hooked up with Weiland Speck who runs the Panarama Section of the Berlinale. That Joel gets around.