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Thursday, September 30, 2004

hey buds below up is where to grow, up with which below can't compare with . . .
had power breaky at Pacific Dining Car with the beautiful Ben Adair. What a free flowing name that is, eh? Ben use to work for the LA Weekly when he was just a skinny, scrawny kataen infiltrating the gathering places of young Republicans and the like. Now he's 32 years old, works for NPR and is a stunning, muscular, bubble butted sophisticate.
Alas everyone must age except Ms. Davis. How long have i been living in human form? 437 years give or take a century.

Ben and i shared a lovely morning, and he wants me to be a correspondent on the radio, which i think is a merry good idea. I'd be perfect as a radio presenter, which is what they call the profession in England. Can't wait to work ever so closely with Mr. Adair.

Monday, September 27, 2004

I love my emails from Bruce "Judy" LaBruce the Canadian auteur. Tell me what YOU think of him.

hey ho: the toronto festival was cool. two sold out screenings, one in a seven hundred seat theatre. toronto audiences can turn on their own, but this time they gave me a pass. good reviews in the two weeklies. apparently i’m also getting good reviews in the new york times, the voice, and time out new york when it opens tomorrow at the quad. so that’s all good. still getting invited to festivals. the fest was fun. hung out with gus van sant, harmony korine, christopher doyle, anne coates (the woman who edited lawrence of arabia!), gaspar noe, john waters, asia argento. jt leroy, etc. i had a nice party for raspberry which was packed, at a gallery here called greener pastures. i just got back from the atlantic film festival in halifax, and i have to go to montreal for a week on monday. the muslim is in africa and i haven’t heard from him for two weeks so i’m kind of apprehensive about that. he’s threatening to move back again. what’s up with you, magoo? x blab

The nine drugs in Rick James' body when he
died: xanax, methamphetamine, wellbutrin,
celexa, vicodin, valium, cocaine, Digoxin,
and Chlorpheniramine. Macaulay Culkin is a
relative lightweight - he was busted with just
xanax, marijuana and clonazepam.

i also heard from a reliable source that james was partying with pamela anderson and david lachapoop at the chateau marmont just before he died. when they heard of his death they declined to attend the funeral, changed hotels, and kept partying. x b

join the homosexual intifada! by the way, i finally got the t-shirts made. will munro helped me desing them. they have a corrupted RAF logo on the front (changed to RRF over a kalashnikov rifle) and the slogans on the back. they will be available soon on my website. you can choose from:

join the homosexual intifada
heterosexuality is the opiate of the masses
the revolution is my boyfriend
put your marxism where your mouth is
madonna is counterrevolutionary
corporate hip hop is counterrevolutionary

tell your friends. x blab

Sunday, September 26, 2004

One of my favorite french writers Francoise Sagan died. She wrote the book Bounjour Tristesse when she was only 18. I remember first reading it when i was about 13 1/2 years old. There was a great old bookstore on Western Avenue near Melrose where i would hang on the weekends and the owner would give me old sheet music and books, and Bounjour Tristesse was one of them. Her later novels weren't so good, she never could repeat the edge she had when she was very young. I also love the film version starring Jean Seberg, David Niven and Deborah Kerr.

Oh i forgot to mention that also at my screening was Patty Powers, back from New York, Don Spiro and the sensational Augusta looking like 30 strillion bucks. I know i'm forgetting a lot of other notables who were in attendance, please overlook my junior alzeheimers.
I had an amazing kawiller patatty time performing with the lovely ladies of the Velvet Hammer Review at the El Rey Theatre. Of course it was the hottest day of the year, thank god i was in boy drag doing a male heritage striptease number wearing a light wool pinstripe suit, boater and 20s onepiece knickers. It was difficult trying to maintain a manly guise, but i seem to pull it off.

The backstage camaraderie was the best part of the evening. Michele Carr has a great group of new girls in her company. The veteranas Scarlette Fever(Hope Urban) and Farhana(Plez)were constantly cracking me up with their campus cutup antics and words of wisdom. Plez keeps getting younger every year. She looks better now then when she was a teenager in the late 70s. And Ms. Urban is quite the Gene Tierney "Leave Her to Heaven" sophisticate.

I'm so glad i had the opportunity to watch Delores De Muela(flawless!), Miss B. Haven(enchanting), Marcellina Merlette(perfection) and Lola La Cereza(dreamy) from the wings. All that sensual beauty and formidable talent, Wowza!

This was the fastest paced VH pageant I've ever witnessed. Dirty James needs to be commended for stage managing. The second act was just as dazzling as the first. Foxie Moxie(brilliant), Sissy Spanx(delirious),Venus De Mille(enchanting) doing the Jerome Kern novelty song "Cleopatterer" and ending with exotic Princess Farhanna and Samra. The comics, jugglers and host were also very inspiring. I had the time of my life participating with all those red hot troupers.

Bricktops on Friday was Swashbuckler Nite-a trib to Douglas Fairbanks. It was supposed to be Marcel Duchamp, but the Toxic Titties had to cancel so i did some reconfiguring. Jason El Note the Mexican Taxi Dancer was delighting the crowd with his lovesexy spastic moves. He is such an adorable boy.
I performed one of my sickest numbers EVER dressed in a black burka, i pulled a beautiful young Montreal boy out of the audience and sung an extemperaneous ballad to him. The Canadian boy was with another young man, a handsome Italian. They both were dressed to perfection and had a lot of style. The Montreal lad is a shoe designer who lives in dull Santa Barbara. He was so happy to have discovered Bricky's. He found us via, Laurie Pikes on line scene guide. Miss Jean Spinosa came with John Heinz, Heinz Ketchup scion and son of Teresa Heinz the democratic candidate Kerry's wealthy socialite wife. They were part of an entourage that included actor Anson Mount, German DJ Paul Van Dyk and Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago. Art Historian and academe Robert Summers and his humpy beau, the photog Matt Lipps also stopped by. Robert has been showing my films in his classes at some small college in the Inland Empire, and its gotten him in a whole lot of hot water. Received an email from him today and my movies being shown in his class have resulted in his being fired. I had no idea i was so controversial.

Last night my Retrospectacle at the Arc Light Theatre as part of the Silverlake Film Festival was sweet and intimate. I was kinda burned out from so much performing, and preparing for the Visions of Excess Balkan tour and an upcoming performance in lil olde New York. Why is it that there is always a heat wave when i have to do a lot of performances in Los Angeles? Oh welp. It was great seeing Nicole Panter, Lisa T and Daniel, journalist Dave White, Mike from Seattle, Sean Carrillo, Bibbe, Beck and new wife Ms. Ribisi, Mulholland Drive muse Rebekah Del Rio, Brian Kaneda, Marky Mag and his cute pal, Mark Simon, Dave Pendleton and the cast of the Boyfriend, Marvina, Matthew Barney and his step son Sindri, who whispered to me. "I have a crush on you" I don't think Byork would approve of me fornicating with her 19 year old son.
Special thanks to latin hungthrob Cesar Vega for being my handsome escort and holding my hand through the event, and Jason North for participating in the live crack cocaine portion. Festival director Greg Ptacek gave me a wonderful introduction. Ms. Davis doing datenight at the Arc Light was certainly one subversive moment in LA history.