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Friday, February 08, 2008

The Berlinale is finally here! Our colors for the Cheap Gossip Studio this year, in the Silver Filmhaus are peach and grey, special thanks & kissies to uber hottie Senol, and his slap happy Kreutzberg crew. We are on schedule for a change, but that doesn´t mean we´ll avoid both major and minor disasters.
Went to an art preview at the Wilde Gallery in icky Mitte to see "Wildflowers of Manitoba" by Noam "Allen Ginsburg" Gonick and Luis Jacobs curated by the blonde Winnipig muscle studkin Wayne Baerwaldt of Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art. I adore the handsome, patrician Mr. Baerwaldt, who was responsible for the celebrated Beck/Al Hansen Playing With Matches Exhibit that toured the Universe in the
late 90s, that i played hostess with mostess on her hairyeyeballs to. Wayne also goes way back with my #1 Canuckian lady, that genius Glen Meadmore.
The hippy/dippy Bohdi Tree, Radical Faerie inspired installation featured a live young boy in a geodomic pup tent. The white kid was kindof cute in a drum circle like way, but would have looked better minus the dreadlocked Sigmund and the Seamonster tendrils.
Gallerist Peter Wilde, was sweet and personable, and a big fan of Cheap Blacky. Seen cavorting about: Empress Stefanie of Kino Arsenal and the Berlinales Forum Expanded with Nanna Heidenreich and her infamous derriere, gorgeous Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras with his silver foxxx beau, Weiland Speck of Panorama, crazysexycool Tim Blue with humpy skier Felix Neureuther, and my new, pretty 15 year old intern Christian of Bavaria.
The Gossip studio hasn´t even opened, but there is already a Berlinale scandale, namely those crusty dinosaurs The Rolling Stones. These hideous creatures flew seperately to the Berlinale, in their ozone defiling private jets with 500+ sychophants, hangers on, 8 year old girlfriends and trophy concubines.
Why Martin Scorcece would make a movie about them is a mystery to me. But the big wigs of the festival aren´t allowing the fun people inside the gala opening party this year to partake in all the fancy free food and liquor. Shame,shame, shame on the Berlinale for kowtowing to dull celebrity.
Luckily the Gossip Studio will be a Rolling Stone, Madonna Free zone. McDonna is probably angry that i talked Rachel Weiss out of being in her new movie. If i had known that Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz was going to be in it, i would have talked him out of it as well.
I only hope that Patty Smith will come by the Gossip Studio. Scarlette Johansen already emailed me that she will stop by on Sunday for the opening of Isabella Rossellini´s installation Green Porn.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes the crazy German prinzessin was a fun loving wild woman in the 1980s, and someone i hung out with in the LA and New York club scenes. I didn't realize at the time that she was indeed a real honest to goodness royal. i thought that people just called her a princess because she was so grand. Shows you how naive i was when i was a weenager.
Gloria emailed me recently, and she will be in Berlin with her children Albert, Elisabeth and Maria Theresia, so i told her that she has to come by the kollective Cheap Gossip Studio at the Filmhaus Atrium of Kino Arsenal during the Berlinale. Seeing her again is going to be a hoot.
Ibadette and Mickey One of Super 700 came by my Cheese Endique Trifecta art studio the other day along with the artist formerly known as Davide Grassi, now going by the name of Janez Jansa, and his lovely wife Marcela. We all had a wonderful time, laughing it up, and kicking off our big white Nina Blanchard panties. Iba and Mickey went over with me some of their lyrics for songs on their new album. They both speak English really good, but aren't native speakers so they wanted my Amerikanese perspective. Davide aka: Janez gave me all the poop on his being kicked out of the Transmedia Exhibition, then brought back in, when the organizers and guest curator got caught in a major liar,liar pants on fire. So typical with art institutions. The great downtown New York legend Penny Arcade says that if you work for an art institute, get a good salary with benefits, and don't devote your life exclusively to serving artists, that you should kill yourself. I heartily agree.

The musician and filmmaker of kollective Cheap, Tim Blue puts it this way:
Arts in our conservative era must either be decorative in a way that reflects the narcissistic face of art history, or ironically distant from its alleged subject matter, or stripped of any real threat to what constitutes a definition of art given to it by curators that are more concerned with keeping and climbing up careers that are given to them by government institutions that really are not interested in changing or examining ANYTHING at all.
I second that gemotion!
Was intereviewd by John Colapinto for the New Yorker Magazine, who is doing a profile on Paris based designer Rick Owens, who designed the costumes for Cheap Blacky and Otto-Up With Dead People. I guess i am one of the few people who has known Rick since the mid 1980s.
Mr. Colapinto is also the author of the nonfiction tome "As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl"